LA Lakers Say No Thank You To LiAngelo Ball At Summer League

LA Lakers Say No Thank You To LiAngelo Ball At Summer League

After going undrafted on Thursday Night, LiAngelo Ball, younger brother of Lakers Point Guard Lonzo Ball and son of the outspoken LaVar Ball, was informed by the LA Lakers organization that he would not be playing for them in their summer league. The organization stated Ball had the chance to earn a spot in the summer league with his workout but simply didn’t impress enough on a “Merit-Based System” that they uses to choose their summer league players.

LiAngelo Ball is 19 years old and only worked out for two teams prior to Thursday Night’s NBA Draft. LiAngelo Ball worked out for the Lakers and also the Golden State Warriors but neither team showed much interest in the younger brother of last year’s second overall selection in the 2017 NBA Draft, Lonzo Ball. LiAngelo Ball was most notably known as one of the UCLA players that went to China and was caught shoplifting. LiAngelo Ball left the team after he and his father didn’t feel that the school was pushing him in the right direction.

LiAngelo Ball then went overseas and played in Lithuania for Vytautas Prienu. LaMelo Ball, the youngest of the three Ball brothers, also played in Lithuania with his brother. LiAngelo Ball averaged 12.9 points per game in Lithuania over an average of 22 minutes per game.

There has been plenty of speculation over the past two weeks that the Lakers will try to persuade free agent megastar LeBron James into coming to Los Angeles. News coming out earlier this week was that the Lakers would use Point Guard Lonzo Ball as part of their trade bait to land players that would help get LeBron James in a Lakers uniform.

Many believe that LeBron James wouldn’t play in Los Angeles with Lonzo Ball on the team over his issues with his father, LaVar Ball. Several months back, LeBron James was vocal towards LaVar Ball telling him to “Keep my kids’ name out of your mouth. Keep my family out of your mouth,” referring to LaVar Ball’s comments where he stated that his sons had a better future than LeBron James sons. LaVar Ball was referring to James sons having too much of a hype to live up to with their father being LeBron James. With the exception of the antics of the elder Ball, Lonzo Ball would appear to be the type of player that LeBron would want to have on his team as he is a pass first/shoot second style of player.

Naturally, the widely outspoken father LaVar Ball went to TMZ and stated that if the Lakers made any trade involving his son, it would be the “Worst move they ever made.” Any parent would feel this way and support their child but LaVar Ball has a way of being over the top with his confidence and sometimes it causes issues for his kids.

With not getting drafted in Thursday Night’s draft and not being offered a summer league spot, LiAngelo Ball’s options are becoming limited to just playing overseas or playing in the NBA G League, if he is offered a spot on a another team. It goes without question that his father will be actively vouching for his son.

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