Top 10 Positional Fantasy Rankings

Top 10 Positional Fantasy Rankings

Today I take a look at NFL players in a fantasy football scenario. Obviously, a player’s fantasy value is different than their on-field ability, but the two seem to go hand-in-hand. If a player is in the MVP race, then chances are he has been very valuable to a fantasy squad and vice-versa. Fantasy draft season is upon us, so take a look at my positional rankings before ruining your season looking elsewhere. These rankings are for non-PPR leagues.

Quarterback/Running Back

1. Aaron Rodgers 1. Todd Gurley
2. Russell Wilson 2. LeVeon Bell
3. Tom Brady 3. Ezekiel Elliott
4. Cam Newton 4. David Johnson
5. Phillip Rivers 5. Alvin Kamara
6. Drew Brees 6. Kareem Hunt
7. Deshaun Watson 7. Melvin Gordon
8. Carson Wentz 8. Leonard Fournette
9. Matthew Stafford 9. Saquon Barkley
10. Andrew Luck 10. Jordan Howard

QB: I have Phillip Rivers higher than most people. I have most things Charger-related higher than most people this season. If Rivers fails, all my predictions are doomed.

RB: Jordan Howard sneaks into my top-10. I expect Howard to rack up the yards on the ground, get in the end zone, and steal some catches. He has been a terrific play so far in his career and now the Bears should be more dynamic on offense.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

1. Antonio Brown 1. Rob Gronkowski
2. DeAndre Hopkins 2. Zach Ertz
3. Michael Thomas 3. Travis Kelce
4. Julio Jones 4. Evan Engram
5. Odell Beckham Jr. 5. Kyle Rudolph
6. A.J. Green 6. Jimmy Graham
7. Keenan Allen 7. Trey Burton
8. Tyreek Hill 8. Delanie Walker
9. Davante Adams 9. Greg Olsen
10. Doug Baldwin 10. Jordan Reed

WR: Lots of love for Michael Thomas and Doug Baldwin here. Two guys that should dominate in pass-first offenses. I am reluctant to put Davante Adams too high before he shows the ability to significantly outpace fellow Packer ball catchers Randall Cobb and Jimmy Graham.

TE: Greg Olsen is getting old. I expect a drop in targets and yards. Ertz over Kelce until Mahomes and Kelce show me they can mimic the chemistry that the Kelce-Alex Smith connection had.


1. Jacksonville 1. Stephen Gostkowski
2. Los Angeles Rams 2. Greg Zuerlein
3. Philadelphia 3. Harrison Butker
4. Baltimore 4. Justin Tucker
5. Houston 5. Matt Prater
6. Minnesota 6. Matt Bryant
7. Chicago 7. Robbie Gould
8. Denver 8. Chris Boswell
9. Kansas City 9. Jake Elliott
10. Los Angeles Chargers 10. Will Lutz

D/ST: Kind of an educated guess at this point until the first-stringers take the field for meaningful games. Jacksonville should far and away be the first defense off the board in any draft.

K: Who is going to make the most extra points and consistently make/attempt long field goals? There is your answer.

2018 NFL Fantasy Football Mock Draft Round 1

1. Todd Gurley
2. LeVeon Bell
3. Ezekiel Elliott
4. David Johnson
5. Alvin Kamara
6. Antonio Brown
7. Kareem Hunt
8. Melvin Gordon
9. DeAndre Hopkins
10. Leonard Fournette
11. Saquon Barkley
12. Michael Thomas

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