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The 888 brand is one of the oldest in the online gambling industry. With a history dating back more than two decades, it has withstood the test of time and proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Under the 888 logo, one is able to find a poker room, an online casino, and a sportsbook. However, what many may not be aware of is that 888 has a special sports betting website specifically for US customers. 888sport has been available for a few years to US punters and offers a great sports betting experience. In this review, we will take a comprehensive look at this online sportsbook and provide you with our honest feedback.

Betting Markets

The sportsbook at 888sport is what will ultimately interest you at this gambling website and we are certain that you will be satisfied with the available betting options. 888sport gives you the opportunity to place bets on a wide array of different events from all over the world.

At the time of this writing, baseball is among the most popular betting markets at 888sport. The sportsbook offers bets on MLB events of many different varieties. All of the basic bet types are at your disposal, as well as futures, live betting and more.

Soccer is a close second at 888sport in terms of popularity and punters are having a blast with all of the different leagues. More specifically, these include the World Cup, Copa America, CONCACAF Gold Cup, MLS, England’s Premier League, Germany’s Bundesliga and many more. When it comes to variety, soccer is king.

Tennis is another sport that you should not ignore. 888sport offers betting on hundreds of matches from all over the world. Currently, the ATP, WTA, Davis Cup, Laver Cup, WTA Doubles and ATP Doubles are among the most popular leagues, with many more available.

Football is another great sport to wager your money on. Of course, 888sport supports the NCAAF and the NFL, offering you bets on upcoming matches. Just like with baseball, there are many different betting options and types at your disposal.

Considered by many to be the most-played sport in the world, cricket also has a large presence at 888sport. If you follow this sport, then you may be interested in placing bets on your favorite events. 888sport offers bets on events from leagues such as the ICC World Cup, International Twenty and more.

Live Betting

Live betting is one of the best features of the 888sport sportsbook. Live betting allows you to put down bets during the course of the game and also to cash out the same wagers before the match has concluded. The odds shift automatically to reflect the current state of the game, giving you the opportunity to benefit from large swings in a match. Of course, one also has to take into account that cashing out a bet prior to a match’s ending will provide a worse payout than if you had waited for it to unfold naturally. However, if your team is not doing so well, it might be a good idea to cut your losses and cash out. In such a scenario, live betting is a great option.

Promotions and Bonuses

888sport is not stingy when it comes to rewarding its customers. The sportsbook offers a variety of different promotions which will help you gain a better foothold and also maintain a higher bankroll. These are available from the moment you register and will be offered throughout your stay with 888sport. Below, we will cover some of the major ones and also include the rules that you have to follow to make the best of them.

No Deposit Bonus

As soon as you open an account with 888sport, you will have the opportunity to claim a no deposit bonus simply for joining the sportsbook. This is a $10 bonus that will be added to your bankroll immediately and you can use it to place bets. Of course, there are certain rules that you have to follow. For one, there is a turnover requirement that you have to fulfil before you can cash in that money. It amounts to 6 times the value of the bonus and you have to meet that within 5 days. Moreover, the minimum odds for the purposes of this promotion is (-200) or higher and you can also put down parlay bets, as long as the combined odds amount to (-200) or more.

Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus at 888sport is a great promotion that you should certainly take advantage of if you have the opportunity. It gives you the opportunity to get up to $500 in bonus funds for choosing to place bets at 888sport. However, you should take note that this is not your typical match bonus. The way it works is simple, but not many sportsbooks tend to do things this way. First, you need to make a deposit of $10 or more and you need to wager whole of your deposit at odds of (-200) or higher before you are eligible to receive your bonus. For example, you deposit $100 and put down five $20 bets on at odds (-200). After the bets are settled, the sportsbook will add the 100% bonus to your bankroll.

The bonus funds and winnings from them have the be wagered 6 times before you are allowed to withdraw any money. This needs to happen within 30 days of the date of the original deposit. Again, the minimum qualifying odds are (-200) or higher. Parlay bets are also accepted as long as the combined odds meet the minimum.

Monday Money Back Guarantee

The Monday Money Back Guarantee is an excellent offer that will work in your favor when you have an unfortunate loss. When you bet on any sport on a Monday and lose, you will get your money back up to $50 as part of a free bet. For the purposes of this promotion, only bets made on Money at odds of (-100) or higher will qualify. Moreover, the same wagers have to be settled the same day for you to get your cash back. The free bet will expire after 7 days if not used.

MLB Games Reward

Fans of baseball will be pleased with this one. Whenever you bet at least $50 on same-day MLB matches, 888sport will give you a $10 free bet. In order to qualify for this promotion, the bets must be placed at odds of (-200) or higher, including parleys. The free bet will expire after 7 days if not used.


888sport supports a number of online payment services that will help you manage your bankroll and easily move to and away from your balance. There are multiple different payment solutions available at your disposal once you open an account and each offers different benefits and drawbacks.

Credit cards are one of the most efficient ways to fund your balance at 888sport. You will be able to use the most popular brands out there – Visa and MasterCard. Your deposits will go through instantly and can get to placing bets on your favorite sports events immediately. It only takes a few clicks and anyone can do it. The deposit limits range between $10 – $600 per payment. Unfortunately, you will not be able to withdraw your money via credit card and you will need to resort to a different service.

One of the best services that you can use at 888sport is undoubtedly PayPal. This eWallet allows you to maintain a balance separate from both your sportsbook one and bank account. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to move funds quickly. Deposits go through instantly, with limits ranging between $10 – $1,500, and withdrawals are some of the fastest in the industry. You can hardly do better than PayPal and we highly recommend that you use it.

Alternative options are available in the form of ACH Payment and Online Banking. ACH Payments are preferred by online gamblers due to their high security and convenience. Not only that, but the service offers some of the best limits at this sportsbook, up to $5,000 per payment. Moreover, you can also use this service when it comes to withdrawing your balance. Online Banking shares many of the same features, however, withdrawals are not possible.

PayNearMe is the only prepaid service available to 888sport and you can easily use it to make a deposit at this sportsbook. The payment will go through instantly and you can use the money as you see fit. You can deposit the cash at a 7-Eleven store and then submit the code online. However, due to the nature of this payment solution, withdrawals are not possible. The deposit limits of this service are the lowest out of all supported methods, more specifically, between $10 and $500 within 24 hours.

The last payment method supported by 888sport is Cash at Cage. You can go to Caesars Atlantic City Cage cash in hand and fund your 888sport balance. The transfer happens instantly and the money is available as soon as you give it to the teller. Similarly, you can also cash in your balance and walk away with money in your pocket. The limits of Cash at Cage are excellent, with deposits being possible within the $10 – $100,000 range.

Licensing and Restricted Jurisdictions

When it comes to licensing, this is something that you do not wish to bet on. You want to be sure that the gambling website in question is operating within the limits of the law and that there is an institution overseeing the entire operation. In the case of 888sport, we find that this online sportsbook is regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. This institution dates back to the late 1970s and has been responsible for the oversight of many different forms of gambling in the state of New Jersey. So far, it has done an excellent job at maintaining the integrity of the operations under its jurisdiction and even intervened on select cases where needed. With this information in mind, it is safe to say that 888sport is completely above board and operates with full respect for the law.

As for who can place bets at 888sport, this is a simple question to answer, though many might not like it. US online gambling is a touchy topic and not many states have fully legalized it. New Jersey is one of the few that have and currently the only state in which 888sport is allowed to offer its services. This means that anyone outside of New Jersey is not allowed to take part in sports betting at 888sport. Moreover, the minimum permitted age to open an account at this sportsbook is 21. This will be verified at some point during your stay with the sportsbook and you will have to provide the staff with the appropriate documentation to prove it. Furthermore, you are not allowed to place bets at 888sport if you leave the state’s borders. To guarantee this, you will likely need to enable location services on your device.

Mobile Support

When it comes to online gambling, mobile support is an important feature to have at your disposal. Every now and then, you may wish to place a bet during your downtime and a computer may not be nearby. Well, as it happens, 888sport does not disappoint in this aspect either. The sportsbook is accessible from a variety of different devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Customers have two different methods to load 888sport on their mobile devices. One is via the mobile browser, where all that is required of you is to visit the website. The mobile in-browser interface will give you all the functionality that you need for a smooth sports betting experience. However, if this is not to your liking you can always download and install the dedicated application for Android and iOS devices. The iOS version is available directly on the App Store and can be installed with only a few clicks. However, when it comes to the Android app things are more complicated. Google does not allow real-money gambling apps on its platform and you will have to download the app and install it manually. There is a detailed guide on the 888sport website which you can follow if you are not familiar with the process.

Where functionality is concerned, you will have access to all of the features of 888sport, including the full extent of the sportsbook, all of the typical promotion, customer support, banking options and more. You will not miss out on anything if you choose to use the mobile version of 888sport.

Customer Support

Customer support is an important factor no matter how you spin it and you want to be sure that someone will have your back when you need help. In the case of 888sport, we are happy to report that customers will have the benefit of 24/7 customer service. The sportsbook employs a professional team dedicated to resolving any and all user problems and also to provide assistance in anything else. You will have several means to contact the support team. The more convenient is the phone support option. You can always pick up the phone and dial 1-855-218-6234 to get a hold of them. An agent will be on the other side of the line waiting to render assistance. The agents will be courteous and will expend every resource to see that you have a positive experience at 888sport.

Alternatively, you may also resort to email support if phone calls are not your thing. There is a provided email form found on the website which you can use to get help. You will need to select the nature of your problem, submit your email address, the subject of your problem and a detailed description of it. Response times are usually quick, taking no more than 24 hours for the staff to reach back to you with their solutions. This is also the method that you will use when you submit your information for verification.

Unfortunately, 888sport does not offer live chat as many other gambling websites and this is the largest drawback where customer support is concerned. However, it will not detract too much from the experience. The support staff are efficient and will still provide great results.


Overall, 888sport is an excellent sportsbook and you should seriously consider it if you are on the lookout for a gambling website. Not only does it offer a wide selection of betting options, but also rewards punters quite well with its slew of promotional incentives. Moreover, 888 is a long-standing and trusted brand in the online gambling industry, with a history going back more than 20 years. The operator knows how things work and will do everything necessary to ensure that you have a positive gambling experience. When all is said and done, we can wholeheartedly recommend 888sport to any prospective US bettors.