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Terms and Conditions

By accessing the website of, you automatically accept the following Terms and Conditions. Please, read them carefully as this will help you get detailed information about the website.

Accessing the Website

When you access the website, you automatically agree that Sportingpedia cannot be held liable for any potential mistakes, lapses, damages, etc. which may occur after using the content available on this website. You also agree that you will take into consideration the possible risk that may relate to the content published on the website. You will be the only one held responsible for any risks that are connected to the integrity, usefulness and accuracy of the information available on the website.

It is your obligation to check whether online gambling is legal within the jurisdiction of your current country of residence.

Age Restriction

You should keep in mind that the website of Sportingpedia should not be accessed by underage persons. You should be at least 18 years of age in order to read the content of the website. The age restriction may be higher, according to the jurisdiction you reside in and you ought to comply with it.

Privacy Policy

Make sure to get familiar with the Privacy Policy of the website which can be found at

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability Limitation

Sportingpedia cannot be held responsible for any expressed or implied warranties that cover the content, data and material that are published on the website. By these means, Sportingpedia disclaims all implied and expressed warranties to the extent that is permitted by applicable law.

In addition to that, Sportingpedia cannot be held responsible for any issues that may occur due to the use or the inability to use the website. Thus, users agree that they are accessing the website at their own risk.

Changes in the Terms and Conditions

Sportingpedia reserves the exclusive rights to alter or modify its Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice. This is why users are advised to check regularly the websites’ Terms and Conditions page for any changes. If there are any alterations and you still continue to use the website, this will be considered as an agreement with the new and revised Terms and Conditions of Sportingpedia.

Contact Us

You can always contact us whenever you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions or you would like to give us some feedback. You can do so by visiting our contact page.