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NBA Betting

NBA Betting SitesWhen it comes to some of the most popular sports, basketball has undoubtedly managed to solidify its position on the top of the list. In reality, this is one of the sports which enjoy the biggest betting interest and in which some of the highest-paid athletes contend. As it turns out, this is one of the main reasons why such a large number of gambling aficionados get a real kick out of making real-money bets namely on this sport.

Despite the fact that presently, there are hundreds of basketball leagues around the globe, the National Basketball Association (NBA) remains the pinnacle. In essence, this is the biggest such league, which at the same time enjoys the biggest betting action. Interestingly, the league has a worldwide appeal as the games are broadcasted in more than 100 countries around the globe.

This, on the other hand, explains why such a large number of betting sites facilitate gambling on most of the major NBA events. Most of the sports betting operators strive to draw the attention of NBA lovers by providing them with versatile betting options or with odds on most major events.

Perhaps, one of the best things when it comes to gambling on NBA remains that as long as you are a sharp bettor and you are knowledgeable, you stand a good chance to pocket some nice profit. Still, there are certain things you should always consider when looking for the best NBA betting site.

Features of NBA Betting Sites

NBA Betting Sites FeaturesSince today there are so many NBA betting sites, it is of no surprise that the competition between sports betting operators have become so fierce. For that reason, they strive to make their gambling platforms alluring by updating them on a regular basis and adding to them various exciting features. The prime aim of this is to ensure that the experience of gamblers will be smooth and entertaining.

One of the features proper NBA betting sites share is that they give gamblers the chance to pick from a broad variety of betting options. The diversity of the betting options has proved to be of paramount importance to, both sharp bettors, as well as recreational gamblers. In essence, some of the most popular bet types which are almost invariably made part of the agenda of the decent NBA betting sites include point spread, moneyline, totals, as well as exotic bets the likes of parlay, teasers, and prop bets.

Another feature which a good deal of the NBA betting sites boasts are statistics. As a matter of fact, this specific feature lists among the fan-favorites for sports bettors simply because it undoubtedly greases the wheels while they are making up their mind which team to bet on with a single glance at the numbers.

An ever-growing number of the proper interactive sportsbooks also boast tipsters. This is a nice option as long as you have second thoughts about which of the teams to support in order to enjoy more bountiful results.

While talking about the features of a proper NBA betting site, we should not forget to mention the variety of the covered markets. In fact, this feature speaks a lot while you are on a quest for the best web-based sportsbook and it is often considered a good sign in terms of the quality of the bookie. Thus, a decent interactive bookie will allow its patrons to make stakes not only on basketball but also on a host of the other major sports.

Lately, live-betting has also become one of the features which are on offer at a great deal of the decent virtual bookies which boast gambling on NBA. This is of no surprise since more and more gamblers become keen on the feature as it allows them to make their bets after the sporting event has already started unfolding, thus giving them the opportunity to figure out which would be the best possible move in the situation.

Live-streaming is not considered a necessity, but it is definitely a nice feature which is present at many NBA betting sites. Still, bettors should keep in mind that in most cases, the operator will give them access to this feature, provided that they have some funds in the balance of their account.

Odds Types at NBA Betting Sites

NBA Betting Sites OddsBefore you get started with your sports betting session at the preferred NBA betting website, it is a good idea to acquaint yourself with the different manners in which odds are more often displayed. As far as NBA betting sites are concerned, it is only natural that American odds are more often than not the format which is utilized.

As the name implies, this odds format is most commonly used in the USA, which is the reason why it is also popular as US odds. In essence, this odds format works in a different manner as for the supposed favorite and underdog. The biggest peculiarity about them remains the fact that there is a negative sign before the name of the supposed favorite, and a positive sign before the name of the supposed underdog. Another thing which distinguishes this odds format from the rest of the manners in which odds are represented is that the minus shows the amount you need to stake so as to get $100, whereas the plus represents the amount you will be granted for every $100 you wager. Therefore, the difference in the odds of each of the teams will change when the chances of the supposed winner to become victorious increase.

Now, let’s illustrate this in order to make sure that you have learned the ins and outs. Let’s assume that the odds of one of the teams are -110, whereas the odds of the other are +240. Thus, as long as you make a winning bet of $110 on the first team, eventually, you will get $210, which includes your original wager. If you would rather support the supposed underdog and you make a stake of $100, this means that eventually, you will sweep $340. It is important to note that this amount includes your stake of $100.

Mobile Support

NBA Betting Sites Mobile AppThere is no doubt that our smartphones and tablets are the best way to remain in the know about everything which is happening with your favorite NBA team or to keep up with the lines and the odds. That is the reason why more and more sports betting websites strive to refine their services and to offer gambling platforms which run on most of the handheld devices.

In this relation, an ever-growing number of interactive sportsbooks offer software which runs without a hitch on some of the major operating systems such as Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Best of all, punters are not even required to burden their handheld device with any special software in order to wager on all major NBA events as they simply need to access the website of the bookie via the browser of their smartphone or tablet. It is important to note, however, that a reliable Internet connection remains a must for the second-to-none sports betting session.

A nice alternative to have the freedom to gamble irrespective of the time and the location remain the apps which are on offer at a large number of the bookies that boast wagering on NBA. Such apps are also quite well-liked due to the fact that they give you immediate access to the sportsbook you have signed up for an account anytime and anywhere, meaning that punters are no longer chained to their homes when they wish to make a few stakes. This results in greater convenience and further contributes to the top-notch sports betting experience. And what is even better about these apps is that in most cases, NBA fanatics are enabled to make use of the same special features which are available via the desktop client.

Common NBA Bet Types

Common NBA Bet TypesThere are plenty of reasons why basketball is so overwhelmingly popular among sports bettors. In fact, one of the most obvious reasons why wagering on NBA is so well-liked by bettors remains that they can have a pick from a broad variety of betting options, each of which has its own appeal. As a general rule, while wagering on sports punters are allowed to choose between several bet types such as totals, point spread, and moneyline, which are considered rather ordinary. Other than that, they can give a try various more exotic bets which give them the opportunity to have a whale of their time. This is also the case with gambling on basketball as most of the proper NBA betting sites allow their customers to make such bets.


MoneylineJust like in many other sports, moneyline remains the most popular bet type for NBA punters as well. Perhaps, the most obvious reason for this remains the fact that this is the most straightforward way of making bets on basketball due to the fact that gambling aficionados simply need to make a prediction which of the two teams will eventually become victorious. Despite the fact that the favorites stand a better chance to win the matchup, the value they offer is less lucrative.

Point Spread

Point SpreadMuch like the bettors who are intrigued by wagering on NFL, more often than not, punters who get a real kick out of betting on NBA resort to point spread bets. Interestingly, the point spread is the way in which the bookie evens the score by the two contending teams, even when one of them is considered to have much bigger chances to win. Thus, when making a point spread bet, gamblers stake that the team will win by a score higher than the spread as long as it is considered favorite. When it comes to the supposed underdog, your bet will be a winning one as long as they do not lose the game by a set number of points.


TotalsTotals are yet another extremely preferred way of making real-money bets on NBA. This manner of NBA betting involves predicting whether the number of the points which will be scored in the game will be over or under a specific points total which is determined by the bookie. It is important to note that these values vary greatly across the matchups.


ParlayParlay bets might be some of the riskiest, but they are also among some of the most well-loved betting options as for NBA gambling. What makes these bets slightly tricky is the fact that in practice, they combine several stakes into a single bet. In order to make such a bet, gambling aficionados need to pick at least two point spread bets, moneylines, or totals, and the quirk is that your parlay bet will be a winning one, provided that all individual bets which constitute it win. Even though such bets are riskier, what makes them so tempting is that the payouts they grant are far more lucrative.


TeasersBy their nature, teaser bets resemble parlay bets to a large extent due to the fact that both bet types involve combining several individual stakes into a single bet. The biggest difference, however, stems from the fact that when making a teaser bet, NBA lovers are enabled to modify the totals line or the points spread according to their own projections on the way in which the game will pan out in an attempt to minimize the risks.

Prop Bets

NBA Prop BetProp bets or proposition bets as they are also popular are a way of gambling on NBA which does not have much to do with the outcome of the matchup. Such bets can be quite diverting but at the same time, they might bring you really nice payouts. Wagering on the total number of rebounds would be a prime example for making a prop bet.

Future Bets

Future BetsAs far as future bets are concerned, gamblers should know that such bets involve making stakes on events the outcome of which will become known at a later stage. Thus, an example of a future bet will be when you make a bet on the winner of the championship. It is important to note, however, that you are more likely to enjoy bigger payouts provided that the event is further in the future.

In-Play Betting

NBA Live BetThe popularity of in-play betting or live betting as it is also known can easily be attributed to the belief that making your bets while the event is taking place is all downhill. In essence, in-play betting is also referred to as in-running betting but all these terms refer to one and the same thing, namely making a single or several consecutive wagers after the specific basketball matchup has commenced. Sometimes, this might turn out to be a great option, especially if the underdog is having a field day, or the supposed favorite is experiencing a slow start.

Payment Solutions at NBA Betting Sites

Sports Betting Payment OptionMost of the sports betting operators strive to refine the service they deliver frequently in an attempt to ensure that it will live up to the expectations of as many gambling aficionados as possible. There is no doubt that one of the major aspects of the gambling experience remains the management of your funds. It is fair to say that most of the operators are conversant with this due to the fact that they aspire to maintain extensive lists of supported payment solutions.

Perhaps, the fact that credit and debit cards have grown up to become one of the most favored ways of making deposits and withdrawals will not surprise you. In essence, this payment solution is so frequently used by gambling aficionados who prefer to wager on NBA mainly because of the fast transaction times since in most cases, your funds will be credited in a matter of a few minutes after the transaction is wrapped up. Some of the most commonly used credit and debit card brands include Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro. Best of all, a great deal of the interactive sportsbooks support them, meaning that basketball lovers stand a good chance to find such a bookie.

It is true to say that prepaid cards are by far a popular banking solution which is accepted by a large number of the NBA betting sites as well. So far, Paysafecard was the option the biggest number of sports bettors opted for, but things are changing since they can also go for prepaid cards by Visa and Maestro as well. This way of payment is feasible, especially for gamblers who want to make sure that they will not overspend.

Managing your funds in a prompt and at the same time, a secure manner is undoubtedly doable as long as you are keen on utilizing a digital wallet. Best of all, both deposits and withdrawals are supported via this banking method, which results in a greater convenience. In addition to this, topping up your account and retrieving your funds are made instantaneous, which further adds to the appeal of the payment method. Some of the most popular providers of such services include Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and ecoPayz, to mention just a few.

Bank transfers, on the other hand, remain the most straightforward way to load your sports betting account with cash or to cash out your winnings. Luckily, the NBA betting sites which boast this payment solution are aplenty. A small drawback remains that transactions are not carried out that promptly. The good news is that as long as you wish to make use of bank transfers but the speed of the transactions is important to you, direct bank transfers are a viable option as well.

Security at NBA Betting Sites

NBA Betting Sites SecurityIt is true to say that one of the major concerns of gambling aficionados who are intrigued by wagering on NBA remains the security of their banking and personal data. This is only natural since currently, the online gambling scene is overflowing with betting sites, which makes the finding of a proper sportsbook a slightly arduous task.

That is the reason why it is advised to look for NBA betting sites which rank high in security as this will give you the peace of mind that your sensitive data is protected and you are out of the woods. As long as you wish to make sure that your sports betting session will be smooth and that issues of fairness, safety, and security will not arise, we recommend going only for reputable and established NBA betting sites. The majority of the good betting sites have introduced an SSL encryption technology the aim of which is to guarantee that in the event of a breach, your data will be unreadable.

Properly regulated NBA betting sites are also quite stringent when it comes to the countries from which they accept gamblers. In addition to this, such websites do not grant access to their service to underaged sports bettors.

Hallmarks of a Good NBA Betting Site

Hallmarks of a Good NBA Betting SiteDespite the fact that finding a proper NBA betting site might turn out to be quite taxing, gambling devotees should rest assured that there are certain hallmarks which make every decent such website easily recognizable.

The majority of the good NBA betting sites boast a service which is easy-to-use and which makes the navigation through the various sections and categories of the website all downhill. This is of paramount importance since a packed interface might make you uneager to gamble.

As it turns out, currently, offering a desktop version of their software is not sufficient for operators as a good deal of the NBA betting sites provide their patrons with a mobile version or native apps which enable them to gamble whenever they wish.

Another hallmark of a good NBA betting site remains the availability of numerous banking solutions. Since the web-based sportsbooks welcome punters from a host of territories, it is only natural that along with some of the most popular ways of payment, they support numerous regional payment services.

The majority of the proper NBA betting sites strive to retain the attention of their new customers, as well as of the existing ones by running various promotions. The welcome offer has already turned into a must-have for most of the gambling websites but the rest of the promotional incentives should not be neglected as well.

Another thing which invariably distinguishes the proper NBA sites from the rest of the websites is the customer support. Thus, a good bookie will give its patrons the chance to approach its agents around the clock and will ensure that they will be serviced in a decorous and prompt manner.