About us

SportingPedia.com is an ambitious project launched in late 2017 that aims to provide daily coverage of events and developments from major sports leagues. Our team of journalists combines decades of experience in following and covering the world of sports.

SportingPedia.com readers can find daily news articles focused on the most important stories from different sports as well as highlights and editorials, all providing detailed information about any reader’s sports and topics of interest. Sports fans can also find latest scores and standings from major sports leagues.

Meet the Team

Ryan Knuppel Author MLB

Ryan has been a baseball fanatic since a young age. More recently, he has written thousands of articles about nearly every baseball subject imaginable. He is a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan and will be providing daily MLB news here at Sportingpedia.com!


Earl Campbell Author NFL

Earl spends all day following sports and more specifically football. He is a diehard college football and NFL fan with a love for the Chicago Bears. Earl can bring some insight to his NFL articles that many others simply can’t.


Rodney Knuppel Author NHL

Rodney combines his hockey passion with his witty sense of humor to bring us regular NHL news and editorials. His favorite team is the St. Louis Blues but has also found a liking for the most recent team, Vegas Golden Knights.


Zach Weiss Author NBA

Zach has a degree in communications and has experience broadcasting college athletics, as well as hosting a popular sports-talk radio show for four years. He’s been a huge fan of basketball and the NBA since the age of three. Zach follows the NBA news religiously and is excited to cover it here at Sportingpedia.com!