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Apple Pay Betting Sites

Apple Pay Betting SitesAs virtual betting is a popular craze among punters from all over the world, everyone is looking for reliable websites where they can enjoy real-money sports betting. When choosing the sportsbook where they would like to bet, many bettors pay special attention to the payment solutions they will be able to use.

Since smart devices are so much involved in our daily lives, it is natural that even payments have become possible with just a few taps on your phone. While browsing through the sportsbook options available online, you may come across websites that accept payments via Apple Pay. This is great news for Apple users who wish to easily manage their betting funds and enjoy smooth and fast payments wherever they go.

Apple Pay is available on iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch devices. As you can see, this gives numerous people the freedom to easily pay for purchases online. In addition to that, Apple Pay is also accepted at a large number of betting websites. This allows punters from different parts of the world to top up their sportsbook accounts with just a few taps on their smart devices.

How Does Apple Pay Function?

How Apple Pay WorkIn order to fully grasps the payment process of Apple Pay, we can compare it to e-wallets. The main role of Apple Pay is to act as a mediator between your credit/debit cards and the website or retail store where you are paying. This ensures an additional layer of security and it is one of the newly accepted payment methods at some sportsbooks. You can also use your Apple device to pay at pos terminals where you see the icon for Apple Pay. All that you will need to do is hold your device over the POS terminal and confirm the transaction either through the Touch ID or Face ID feature on your device.

Thanks to Apple Pay, you can make fast and secure payments at websites, mobile applications, stores and other merchants. In addition to that, you can send your friends or family money or request to receive money straight in the messages of your Apple device. Alternatively, you can also receive or send money by asking Siri. Either way, you do not need any additional apps and you can use the credit or debit card you have already saved in Wallets. Whenever you receive money, they will automatically be transferred to your Apple Pay Cash card. You can, later on, use these funds for any purchases you would like to pay via this method, including making a deposit at a virtual sportsbook. You can also transfer your funds from your Apple Pay Cash card to your personal bank account.

Whenever you are making a purchase at a mobile app, you can pay in no time by choosing the option “Buy with Apple Pay”. This also applies to sportsbook apps which support Apple Pay. This way punters can make a deposit to the betting app with just a few taps on their Apple device. Paying at websites is also extremely easy whenever you are using the browser Safari. It will allow you to use Apple Pay for your online purchases and if you are using MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you will be able to verify your transactions with a single touch thanks to the Touch ID feature.

All that you need before you can use this payment solution is to save your card in the Wallet app and set up your Apple Pay. Once you have added your cards, you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay at stores, while for purchase on mobile apps, you can also use your iPad. If you wish to use Apple Pay online on the Safari browser, you will have to use Mac with Touch ID, other supported Mac devices, your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

The feature to send or receive money via Apple Pay in the messages is available only to users who reside in the United States. They can use this option on their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. In countries such as China, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, you can even pay for transit, using your iPhone or Apple Watch. By using the Touch ID or Face ID authentication, you can easily pay for your ride.

Setting Up Your Apple Pay Cards

Apple Pay CardsIn order to be able to use Apple Pay, you will have to utilize supported devices. These include iPhone 6 or a newer version, iPad mini 3 or a newer model, all Apple Watch series, Mac models launched after 2012 and Mac models with the Touch ID feature.

There is also the condition to use a card issued by a banking institution which supports Apple Pay. You can check all of the card issuers that support the service by visiting Apple’s website and head to the Apple Pay section. Your device must operate on the latest version of iOS, watchOS or macOS.

You will also need your Apple ID which you are using on all of your Apple devices. If you wish to use Apple Pay on every device of yours, you will have to save your card in the Wallet app of every device you are intending to use for your payments.

While you can save up to 8 cards on earlier models of Apple devices, on Apple Watch Series 3 or a newer version, as well as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or a newer version, you can save up to 12 cards.

If you wish to add a new card to the Wallet app of your iPhone device, you will have to tap the “+” icon on the top right corner of the app. This will prompt you to either enter the card details manually or simply scan your card, using the camera of your device. The next step is to follow the instructions imposed by your banking institution and once you are done, your card will be added to your Wallet.

For your iPad, you will have to go to Setting and select Wallet & Apple Pay. The next step is to select the option that allows you to add a credit or debit card and follow the instructions on the screen. After you have entered the needed details, your banking institution will verify your card and you will be ready to use Apple Pay on your iPad device.

If you wish to add a card to your Apple Watch Wallet, then you will have to go to the Watch App on your iPhone, tap on My Watch and select the option Wallet & Apple Pay. The following steps are the same as for the previous devices.

If you are using a Mac device without the built-in touch feature, you will have to go to Settings select Wallet & Apple Pay and enable the function Allow Payments on Mac. If your Mac has the Touch ID feature, you have to open the System Preferences select Wallet & Apple Pay and tap on Add Card. Then you will have to follow the steps and wait for the verification of your bank.

Setting Up Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay CashApple strives to provide hassle-free payment solutions to its users which is why US citizens can make use of the Apple Pay Cash card. It is a type of virtual debit card that allows you to receive money directly from your messages and send money to your friends or family, chip-in for a gift for your co-workers and make various other fast transactions via the messages app or by asking Siri.

Whenever you receive money, it will be securely saved to your Apple Pay Cash card which will also be available in the Wallet app. If you are trying to set up your Apple Pay Cash account for the first time, you will have to use your supported device on which you have already signed to iCloud, using your Apple ID.

You will have to go to Settings and tap on Wallets & Apple Pay. The next step is to choose the Apple Pay Cash card and this will prompt you to follow several steps in order to activate your virtual debit card. Even if you turn off the Apple Pay Cash card on any of your devices, you can still use it on your other Apple devices on which you are using the same Apple ID.

If you wish to upload funds to your Apple Pay Cash card, you can use the credit or debit cards you have already added to your Wallet. In order to transfer money to Apple Pay Cash, you will have to access the information of the credit or debit card you intend to use. This can be done by opening the Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch, tapping the Apple Pay Cash card and then tapping on Info. On iPads, you can access your Apple Pay Cash card by opening Settings and choosing Wallet & Apple Pay. After you have tapped on the information tab of your card, you will see the option Add Money. This option will allow you to choose the amount you would like to upload to your Apple Pay Cash card. In order to verify the transaction, you will either have to use the Touch ID or Face ID feature of your device.

In the information section of your Apple Pay Cash card, you will also see the option Manually Accept Payments. If you activate it, you will be able to see the money you are sent via messages and decide whether to accept it. If you, however, tap on Automatically Accept Payments, any money that you are sent in the messages app, will appear in your Apple Pay Cash card automatically.

Depositing to Your Sportsbook Balance

Apple Pay DepositIf you have come across a sportsbook that accepts deposits via Apple Pay, you will have an extremely easy time completing the transaction. All that you need to do is head to the Cashier page of the betting site and select Apple Pay from all available deposit options. The next step is to enter the amount you would like to upload to your sportsbook account and select the button that says “Apple Pay”. The next step is to confirm the transaction by either the Touch ID or Face ID feature on your compatible device.

As long as you press the Home button of your device with the finger you have registered when activating Touch ID, you will be able to authenticate your transaction. The Face ID option is available on newer iOS devices and it will simply require to look into the camera so that it can identify you. By doing so, you will also be able to confirm the payment you have initiated via Apple Pay.

Once your deposit is confirmed, your funds will appear in your betting account right away and you will be able to make real-money bets immediately. As you can see, utilizing this payment solution is very easy and does not require exposing your card details. This ensures additional security when you are handling your betting deposits online.

Withdrawing from Your Sportsbook Balance

Apple Pay WithdrawUnfortunately, Apple Pay can be used only as a deposit method at virtual sportsbooks. This means that when it comes to withdrawals, punters will have to look for an alternative payment method.

Fees and Limits

Apple Pay FeesAs it was mentioned previously, Apple Pay does resemble, in a way, e-wallets. However, it allows users to add only their credit and debit cards to their Wallet app rather than enabling them to use directly their bank accounts. For the Apple users who reside in the US, there is also the Apple Pay Cash card where the money they have received is saved.

If you decide to fund the Apple Pay Cash card via a debit card, you will be charged no fees. On the other hand, if you use your credit card to fund the transfer, you will have to pay a fee of 3%. This being said, sending or receiving money via Apple Pay is completely free.

There is a transfer minimum of $1 for the Apple Pay Cash card when you wish to transfer your money to your bank account. If the remaining funds in the card are less than $1, the transfer minimum is the entire sum left in the card. The minimum deposit, however, is set at $10.

In a way, Apple Pay Cash card may be utilized as a virtual debit card. It is issued by a banking institution and allows you to make payments at numerous apps and websites via the money you have received to your Apple Pay Cash card. With your virtual debit card by Apple Pay, you can send up to $3,000 per single transaction and a maximum of $10,000 per one week.

Security and Privacy

Apple Pay SecurityWhile Apple Pay does ensure an easy way to pay for purchases both online and offline, it also offers a secure way to manage your payments. When you add your cards to the Wallet app, you do not have to worry about your card details since they are not saved on your device and are not shared with third parties. In addition to that, the company utilizes advanced software solutions which further improve the security of your transactions via Apple Pay.

In order to be able to use Apple Pay, you will have to use a passcode you have set prior to using the application. In addition to that, you can also utilize the Touch ID and Face ID features that are available on various Apple devices. You can choose a rather simple passcode or opt for a more complex one which will ensure a higher level of security.

If you wish to activate the Touch ID feature you must go to Settings, choose Touch ID & Passcode and enter the passcode you have chosen for your device. Tap on Add a Fingerprint and rest your finger on the Home button. Hold it there until you feel a vibration or until you are prompt to lift your finger. Follow the next steps which will help you to adjust all the angles and your grip. Once you are done with setting up the feature, you can use Touch ID to unlock your device and verify the purchases you are making via Apple Pay.

For all users who have iPhone X or a newer model, there is also the option to use Face ID when paying for purchases with Apple Pay. To set the Face ID option, you need to go to Setting and tap on Face ID & Passcode. Enter your passcode if needed and select Set Up Face ID. Place your device in front of you within an arm’s length and tap Get Started. Follow the instructions on the screen in order to scan your face. Once you are done, you will be able to unlock your device and verify payments via Apple Pay.

In addition to the aforementioned security features, Apple also makes sure to use encryption technology when storing the data that users share when adding their credit or debit cards to their Wallets. Payments are also processed using encryption which guarantees that your money is always properly protected.

Advantages of Apple Pay

Apple Pay AdvantagesIf you are wondering what are the great points about using Apple Pay for your sportsbook funding, you can take a look at the following advantages. Comparing the pros and cons of the payment service will help you understand whether it is worth it using it at various virtual bookmakers.

The simplicity of this payment method is one of the best advantages you can enjoy when boosting up your sportsbook account via Apple Pay. If you choose to make a deposit via your Apple device, you will be able to initiate the payment in just a few seconds and all that you need to verify your transactions is to scan either your fingerprint or your face. The deposits via Apple Pay are instant which will allow you to make bets right after topping up your betting balance.

Another great advantage of Apple Pay is the security it ensures. As it was mentioned earlier, your card details will not be saved on your device and even if you use the card in your wallet to pay for purchases, your details will not be shared with a third-party company. This prevents stealing your credit/debit card details and gives you peace of mind.

You can enjoy better privacy when making deposits at betting sites. Since Apple Pay uses a device account number rather than the details on your credit/debit card, you remain anonymous when using this deposit method. This will ensure that neither your personal details or other sensitive information are shared with the sportsbook where you are betting online.

Paying no fees is also a wonderful advantage which many punters will appreciate. You can be sure that topping up your bookie account via Apple Pay will not impose any additional charges.

Disadvantages of Apple Pay

Apple Pay DisadvantagesWhile the disadvantages of this payment method are not that many, they still do exist. One of the downfalls of this solution is that it is fairly new to the market. This is why it is not that easy to find many virtual bookmakers that will allow you to top up your account via Apple Pay.

The other disadvantage is that punters will be able to utilize the payment method only for their deposits. This means that bettors will have to look for alternative solutions when they wish to withdraw their sportsbook winnings.

Last but not least, is the obvious disadvantage for punters who do not utilize Apple devices. This would mean that the number of sportsbook members who can use Apple Pay is limited only to those who own iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or a Mac device. What is more, Apple Pay is still not available in some countries and the Apple Pay Cash card can be used only in the US.


Apple Pay ConclusionAlthough being a fairly new payment solution, Apple Pay quickly gains popularity among Apple users due to the convenience of the payments it provides. This is why it is no surprise that some interactive sportsbooks have started accepting deposits made via Apple Pay. The service offers instant transactions, protected with the latest security technology developed by Apple.

All that punters need is to add their debit or credit card to their Wallet and they will be ready to make quick deposits to their betting accounts. Thanks to the Touch ID and Face ID features, verifying transactions is more secure and convenient than ever.

While there are not many online bookmakers that will accept deposit via Apple Pay, it is definitely a great solution for those who can utilize it. Unfortunately, Apple Pay can still be utilized only for deposits but the fact that it does not impose any fees makes it a great payment option for many virtual bettors.