New Zealand Betting Sites

New Zealand Betting SitesPresently, wagering on sports over the Internet has become a preferred way of entertainment for punters from almost every corner of the globe, including New Zealand. Despite the fact that online wagering on sports is quite often frowned upon by gamblers who relish placing their bets in land-based bookies, just like in many other countries, the gambling industry in New Zealand has also undergone some substantial changes. Currently, Kiwi gamblers are enabled to wager on some of their most well-loved sports such as football, rugby, cricket, basketball, and many more anytime and anywhere.

More and more Kiwi punters make the switch from brick-and-mortar sportsbooks to interactive ones, which is only natural considering the fact that all forms of gambling which take place on the territory of the country are under the purview of the Department of Internal Affairs. In fact, New Zealand is one of the countries in which various laws regarding gambling have taken into effect, with the Gambling Act of 2003 being one of the major ones.

One of the things concerning the Act which might seem slightly perplexing at first glance is the fact that it prohibits remote gambling. Still, Kiwi gamblers should not be dispirited that they will not have the chance to place their bets on the preferred sport via their desktop device, tablet or smartphone due to the fact that they can do so as long as the interactive bookie they have signed up for an account is based overseas.

Legality and Regulation of Sports Betting in New Zealand

Legality and RegulationDespite the fact that New Zealand and Australia are two neighboring countries, their stance when it comes to gambling undoubtedly differs greatly. Still, some punters might get slightly confused when they find out that the Gambling Act of 2003 prohibits remote gambling, which in other words means that the country has imposed a ban on wagering via any type of devices for remote communication, including tablets, smartphones, or computers. It is important to note, however, that the ban only refers to online gambling at bookies which are based on the territory of the country. In other words, residents of New Zealand are permitted to partake in online gambling, provided that the interactive sportsbook is based overseas.

Thus, gamblers who relish wagering on sports over the Internet and who live in New Zealand can rest assured that online gambling is absolutely legal in the country. Of course, they should make sure that the bookie they have picked for their betting session is not based in New Zealand.

Key Sports Betting Laws in New Zealand

Key Sports Betting LawsOne of the most remarkable features which distinguish the legislation of the country from the rest of the territories in this region is the fact that New Zealand has some quite straightforward and most importantly, clearly-stated legislation when it comes to gambling. Best of all, the provisions relating to online gambling are stated explicitly and in a plain manner, which ensures that they will be understood by Kiwi punters easily and that there will not be any confusion or uncertainty.

In essence, New Zealand is one of the countries in which gambling has gone a long way since in the past, several betting activities have been banned and following this, legalized. As it was already stated, the gambling industry is regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Perhaps, the most important law when it comes to sports betting over the Internet in New Zealand remains the Gambling Act of 2003. According to the Act, all forms of gambling are divided into four major categories, and if a specific form of gambling does not fall into any of these categories, this means that it is illegal.

Perhaps, certain confusion might arise when Kiwi bettors find out that according to the Act, remote interactive gambling is considered illegal in New Zealand. As it was already mentioned, remote interactive gambling is described as placing real-money bets via devices for remote communication such as computers and smartphones.

One of the most important exceptions Kiwi punters should be aware of is that the ban on remote gambling refers only to the territory of the country, which therefore implies that the country does not limit wagering on sports, provided that the virtual bookie you have joined operates overseas.

Another important thing the Act also states is that since the sportsbook is based in another country, this means that the legal protections you are subject to will be determined exclusively by the legislation of this particular country.

Sports bettors should also keep in mind that according to the Gambling Act of 2003, punters who partake in unauthorized gambling will be imposed some quite substantial fines. That is the reason why we recommend Kiwi gamblers to acquaint themselves with the legislation of the country prior to gambling.

New Zealand Sporting Events Coverage and Markets

Sporting Events Coverage and MarketsEven though online sports betting sites face certain obstacles to provide their services on the territory of New Zealand, Kiwi bettors are given the opportunity to access a good deal of internationally-based such websites. Therefore, they have the chance to pick from a host of betting markets and options which will allow them to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

In essence, online sports betting is quite a popular way of entertainment for Kiwi bettors which should be anything but surprising since the country boasts several unique sports. When it comes to some of the most popular markets in New Zealand, one of the first sports we should mention is rugby. In fact, this is the national sport of the country, which is why it comes hardly as a surprise that it enjoys such a massive following and betting action. Bettors who are intrigued by rugby will have the chance to place their bets on various events from the NZRL. In addition to this, Kiwi punters will also have the chance to place their bets on various such sporting events which are held internationally. Rugby lovers will have the opportunity to wager on events from the Australian Rugby League, National Rugby League, Super League, Six Nations, and many more.

Ice hockey is yet another extremely popular sport among Kiwi bettors and the viewership it enjoys is really impressive. Most of the virtual bookies enable bettors to wager on major events from NZIHL, but also on various other international events such as NHL, British Challenge Cup, as well as on events from the Ice Hockey World Championship.

Football also lists among the fan-favorite sports of gamblers from New Zealand. Being one of the most popular sports on a global scale, most of the interactive bookies, including the Kiwi-friendly ones strive to cover some of the most well-loved matchups on a global scale. Not only will punters have the chance to place their real-money bets on various major competitions such as the English Premier League, English Championship, UEFA Nations League, Italian Series A, to mention just a few, but they are also given the opportunity to make their stakes on events from the New Zealand Football Championship.

Another major sport which continues to draw the attention of gambling aficionados from New Zealand is basketball. Most of the decent New Zealand-friendly betting sites give punters the chance to wager on events from the NBA, FIBA Europe Cup, as well as on events from the National Basketball League.

Popular Odds Format in New Zealand

Popular Odds FormatPerhaps, Kiwi bettors are well aware of the fact that betting odds are displayed using three main formats that include American, fractional, and decimal. When it comes to New Zealand betting sites, it should be noted that the most popular odds format is the decimal one. This way of expressing odds is popular in various other countries such as Australia and Canada.

In essence, the way in which this manner of expressing the odds works is extremely straightforward and easy to fathom, and a single glance at the numbers will tell you which team is considered favorite and which is the supposed underdog. This odds format indicates how much money bettors will get for every $1 they have staked. Gambling aficionados are highly unlikely to get confused while they are estimating their total return due to the fact that they simply need to multiply their stake by the value of the odds. Thus, they will get their total return which includes the initial stake they have made.

Thus, as long as we assume that you wish to stake $10 on a football matchup the odds of which are 3.0, this would mean that a winning bet will bring you a total of $30. If we take another example, and we presume that you wish to make a stake of $20 on a football match the odds of which are 3.5, this will mean that you might win $75. As you can see, there is nothing confusing about this odds format, and you are highly unlikely to encounter any issues while making the needed calculations.

Payment Solutions for Sports Bettors from New Zealand

Payment SolutionsMost of the decent Kiwi-friendly interactive bookies seek to meet the demands of their patrons when it comes to payment solutions in order to make sure that they will be able to conduct payments without a hitch.

It is true to say that gambling aficionados from New Zealand are spoiled for choice when it comes to managing their funds due to the fact that they can have a pick from various safe and swift banking solutions. Some of the most popular options include credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and direct bank transfers, meaning that most of the decent Kiwi-friendly sports betting websites offer something for every gambler, irrespective of his/her budget and style of play.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and Debit CardsCredit and debit cards are a well-liked payment solution for gamblers from various countries, and Kiwi punters are not an exception either. A large number of the gambling aficionados who live in New Zealand go for their credit and debit cards in order to upload funds into their sports betting accounts which is of no surprise due to the fact that this is one of the banking methods which boast instant deposits and support withdrawals as well.

Mastercard and Visa list among some of the far better-known credit and debit card brands Kiwi punters have at their disposal. In essence, when it comes to wagering on sports over the Internet, this way of payment has gradually become synonymous with prompt and secure transfer of funds which explains why it is so widely preferred. Best of all, a good deal of the Kiwi-friendly sports betting websites accept payments via credit and debit cards, meaning that bettors are highly unlikely to encounter any troubles while looking for such an interactive bookie.


Digital WalletsPOLi also lists among the most well-loved payment methods among Kiwi bettors and the main reason for this is that the payment solution enables them to handle transactions with the peace of mind that there will not be any security issues. The best thing about this payment method is that it allows gambling aficionados to use their online banking account in order to load their sports betting account with cash in a prompt and a hassle-free manner.


Other Payment MethodsThere is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity among bettors over the past few years. What makes them such an alluring option for New Zealanders is that they are easy-to-use, secure, and most importantly, they allow punters to remain anonymous when making transactions to the preferred interactive sportsbook. What further adds to the merits of this banking solution is that it is cost-effective which as it turns out, is of major importance for gambling aficionados as well.

Prepaid Cards

Instant Bank TransfersWhat we can say for sure is that for gaming operators, Kiwi virtual bettors are just as important as the rest of their customers. That is the reason why the operators want to ensure that punters will be able to manage their funds in a fast and a secure way, and via the payment solution that most appeals to them. Prepaid cards are almost invariably on the agenda of virtual sportsbooks which is only natural since they are a way of payment of choice for so many gambling aficionados, including bettors from New Zealand.

As long as you do not feel comfortable with sharing any of your personal or banking information when making a payment, Paysafecard is yet another banking solution which allows gamblers to retain their anonymity. Best of all, prepaid cards are extremely easy-to-use due to the fact that once bettors have obtained one, they just need to enter its 16-digit code.

Bonuses and Rewards for New Zealand Sports Bettors

Bonuses and RewardsNowadays, we are witnessing how the online gambling scene is developing and expanding at quite a fast pace. Since new virtual bookies are emerging on a regular basis, it is only natural that gambling operators strive to draw the eyes of bettors by coming up with something new and different. It is true to say that bonuses and promotions are one of the most touted tools which are used to attract new users and to keep the existing ones.

Perhaps, one of interactive bookies’ best features punters can greatly benefit from is that they offer bonuses right upon registration. One of the bonuses in which Kiwi gamblers are almost invariably interested is the welcome or the signup bonus. These bonuses can be found at almost every New Zealand-friendly sports betting website, and they are granted when you upload funds into your sports betting account for the first time. Occasionally, the bonus funds newly-registered users will get correspond to the size of their first deposit to the web-based bookie.

In essence, claiming the welcome bonus is a great way to enjoy a flying start of your betting session with a larger bankroll due to the fact that in most cases, the percentage of the welcome bonuses operators grant is something of the sort of 50% or 100%.

Another bonus type which is extremely favored by Kiwi bettors is the no-deposit bonus. In most cases, these bonuses are granted as part of the welcome bonus and the rewarded bonus funds are smaller due to the fact that punters do not need to make a deposit in order to receive them. As long as you are reluctant to put your own funds at risk at the moment, you should contemplate making use of such promotional incentives. Still, New Zealanders should bear in mind that sometimes, the playthrough requirements such bonuses come with might be quite challenging.

It is true to say that the free bet bonuses are undoubtedly fan-favorites among sports bettors from New Zealand due to the fact that this promotional offer allows gamblers to make stakes, without using their own funds. Best of all, in most cases, you are not required to upload any funds into your account in order to take advantage of it.

Customer Support at New Zealand Sports Betting Sites

Customer SupportDespite the fact that gambling operators strive to ensure that the betting session Kiwi punters will enjoy will be plain sailing, something might always go wrong while they are setting up their account, while they are making a deposit, or claiming a bonus.

That is the reason why most of the interactive bookies which are worth your while strive to ensure that the customer care they supply lives up to the highest standards. Perhaps, one of the things most punters are worried about is whether they will get assistance in a timely manner during their stay at the preferred web-based bookie. As it turns out, most of the gambling operators are well aware of this due to the fact that they enable their patrons to make their way to the customer support department via live chat. It is true to say that this option remains the most favored ones due to the fact that it gives you the chance to have your queries resolved in a matter of a few minutes.

Another quite popular way of approaching the customer support team most of the interactive bookies boast involves contacting them via phone. This is also a nice alternative as long as you are plagued by emergency, and you need to have your questions answered in a split second. Alternatively, some web-based bookies also allow their registered users to approach the customer support team via email. Still, Kiwi gamblers should take into account the fact that this is a more time-consuming alternative.