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How to Bet on Football Online

How to Bet on Football OnlineThere is no doubt that online wagering on sports has evolved greatly over the past few years, thus turning into one of the greatest sources of entertainment for punters from a broad variety of countries. Despite the fact that ever so many gamblers find online football betting so enticing, many punters still shy away from this form of entertainment simply because they find it too demanding or even onerous.

In essence, this just cannot be further from the truth due to the fact that wagering on football over the Internet is not involved, which renders it suitable for all types of punters, including those who lack that broad experience in the field. Perhaps, one of the things inexperienced punters might appreciate is that at the beginning, they can cleave to some of the rather basic football wagers and still to enjoy some bountiful results.

Still, if you want to ensure that you will have a whale of your time, and at the same time, the results you will enjoy will be more bountiful, it would be better if you accustom yourself to the twists and turns of online football betting. If this is the goal you have set too, you might find this article useful as it will provide you with guidelines about the procedure you should follow while gambling on football over the Internet, and also about the different types of wagers you can select from.

Different Types of Football Wagers

Different Types of Football WagersIt is fair to say that online football betting is immensely popular among punters, and one of the main causes for this stems from the variety of the wagers gamblers can select from. By contrast to many of the other sports which present gamblers with a relatively humble number of betting options, this is definitely not the case with football or soccer as the sport is also known. Best of all, football devotees should not necessarily possess much expertise in order to wager on the sport due to the fact that a good deal of the wagers functions in an extremely simple and straightforward manner.

Full-time Results

Full-time ResultsAs it was already stated, the variety of the betting options football lovers are presented with is really impressive. Still, one of the most well-liked ways of betting on football remains to gamble on full-time results. Perhaps, one of the most obvious explanations, why this way of wagering on soccer is so favored, is that it has an extremely simple nature. Gambling enthusiasts should also be aware that when it comes to making stakes on the full-time results, they will have the opportunity to choose between several manners of betting.

It is true to say that the win-draw-win market can be described as one of the most preferred manners of wagering on football matchups. Interestingly enough, most of the proper bookies facilitate this manner of wagering on football, but it is also available on many other sports as well. You might be interested to find out that this way of betting on soccer is also popular with punters as the 1×2 stake.

Still, what makes this manner of gambling on the outcome of a matchup a great option for total rookies is that they will get to select only from three options. Thus, they should simply make a prediction which one of the two teams will turn out to be a winner, or whether the football event will conclude in a draw. Unlike some of the other sports, football matchups end up in a draw more often than not which is the reason why it is no wonder that you can make such stakes.

Football lovers should remember that as long as they have decided to make a bet on Chelsea, for example, and eventually, the matchup ends in a draw, this would mean that their stake is a losing one. Gambling enthusiasts should also take into account the fact that it becomes clear whether their bet is a winning one or a losing one after the regular time has elapsed.

Double chance is yet another well-liked way of gambling on the full-time result. Interestingly enough, many football devotees consider it one of the most foolproof manners of gambling on soccer due to the fact that it gives gambling aficionados the chance to cover two out of the three possible outcomes of a football matchup. Thus, punters will have the opportunity to make a stake on the home team and a draw, on the home team and the away team, as well as on the away team and a draw. It is important to note that in most cases, the odds you will be presented with are much lower, and the explanation is that gamblers can make a successful prediction much easier due to the fact that in practice, such bets cover most of the outcomes which are on the cards.

If you prefer to be on the safe side while you are making stakes on football, draw no bet is yet another option which might appeal to you. This time, sports bettors are allowed to wager on the team they think will win the matchup. By contrast with the above-mentioned manners of wagering on soccer, this time bettors will not have the opportunity to select a draw as a possible outcome. Thus, in the event that the matchup ends up in a draw, your bet will neither be a losing one or a winning one, and you will have your money returned.

Perhaps, one of the most favored manners of wagering on football by knowledgeable punters remains handicap or Asian handicap. The biggest peculiarity of this manner of wagering on football remains that the teams might be deducted goals, or just the opposite, to be awarded extra goals for gambling purposes. That is the reason why to a large extent, this way of football betting resembles point spread betting. Thus, depending on the number of the goals, the odds you will be presented with will also be altered. In most cases, the team which is the supposed favorite will be deducted goals, whereas the team which is considered underdog will be awarded extra goals. Still, in some cases, the opposite may happen, but it all depends on the bookie.

If we assume that you have decided to make a stake on Chelsea (-1), your stake will be a winning one, provided that the team wins the matchup by at least 2 goals since one goal will be removed from its score. Now, if we presume that you have decided to bet on Arsenal (+2), and the final result is 2:2, this will mean that your bet will be a winning one because of the handicap.

The correct score also lists among some of the most straightforward manners of wagering on soccer due to the fact that bettors are making stakes on the exact final score of a matchup. Beyond all question, this time making the right prediction might turn out to be much harder, which explains why the odds are so increased. Despite the fact that such bets might deliver you a really substantial return, as long as your overall profit is what matters to you, it would be better if you abstain from making them.

Half-time Results and Half-time/Full-time Results

Half-time Results and Half-time/Full-time ResultsHalf-time results and half-time/full-time results turn out to be yet another extremely thrilling way of wagering on soccer. As you can probably guess, wagering on the half-time results involves making a stake exclusively on the result from the first quarter. As far as half-time/full-time results are concerned, gambling enthusiasts should remember that this time, not only will they make a prediction about the half-time results, but about the final results of the event as well. Despite the fact that gamblers might be impeded to make the right prediction, the odds they are presented with is what makes them turn their attention to such bets.

It is important to note that when it comes to half-time results, football devotees will have the chance to select from the same options they have when making a 1×2 wager. Thus, if you decide to make such a stake on Chelsea, for example, it will be a winning one, provided that the team shows much better results during the half-time.

First and Last Goalscorer

First and Last GoalscorerAs long as you are keen on giving this manner of wagering on soccer a try, you should rest easy that there is nothing complicated about it simply because you will need to pick a player who you consider will score the first or the last goal in the matchup. As you can probably guess, making a right prediction might turn out to be quite hard simply because the options bettors can pick from are aplenty.

Total Goals

Total GoalsIt is fair to say that total goals also falls into the category of some of the most preferred manners of wagering on soccer with the most obvious reason for this being that gamblers simply need to decide whether the total number of the scored goals will be under or over a specific predetermined value. It is important to note that the values are displayed with halves. The aim of this is to ensure that eventually, the number of the goals will be over or under that specific value, which in other words means that your stake cannot be tied.


ScorecastsAny knowledgeable football bettor will tell you that scorecast wagers remain one of the trickiest ways of staking on soccer. The biggest peculiarity of this bet type stems from the fact that football enthusiasts are compelled to make two right predictions which have to do with the player who they think will become first goal scorer and the score at which the matchup will end. As you can probably guess, your stake will be successful only if both of your predictions are right. Thus, if you want to ensure that you will consistently enjoy some good results, it would be better if you stay away from such bets as they require a lot of expertise and luck.

Both Teams to Score

Both Teams to ScoreIf you prefer sticking to some bet types which are rather straightforward, both teams to score might draw your attention as well. As the name hints, making such a stake involves wagering whether both of the teams will score a goal or not, it is as simple as that. Best of all, making such bets might bring you a nice profit, which explains why they are so favored.


FuturesGambling enthusiasts who are dead set on making longer-term predictions need to know that future bets are the best way to go. Unlike the bets we already discussed, the biggest peculiarity of these bets is that gambling enthusiasts are making predictions about the outcome of events such as leagues or cups. A prime example of making a future bet would be wagering on the winner of the World Cup. Still, punters need to have a lot of expertise and knowledge about the teams in order to be able to make right assessments. It is important to note, however, that football fans are allowed to make such stakes throughout the course of the whole competition.

Parlays and Accumulators

Parlays and AccumulatorsMaking parlay or accumulators bets is the best way to plunge into soccer betting. What sets these bet types apart from the rest of the wagers we already discussed is that parlay and accumulators incorporate several stakes into a single selection. Still, the most complicated thing about them remains that every single bet which constitutes a parlay or an accumulator bet should be winning one. On the contrary, what makes such bets so alluring are the payouts punters might enjoy.

Special Bets

Special BetsSpecial bets or proposition bets as they are also known are extremely popular with recreational football devotees due to the fact that when making such bets, in practice, they are betting on certain events which might take place or not throughout the course of the matchup, and which might not have a direct impact on its outcome. Thus, a prime example of a special bet would be wagering on the time of the first goal, or on the number of the corners.

How to Bet on Football Online

How to Bet on Football OnlineOnce you are better equipped to proceed with your betting session, we will elaborate on the procedure you should follow in order to bet on football over the Internet. Wagering on soccer directly via your handheld device or via your personal computer is hands down much more favorable for gambling enthusiasts. Apart from being accessible and extremely convenient, this form of gambling boasts several other assets which give it a decided advantage.

Once you have found a web-based bookie which is up to all your requirements, you merely need to establish an account which in most cases takes only a few minutes. After you have had the registration process squared away, the next step is to log into your account. The next thing you should do is to pick football from the list of the covered sports and to go through the events on which you are allowed to gamble. Once you have made up your mind about the matchup on which you fancy wagering on, you need to click on the event as thus, all the betting opportunities you are allowed to select from will be revealed. Next, you should click on the bet type which most appeals to you, and it will be added to your bet slip straight off. Football bettors should remember that they need to specify the amount they wish to wager per every single bet they make. Best of all, most of the proper virtual bookies will give you the chance to check your potential return, based on the amount of money you have decided to wager. Next, you simply need to click on “place your bet”, to cross your fingers and hope that the predictions you have made are right.

Advantages of Wagering on Football

Advantages of Wagering on FootballDespite the fact that gambling enthusiasts are allowed to pick from such a broad variety of sports to wager on, soccer is hands down the most favored sport by punters. This is anything but surprising due to the fact that gambling on football over the Internet has some unarguable advantages which render it a much more favorable option when compared to some of the other sports available out there.

Perhaps, one of the main reasons why soccer has managed to hold the whip hand is that it is one of the sports which boast an impressive variety of wagers punters can choose between. You might have already noticed that your options are not limited solely to making stakes on the final result of the matchup, which is undoubtedly a major benefit. It is just the other way around as gamblers can make predictions on almost all imaginable aspects of a football matchup.

The next advantage which is associated with online football betting has to do with the coverage of the sport. If you are a real soccer fan, perhaps, you are aware that almost every single game from some of the major football events is aired in a wide variety of countries morning, noon, and night, thus giving punters the chance to keep up with the action. Despite the fact that this particular aspect is quite often disregarded, it undoubtedly plays an important role. In fact, even if you do not have that much experience in the field, you will notice that when you watch football matches on a regular basis, it would be much easier for you to make right judgments.

The wide range of betting opportunities is yet another thing which makes wagering on football worthwhile. You might not be aware of this but hardly there is another sport which can be found in almost all parts of the world. As you probably know, apart from the international competitions and tournaments, in many countries, there are domestic leagues as well. Thus, football devotees are undoubtedly spoiled for choice when it comes to the events they are allowed to bet on.

When it comes to online football betting, we should pay special attention to the availability of information as well. There is no doubt that this is essential, especially when it comes to wagering on soccer as thus, gambling enthusiasts will have the chance to make their assessments after they have carried out solid research. Best of all, gamblers do not need to search long in order to find the statistics they need as such valuable information is readily available right at their fingertips.

Pros and Cons of Online Football Betting

Pros and Cons of Online Football BettingIt is true to say that online soccer betting has undergone some dramatic changes over the past few years, thus altering entirely the manner in which we perceive this particular form of gambling. In fact, currently, interactive bookies provide punters with much more opportunities, which at the same time explains why wagering on soccer over the Internet has grown to become a well-loved pastime for so many gamblers.

Perhaps, one of the most compelling reasons why ever so many soccer devotees are keyed up when it comes to online betting is that it is extremely easy. One of the main differences between online and offline betting on football is that the latter form of gambling might turn out to be quite daunting at times. This is definitely not the case with wagering over the Internet as operators have greatly facilitated the setting up of an account and the transfer of funds. Other than that, bettors can make their stakes with ease as they simply need to select football and to find the event on which they wish to wager. Afterward, you just need to make your pick when it comes to the available bets, and to specify the amount you would like to wager.

When it comes to the advantages of online football betting, we should not forget to mention the fact that the lines and the odds are much more advantageous. Despite the fact that sometimes, the difference might be minor, you should not neglect it as this can have a serious impact on your overall profit.

Many football devotees are also attracted by the perks they can enjoy while gambling over the Internet. This is a major asset as well as operators go out of their way in order to retain the attention of their registered users. Indeed, one of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to provide bettors with various promotional incentives such as welcome bonuses, enhanced odds on certain events, cashback bonuses, as well as incentives based on their activity. Making use of such offers is one of the best ways to get the most out of your betting session.

Another unarguable advantage which is associated with online football betting is the convenience punters can enjoy. Above all, you do not need to go to a brick-and-mortar bookie in order to wager on the preferred football events as instead, you can do so with a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, you will have the freedom to wager whenever you prefer, which makes online football betting an even more alluring option.

In spite of this, online football betting has several drawbacks which should be taken into consideration as well. Despite the fact that the industry is well-regulated, the risk of registering for an account with a bookie which is unreliable or unsafe invariably exists. That is the reason why punters are advised to be extremely careful while making up their mind.

Some of you might also consider the lack of a social element a disadvantage as well. In fact, if you like the idea of being surrounded by people while making your stakes, online football betting might not be your cup of tea.

And last, we should also note that while gambling on soccer over the Internet it is much easier to lose control and to spend money which you do not possess. Still, this might be an issue for you only if you find it hard to control yourself.