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Football Betting Systems Explained

Football Betting Systems ExplainedAs it turns out, when it comes to the most favored sports to bet on, the preferences of gambling enthusiasts have not changed dramatically. Unsurprisingly, an ever-growing number of punters get to choose precisely soccer for their betting session, hoping that they will be able to enjoy some nice wins.

Beyond all dispute, ever so many punters get a real kick out of wagering on football also due to the fact that this is one of the most eventful and unforeseeable sports out there. This is the reason why wagering on soccer has grown to become an all the rage source of entertainment, especially for gamblers who have plenty of time on their hands.

As far as gambling or wagering on football, in particular, is concerned, hardly you will stumble upon a punter who does not mind losing money. That is why one of the most essential things you should not forget about wagering on this sport is that it takes a lot of efforts and time to ensure that you are well-versed. It is fair to say that many gambling aficionados are trying to turn the odds in their favor in order to make sure that they will enjoy better results. Thus, in an attempt to gain more profit while they are wagering on their preferred team, many bettors resort to utilizing various systems. While some of these systems are represented by mathematical progressions, others are simply represented by a set of parameters which can greatly facilitate the decision-making when it comes to the best picks.

Football Betting Systems Basics

Football Betting Systems BasicsNow, perhaps, you wish to find out more about some of the most common football betting systems. In the first place, soccer lovers should remember that systems are sets of rules and practices which will help you while you are making up your mind about the best possible moves in a specific situation. In essence, while utilizing a sports betting system, you simply need to stick to a specific pattern which will show you the steps you need to follow when you win and lose.

Many knowledgeable soccer bettors consider that progressive betting systems might undoubtedly help you enjoy more substantial wins, provided that you have applied them correctly. At this stage, you should remember that some soccer betting systems will require you to lessen the amount of your bet when you are winning and to increase it in the event that you are experiencing losses.

How to Use Betting Progressions

How to Use Betting ProgressionsHere, we will take a look at two of the most preferred betting systems, namely the Fibonacci and the Labouchere betting systems. We will try to dive into them in order to evince the manner in which they function so that soccer bettors could make up their mind whether such systems will help them enjoy good results, or they are idle.

Fibonacci System

Fibonacci SystemWhen it comes to wagering on soccer, the Fibonacci betting system lists among the most approved ones. Still, it is also regarded as one of the steepest progressions, which is the reason why you should think through whether the returns will be worth the risk at all. As long as you are dead set on giving the Fibonacci system a try, you can rest easy that it functions in an extremely straightforward manner. What you need to do is to make a stake that the matchup you have picked will end up in a draw. Thus, as long as your stake turns out to be a losing one, you should continue wagering in the same manner until you manage to make a successful prediction.

Perhaps, now you wonder why you should wager solely on draws. The answer to this question is pretty simple as it is considered that the draw is the hardest outcome to be forecasted. The underlying principle of this system is that eventually, soccer lovers will be able to overcome the losses they have experienced.

Still, with this progression, there is more than meets the eye as football lovers are advised to make such stakes only if the probability exceeds 2.6. Other than that, soccer devotees should remember that when their stake is a losing one, they are required to increase their next wager in accordance with the Fibonacci sequence. It is important to note that 1 is the number which stands at the beginning of the sequence. In order to get the next number from it, you simply need to add up the two preceding numbers. In other words, the sequence will look like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on. It is worth noting that the Fibonacci system is a negative progression, meaning that gamblers are required to decrease their bet after they have made a winning stake, and to increase it after they have made a losing wager. Thus, the size of your stake will be determined by the numbers from the sequence as they will indicate the number of the units which should be wagered.

Thus, if we assume that you have decided to start with wagering $5 on a draw, and you have not managed to get it right, your next wager should also be $5. If we presume that once again, you have made a losing stake, this time, you should wager as much as $10 as according to the sequence, you are required to wager two units. In the event that this time luck was on your side, and you have made a winning stake, you will be required to move down in the sequence with one unit, meaning that you should wager $5 anew.

Still, there are many drawbacks of utilizing the Fibonacci system while wagering on football. Perhaps, the biggest downside of applying the system is that you can easily end up with an exhausted bankroll when the matchups do not end up in a draw. The reason behind this is that you should keep on augmenting your stakes hoping that the wins you might potentially enjoy will compensate for the losses you have accumulated. Just try to imagine that you have wagered on 20 different games and none of them has ended up in a draw. Perhaps, you have figured out how exponentially the sequence will increase, and therefore how staggering the amount of money you need to risk would be.

Hence, the Fibonacci system might work flawlessly as long as the funds you have at your disposal are unlimited. The most probable scenarios while using the system during your soccer betting session are to run out of funds or to reach the limits which are imposed by bookies.

Labouchere System

Labouchere SystemInterestingly enough, soccer bettors are presented with various betting systems which promise to bring them some really nice returns. Still, you should definitely ask yourself whether making use of such systems is the best approach as long as you wish to be profitable in football betting.

Despite the fact that the Labouchere system is utilized predominantly by roulette lovers, it turns out that it is favored by some soccer bettors as well. The first thing you need to do is to make up your mind about the amount of money you would like to sweep. Let’s presume that your goal is to win as much as $120. Now, you simply need to decide how to split this amount over five values. Let’s presume that the values you have chosen are $10, $30, $30, $40, $10.

The next thing you need to do is to turn your attention to stakes which might bring you wins which are as big as the total of the first and the last values which you have picked in advance. In our case, this will mean that if you make a stake of $10 at odds of 3, for example, you will manage to get a total of $30, meaning that you will get back your initial stake of $10, as well as $20 more. The latter is the sum of the first and the last numbers you have chosen.

In the event that you have managed to clinch this time, you will be required to do away with the first and the last numbers we already focused on. Still, as long as your bet is unsuccessful, you are required to add the amount of the stake you have made to the sequence of numbers. This would mean that you will endeavor to win your funds back. Football lovers should not forget that they are required to repeat this until they succeed in sweeping the amount they wish.

As it turns out, the main reason why soccer devotees decide to utilize the Labouchere system is that they need to remove two items from it, and to add a single one. To put it in another way, the progression should diminish faster than it would grow. Despite the fact that at first glance, utilizing this progression might seem like a good idea, there is a compelling reason why so many experienced bettors frown upon such systems. The biggest downside of this progression remains that football bettors need to keep on making stakes until they manage to yield the amount they are aiming at. Unfortunately, in most cases, punters end up with exhausted bankrolls which is definitely an undesired outcome.

Kelly Criterion

Kelly CriterionKelly Criterion can easily be described as one of the most popular staking methods football bettors are allowed to apply. One of the most important things you should remember about the Kelly Criterion is that it allows punters to decide on the amount they should wager. It is important to note that while you are making up your mind about your bets, you should take into account the perceived edge.

It is fair to say that prior to making a stake, gambling enthusiasts need to make up their mind about several vital questions. It is essential to decide on the team on which you would like to wager, to find a bookie which offers the best odds for the event you have picked, the reason why you consider that this bet is fair, and most importantly, the amount you are planning to stake.

Beyond all dispute, one of the hardest things remains to decide on the size of your stake. In such cases, many sports bettors recommend making use of the Kelly Criterion. This staking method helps gamblers decide on the amount they need to wager, considering the odds they are presented with. The formula soccer lovers should stick to looks like this: (B.P – Q) / B. Here, B stands for the value of the odds from which you need to subtract 1, P represents the probability to succeed, whereas Q indicates the probability to fall through which should be subtracted from 1.

Now, let’s take a look at an example with a toss of a coin. Let’s presume that you have decided to make a stake on tails as the odds of it are 2.00. In order to facilitate the calculation, we will presume that the result is biased and that the chances of tails to come out are 52%. Thus, following the formula we pointed out above, we will get that according to the Kelly Criterion, gambling enthusiasts are advised to bet 4%. It is important to note that when the value is positive, this indicates that the stake will bring you a profit. In the event that the value is negative, however, you should refrain from making a stake on that specific outcome.

Still, it is important to note that you should be cautious while you are making the calculations as otherwise, your stake might turn out to be a waste of time and money.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage BettingArbitrage betting is undoubtedly one of the most appealing soccer betting systems due to the fact that it functions in an extremely simple manner, and at the same time promises to bring a nice profit. Some experts refer to arbitrage betting as a strategy, whereas others refer to it as a system. Either way, this manner of wagering on football might turn out to be a nice way to give your sports betting balance a boost, which undoubtedly makes it worth your attention. Perhaps, one of the most vital things you should not forget about the system is that you will be able to utilize it, provided that you are capable of finding the best opportunities. Still, football lovers should bear in mind that in most cases, bookies will not allow them to make use of arbitrage betting.

It is essential to remember that this betting system is based on finding and cashing in on the discrepancies in the prices which appear from time to time in the betting markets. Thus, once you have managed to spot these inconsistencies, you simply need to make two or more stakes on that single event, so that you could embrace all the possible outcomes. As long as you have managed to apply the system correctly, you can rest easy that you will enjoy wins, notwithstanding the outcome of the matchup.

Despite the fact that at this point, arbitrage betting might seem slightly intimidating, you should not get anxious about it as the example we will provide will undoubtedly help things fall into place. As long as you already boast some experience at wagering on soccer, perhaps, it has already hit you that the odds for some events might vary from one bookie to another. Regardless of the fact that in most cases, the discrepancies between the value are insignificant, it will undoubtedly add up down the road.

Let’s provide as an example a matchup between Manchester United and Arsenal, for which the value of the odds differs slightly. The only thing you need to do is to pick the bookies which offer the best odds. Thus, as long as we assume that one of the bookies has made Manchester United a favorite, whereas the other has made Arsenal the favorite, what you need to do is to make a stake on Manchester United with the first bookie, and a stake on Arsenal with the second sportsbook. Thus, in practice, you will cover both of the possible outcomes, meaning that either way, you will win.

Developing Your Own Football Betting System

Developing Your Own Football Betting SystemFootball lovers who are itching to improve their chances to enjoy good results might be keen on creating their own sports betting system. In fact, there are plenty of benefits which are associated with soccer betting systems, but one of the biggest assets remains that they will give structure to the manner in which you wager. Other than that, while you are trying to make your own betting system, you will also find yourself constrained to dig into statistics, which therefore means that you will become a more knowledgeable punter. Thus, the more you know about football, the better your system will become. Perhaps, one of the best things about utilizing a sports betting system is that you can easily eliminate your emotions, of course, as long as you are disciplined enough to adhere to it.

Once you know this, we can proceed with the creation of your football betting system. Gamblers should remember that they should gingerly make up their mind about the sport on which they are going to gamble. As long as soccer is your sport of choice, you should make sure that you possess a good deal of knowledge in this sport.

The next step is to start examining statistics and also to try to find factors which might play an important role. It is fair to say that when it comes to sports betting, statistics play a key role. That is the reason why soccer lovers are advised to make a list of some of the most essential things that should be taken into account while you are picking a winner. It is important to note that gamblers can also utilize percentages in order to indicate the significance of each of the factors they have managed to think of.

While being on the topic of statistics, punters are advised to make sure that their source is reliable, and that the numbers are accurate. Other than that, they should also make sure that they can invariably get access to the stats effortlessly.

The next thing you should try to do is to design your own formula or checklist. Once you have started to broaden your horizons, and you have picked the criteria which you think are the most essential ones, the next step is to plug them into a checklist. Thus, you will have the chance to find out the combinations of which factors you have selected will produce the best results.

Once you are done with this, you simply need to look for games which fit in the frameworks you have established and try to put your criteria into practice. It is important to note that this is only a preliminary checklist, so you should not get disheartened if it does not start working on the word go. Gamblers should be informed that there are two manners in which they can find out whether their checklist or formula is any good.

One of the approaches you might wish to give a go is to design a spreadsheet which will give you the chance to keep track of the stakes you have made. It is worth noting that you are not required to make these stakes at all, but instead, to decide which bets are worth making and which are a waste of time. Best of all, when you utilize a spreadsheet, you will be able to figure out whether the system you have made is working or not, without running the risk of losing any money.

The other option you have is to test your system by making some more humble stakes. This is a great option as it will allow soccer bettors to check whether the system functions in the preferred manner, and also whether they will be capable to follow it.

Beyond all dispute, one of the most important things you should not fail to do is to keep track of your results. It is fair to say that this is one of the most important steps due to the fact that it will allow you to find out which criteria stand up to and which one should be refined.

Once you have figured out where the problem is, you should simply try to tweak the system, thus further developing it. Even if your system does not work in the manner you wish from the word go, you should not worry as it is quite hard to get it right about every detail. Thus, if you have managed to find the factors which do not work, it would be a much better idea if you replace them with others, rather than to dump the whole system. In this relation, we should also mention that the sample size is essential as well. That is why you should make sure that you will not make any rushed conclusions.

Once you have managed to design a football betting system which best works for you, you simply need to reap its benefits and enjoy the wins you will sweep.