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Football Accumulators vs Single Bets

Football Accumulators vs Single BetsThere is no room for doubt that football or soccer is one of the fastest-paced and the most exhilarating sports not only to watch but also to bet on. Considering the fact that over the past few years, the popularity of the sport has grown so dramatically, it comes as no surprise that betting on it has gradually turned into a preferred regalement for so many punters across the world. It is fair to say that one of the most logical reasons why so many gambling devotees get a real kick out of wagering on the sport is that they are enabled to choose between a broad variety of competitions and tournaments to bet on.

Furthermore, football can easily be described as one of the sports which allow punters to choose from a really wide variety of betting options, which further adds to its merits. In essence, while wagering on soccer, gambling enthusiasts are in a position to punt on the team which will win the matchup, and on the player who is expected to score the first goal, to mention just a few, and also make the so-called combined bets. While some football lovers are strong adherents of multiple betting, others consider that single bets are a much better alternative. Keep on reading below in order to make up your mind which is the better of the two.

Football Accumulators and Single Bets Compared

Football Accumulators and Single Bets ComparedMany knowledgeable bettors consider that the key behind the success of football stems from the fact that this is one of the most action-packed sports which makes it an alluring source of entertainment for punters from almost all parts of the world. Besides, gambling enthusiasts are allowed to select from a real wealth of different wagers which are suitable for all types of punters, irrespective of their expertise. One of the best things about soccer is that this is one of the sports which are appropriate for both total rookies and seasoned punters alike.

Single Bets

Single BetsAs long as you are still not that confident in your skills and knowledge at football betting, perhaps, you prefer to make sure that you will be able to keep things simple. Beyond all doubt, one of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to stick to bets which are rather straightforward. If this is also the case with you, you might be keen on learning something more about the so-called football single bets.

As their name implies, such bets are made on a single market or a selection, meaning that soccer lovers are given the chance to earn some serious cash by getting it right about only one prediction. One of the most important things you should remember about single bets is that the return you might potentially enjoy will not be determined by the end result of several matchups as instead, it will depend exclusively on the outcome of a single soccer matchup. Hence, as long as you have managed to make a correct prediction, you will be allowed to retrieve your winnings straight off.

As it turns out, one of the main reasons why most of the knowledgeable punters will not talk you out of using single bets is that such bets are more likely to end up as winning ones when compared to combined bets. Thus, as long as you wish to have the chance to enjoy a long-term profit, it might be as well to play it safe and to stick to making single bets. Still, one of the things which make some soccer lovers frown upon single bets is the fact that such bets bring a somewhat smaller profit, in comparison with the profit you might enjoy when you have made a winning accumulator bet.

As long as the things have not managed to fall into place about single bets yet, the example we will provide might make them plain. Now, let’s assume that there is a matchup between Barcelona and Real Madrid, and Real Madrid is considered favorite, and the odds of the team are 1.90. Thus, as long as we assume that you have decided to stake as much as $50 on Real Madrid, a correct prediction will bring you $90.

Despite the fact that single bets have a high winning percentage, the returns you might potentially enjoy when you prefer to punt on the supposed favorite will be lower.

Football Accumulator Bets

Football Accumulator BetsThe accumulator or multiple bets as they are also popular are undoubtedly among the most well-loved manners of wagering on soccer due to the fact that such bets allow gambling enthusiasts to sweep more wins after they have made more humble bets. The biggest peculiarity of such bets is that they do not comprise a single selection as instead, they might feature two or even more selections, meaning that you might be wagering on several matchups at once. Still, such bets are the hardest to get right simply because your accumulator bet will bring you a profit, only if all the individual selections are correct.

Despite the fact that at this point, such bets seem like an alluring option, many seasoned football bettors frown upon them due to the fact that in their point of view, such bets are simply not worth the risk. Of course, the fact that such bets require more knowledge and luck does not mean that you should steer clear of making them. In essence, many accomplished football bettors will tell you that accumulator bets might be quite rewarding as long as they are exerted properly.

One of the first things you should remember about accumulator bets is that they are also known as combined bets or parlay bets. Still, all these are used to describe exactly the same manner of wagering on soccer, which is why you should not worry about this.

As it was already stated, football accumulator bets work in an extremely simple manner as they just combine several selections. In other words, when making such a bet, you simply punt on several outcomes simultaneously. It is important to note that football devotees are allowed to include pretty much every possible outcome, but in most cases, they decide to make such stakes on the final result of several matchups.

One of the undeniable assets such bets have is the fact that gambling aficionados might enjoy some nice returns even if they have made a smaller stake. Let’s assume that you have decided to make an accumulator bet on three selections which have odds of 2.00, and the amount of money you would like to stake is $10. Thus, as long as you have managed to get it right about every individual selection, this will mean that eventually, you will get as much as $80. Now, if we presume that you have decided to make a stake on five matchups, rather than on three, and all the selections come with odds of 2.00, this time, the amount you might potentially sweep is $320.

It is important to note that when you are making such stakes, you need to multiply the odds of every single selection which you are intent on including into your accumulator bet. In other words, this means that football lovers will have the chance to pocket more cash when combining these selections into a parlay bet in comparison with placing them as individual stakes. Still, the biggest downside remains that even if one of your selections is inaccurate, your accumulator bet becomes a losing one.

Despite the fact that some experts say that punters should stay away from such bets, we cannot advise you to keep steer of them simply because sometimes, it might be worth taking a bigger risk as long as you might potentially enjoy better rewards. Still, even if you are positive about the assessments you have made, you should bear in mind that if you consider such bets as the right way to improve your edge, the wins you might enjoy will be sparse, whereas the losses will be thick on the ground.

Which Option to Pick

Which Option to PickAs long as you have decided in favor of accumulator bets, one of the most essential things you should take into account is that you are limiting your choice to the services of only one bookie. Perhaps, you have stumbled upon this many times, but while wagering on football or on any other sport, it is advised to use the services of several operators in order to ensure that you will enjoy the best odds, as well as the best promotional offers. Hence, if you are going to use a single interactive bookie, this would mean that you will omit to make use of the benefits some operators may offer from time to time. Perhaps, you are already aware of this, but sometimes, there might be a difference in the value of the odds which bookies provide on one and the same matchup. One of the best things you can do is to establish an account at several gaming websites which offer soccer betting and to take advantage of the competition between the operators.

Still, one of the major assets of multiple betting remains that such stakes might bring you a large return even if you have made a more humble stake. Thus, as long as you have a good deal of expertise, and you have managed to make the right judgments, you can be sure that thanks to these bets, you will have the chance to enhance your returns dramatically. Still, the biggest downside remains that even a single defeat will make your accumulator bet a losing one.

As long as combined bets are what tickles your fancy, we recommend registering with an interactive sportsbook which boasts small margins. Other than that, you should also ensure that you will stay abreast of all the changes which come about with the team you would like to punt on. Hence, soccer lovers should pay special attention to injuries, as well as to atrocious weather, for example, due to the fact that such things might result in an appreciable alteration of the odds.

As far as single bets are concerned, such wagers are a great option if you are after a long-term profit. What makes many football devotees stick to this manner of wagering on the sport is that when making single bets, they stand a better chance to win. It is fair to say that as long as you decide in favor of single bets, your gambling adventure will be more sustainable. The main reason for this is that this manner of football betting will give you the chance to detect and to make use of value effortlessly. Other than that, with single bets, soccer lovers will be capable of making the right assessments almost without an effort simply because it is much easier to get it right about a single event, rather than about two or more happenings.

It is true to say that most of the knowledgeable soccer bettors will tell you that single bets are a much better alternative due to the fact that the returns you might enjoy will be determined exclusively by one selection. By the same token, such bets have a much higher winning potential which is essential as well.


ConclusionAs you can see, both single and accumulator bets have their positive and negative sides. Despite the fact that accumulator bets might bring you nice returns, such bets are innately hazardous, which makes many football devotees steer clear of them. Single bets, on the other hand, feature a much higher winning percentage but at the same time, the returns you may enjoy might not be that impressive.

When all is said and done, it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each manner of wagering on soccer and to decide which option best suits your style of play. Besides, you should also decide which one of the two options will allow you to accomplish the goals you have set.