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NBA Accumulators Explained

NBA Accumulators ExplainedNeedless to say, basketball is one of the sports which enjoy an immense follow base as it is nothing if not enticing. Therefore, it is anything but surprising that the popularity of the sport has gradually carried over to the gambling scene as hardly you will stumble upon a virtual sportsbook which does not boast basketball betting. Although there are so many basketball leagues around the world, the National Basketball League is undoubtedly the competition which calls the attention of most of the gambling aficionados.

The wide variety of betting options is one of the main reasons why punters find NBA betting so alluring. Accumulator bets are a type of NBA bets which are quite favored by gambling aficionados because of the generous profit such stakes might grant. If you wish to learn more about this manner of basketball betting and to ensure that you will romp through while utilizing it, you might find our guide useful due to the fact that here, we will endeavor to highlight the most essential features of NBA accumulator bets.

Accumulator Bets Explained

Accumulator Bets ExplainedAlthough many old hands at basketball betting frown upon accumulator bets, they remain a well-liked manner of placing stakes on the National Basketball League because of their high entertainment value, as well as the profit they may generate. As long as you are a novice at basketball betting, perhaps, you have heard about accumulator bets on many occasions. For beginners, such stakes might encompass two or more selections which should not necessarily be made on one and the same sporting event. Other than that, you should commit to your mind that accumulator bets are also known as multiples or parlay bets, and the main reason why they are preferred by so many basketball lovers is that such stakes promise to bring you larger payoffs with a smaller outlay.

Although accumulator bets will give you the opportunity to sweep a larger profit when you have made a rather humble investment, you should remember that it will be much harder to win such bets. Nevertheless, the profit NBA bettors might potentially enjoy should compensate for the risk they need to take when making an accumulator bet. More often than not, while making parlay bets, NBA devotees are disposed to going for selections which have to do with the final result of the matches, rather than wagering on other variables.

As you can probably guess, since accumulator bets string together several selections, such stakes will be treated as a single bet, meaning that your parlay bet will become a winning one only if you have got it right about all your selections. Hence, the more selections you decide to add, the smaller your chances to get it right about all of them will be. It goes without saying that this remains the hardest thing about accumulator bets which explains why many basketball lovers disapprove of them.

Interestingly enough, accumulator bets have become popular first in the UK, where they are also referred to as acca bets. As it turns out, what contributes to the appeal of such stakes are not only the generous returns they might grant but also the excitement they deliver. In other words, making an accumulator bet might allow you to turn any run-of-the-mill or insignificant NBA match into an endless source of entertainment, thus leaving you on the edge of your seat until the last signal.

Placing an Accumulator Bet

Since you are already aware of the subtleties of NBA accumulators, you might wish to find out more about the steps you should follow when making such stakes. Luckily, the procedure you should stick to is not that involved and intimidating as it might seem to you at first glance.

As long as you have already managed to track down a web-based sportsbook which meets all your preferences and which is dependable at the same time, you just need to log into your account using your credentials. The next thing you need to do is to go to the list of the covered markets and to navigate to NBA betting so as to figure out which are the forthcoming events on which you will be able to gamble. Thus, all the options you have at your disposal will be revealed in an instant. Gambling aficionados should remember that while they are making an accumulator bet, they are not required to include only selections on NBA. Therefore, as long as you are keen on keeping track of NCAA as well, you should rest easy that you will have the chance to cover such events as well. Other than that, basketball lovers need to know that the time when the events will be held is not important to their accumulator bets as well.

Let’s presume that you have gone through the list of the options you are presented with, and you have made up your mind to bet on three matches. Let’s assume that you have decided to make a stake that Denver Nuggets will beat Washington Wizards at odds of -310. The next selection you have decided to incorporate into your accumulator bet is a match between Atlanta Hawks and Utah Jazz in which the odds of Utah Jazz to become victorious are -290. The last match you have decided to stake on is a match between Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks in which the odds of Sacramento Kings to become victorious are +245. In order to add each of these selections to your betting slip, you simply need to click on the value of the odds of your chosen teams.

Once you have added all the selections which have taken your fancy to your betting slip, you simply need to open it, and to input the amount you would like to stake. It is worth mentioning that when you open your betting slip, you will be given the chance to decide whether you prefer to place these stakes individually or to add them to an accumulator bet. That is the reason why you should make sure that you have indicated that you prefer to place them simultaneously. More often than not, you will be able to check the total amount you will wager, as well as the returns you may enjoy in the event that your stake is a winning one.

Calculating Your Potential Returns

So as to get a clearer picture of the manner in which accumulator bets work, we will examine a situation in which you have made these stakes individually, as well as a situation in which you have decided to incorporate them into an accumulator bet.

Now, let’s presume that the events on which you have decided to wager are a match between Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers, and the odds of the teams to become victorious are -110 and +105 respectively. The next match we will focus on is a match between Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, in which the odds of the teams to become victorious are -110 and +105 respectively. Let’s assume that the last matchup which has managed to take your fancy is the one between Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets. The odds of the teams to score a win are -110 and +105. It is worth noting that we have picked precisely these values so as to make sure that you will manage to get a feel for NBA accumulator bets much easier.

Now, let’s take a look at the different scenarios you might be presented with. Let’s presume that you do not find parlay bets that alluring, and you would rather place these bets individually. Thus, if we presume that you have decided to stake as much as $50 per game and you wish to punt on Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, and on Miami Heat, this would mean that you will get as much as $45.45 per a correct prediction. In other words, basketball lovers will get a total of $136. 35. It is important to note that your stakes will add up to $150.

Let’s assume that you wish to make a stake on the same teams, but you have decided to change your approach and to incorporate the individual selections into an accumulator bet. Once again, you have decided to wager $50 per game, meaning that you will end up staking a total of $150. The biggest dissimilarity between these two scenarios is that as long as you have managed to get it right about your picks, this time, the profit you will revel in will amount to $893.69. It is important to note that with accumulator bets, you need to calculate the odds of the events by multiplying the probabilities. In other words, NBA lovers need to multiply the value of the odds of Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, and Miami Heat.

Perhaps, now you think that it is a much better idea invariably to go for parlay bets, instead of placing your stakes separately due to the fact that the payoffs you will get are more substantial. Still, you should not forget that it is definitely harder to score three wins in a row which explains why the prizes you might enjoy are more sizeable. If we return to the example we gave, and we assume that Houston Rockets have not managed to score a win, this would mean that your accumulator bet will be a losing one, meaning that you will lose the entire amount you have initially staked. Thus, if you have made individual wagers on these events even if the stake you have made on Houston Rockets was a losing one, this would mean that you would have won $90.90. Perhaps, you have come to the conclusion that accumulator bets might be much more profitable, but on the downside, it is much more challenging to get it right about all the individual selections.

Pros and Cons of NBA Accumulator Bets

It goes without saying that the biggest upside to accumulator bets is that thanks to such stakes, you might be able to collect more substantial returns. Best of all, with such wagers, gambling enthusiasts might pocket some really nice prizes after they have made a smaller investment.

Unfortunately, when it comes to gambling, and NBA betting, in particular, there is no such thing as risk-free wagers. In essence, as far as parlay bets are concerned, gamblers should know that the risk they should take will be dramatically higher.

As it was already stated, this should compensate for the bigger returns such stakes might bring. Making an accumulator bet is not solely riskier, but it is also harder as basketball lovers will enjoy a profit only if all the matches come off in the manner they have envisaged.


ConclusionAs long as you are chasing some more sizeable returns and you contemplate utilizing accumulator bets in order to attain your goal, you should definitely think that over again. Although the profit you may enjoy seems really alluring, you should not neglect the risk you will need to take when placing such a stake. In other words, NBA bettors should make sure that their mind will not be clouded by the prizes they might pocket while making up their mind.

Of course, we do not wish to leave you under the impression that you should not use accumulator bets at all. Going for them might be a good idea as long as you consider that your expertise will suffice to make correct assessments.