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NBA Betting Glossary

As sports betting is becoming a prevalent way of entertainment, it is of no surprise that more and more gambling aficionados are going for basketball as their preferred sport. It goes without saying that the National Basketball League can easily be described as the competition which causes a staggering number of devotees to flock to their TV. Although many punters turn their eyes to NBA betting due to the fact that they are sharp fans, others are allured by the opportunity to earn some serious cash.

So as to romp through your NBA betting session, you should definitely make sure that you are conversant with the specific lingo, as well as the slang most of the old hands are utilizing. Any knowledgeable basketball bettor will tell you that learning as many of these phrases as possible is one of the cornerstones of becoming a successful gambling enthusiast. Therefore, we recommend studying the terms which have to do with the different odds formats, the diverse bet types which are at your disposal, as well as some general terminology so as to make sure that you will stand a better chance to revel in some positive results.

NBA Bet Types Terminology

NBA Bet Types TerminologyIt goes without saying that knowing the terminology which has to do with the different NBA bet types is undoubtedly one of the stepping stones to enjoying some positive results. That is the reason why we have endeavored to provide you not only with some of the rather simple bet types but also with some of the more advanced and multifaceted wagers which require more proficiency.

  • Accumulator Bet – A wager which is made up of at least two selections which might not be made on one and the same event from the agenda of NBA. Such wagers grant rewards only if all the individual selections are right on the button.
  • Dime Bet – A bet the value of which is $1.000.
  • Buck – A bet the value of which stands at $100. Such stakes are also popular with NBA bettors as a dollar.
  • Monkey – A wager the value of which stands at £500. Such wagers are also popular with NBA bettors as nickel.
  • Fin – A type of NBA bet the value of which is $50.
  • Grand – Grand is a £1.000 bet. Such NBA bets are also known as dime bets.
  • Pony – A £25 wager on NBA.
  • Nickel – A term which is used to describe a $500 bet.
  • First Half Betting – A way of NBA betting which involves making a stake only on the first half of the match.
  • Second Half Betting – Betting only on the second half of a game.
  • Future Bets – A manner of NBA betting thanks to which gamblers place their stakes prior to the outset of the regular season. Thanks to future bets, punters will be able to wager on the team they think will win the playoffs or the finals.
  • Moneyline Bets – With moneyline bets, gambling aficionados wager on the team which will win the match. It is important to note that this time, there is no point spread.
  • Parlay Bets – A single stake which consists of two or more selections on several NBA matches. Such stakes grant a payoff only if each of the selections is a winning one.
  • Point Spread Betting – With NBA point spread betting, the underdog will be furnished with additional points, whereas the team which is considered favorite will be deprived of a set number of points. The aim of this is to make sure that a level playing field will be created. The number of points which might be awarded or taken away from the basketball teams is also popular with punters as point spread.
  • Proposition Bets – Exotic wagers which involve betting on events which might occur throughout the course of the basketball match, and which might not have a direct impact on the way in which the game will pan out.
  • Prop Bets – Short for proposition bets.
  • Push – A stake which is neither a winning nor a losing one.
  • Teaser Bets – An NBA wager which encompasses several selections and which gives you the chance to adjust the point spread in your favor in exchange for smaller returns.
  • Totals – A type of NBA betting which involves making up your mind whether the total number of the points which will be scored during the match will be more or less than the threshold which the bookie has posted.
  • Wager – Putting a specific amount of money on the line on odds the bookie offers on the event which has taken your fancy.
  • Bet – Risking a specific amount of money on a particular occurrence.
  • If Wagers – A wager which is made up of at least two selections which are put together, and which depend on several outcomes. Thus, such stakes will be winning ones, provided that the previous selections win as well.
  • Arbitrage Betting – With arbitrage betting, the value of the odds of a single market will give you the chance to cover all the possible manners in which the match might play off so as to enjoy a guaranteed payout.
  • Multiple Bet – Yet another term which is used to describe accumulator or parlay bets.
  • Exotic Bets – All bets with the exception of multiples and straight bets.
  • In-play betting – Betting on a specific sporting event while it plays out. This time, the odds would alter throughout the course of the event, in contrast with regular markets on which you will be able to wager until the onset of the events.

NBA Odds Terminology

NBA Odds TerminologyAs long as you have already got started with NBA betting, perhaps, you have become conscious of how pivotal role odds will play during your sports betting session. That is the reason why here, we will zero in on some of the terms and phrases which surround NBA betting odds, and which you should endeavor to remember as in this way you will be able to turn your hand to wagering on basketball.

  • Odds – The value of the odds you are offered on a specific NBA match will indicate the returns you might enjoy in the event that your prediction is correct.
  • Odds Against – Odds against are higher than even money, meaning that NBA bettors will have the chance to sweep an amount which is more substantial than their original stake.
  • Odds On – Odds on are shorter in comparison with even money, meaning that the payoff punters might potentially get will be smaller when compared to the amount they have put on the line.
  • Odds Compilers – The people who will set the value of the odds so as to make sure that a balanced book will be created.
  • Decimal Odds – This is one of the most common odds formats which is implemented by a good deal of the NBA betting sites.
  • Even Money – With even money odds, gamblers stand the chance to pocket an amount which is as big as the stake they have made.
  • Fixed Odds – Odds which are agreed when NBA lovers strike their bets.
  • Fractional Odds – This is one of the most popular formats in which the odds are represented. It is used predominantly in the UK, and it represents the odds through fractions.
  • Moneyline Odds – This is the odds format you are most likely to encounter when wagering on NBA as it is quite popular in the United States. With a negative moneyline, you will be compelled to stake that amount so as to win $100. If the moneyline is positive, however, you will be able to sweep this amount for every $100 you lay on the line.
  • Line – Line is yet another term which describes the odds the bookie offers on the specific event.
  • Drift – When the odds are lengthening or getting higher, this would mean that the chances of a certain event to occur diminish. This is precisely when the value of the odds is said to drift.
  • Price – Price is yet another term which is utilized while talking about the odds or the line.
  • True Odds – The genuine probability of an event to come about before the bookmaker has added its commission.

Bookmakers and Punters Terminology

Bookmakers and Punters TerminologyNeedless to say, as long as NBA betting is something completely new to you but you are determined to get off to a good start, you should also endeavor to memorize the terminology which has to do with sportsbooks, as well as with gambling aficionados. In this way, NBA lovers will enhance their chances to have a whale of their time and will be less likely to end up at the sea.

  • Bookmaker – A person or a group of people which takes bets on various sporting events.
  • Bookie – Short for a bookmaker.
  • Sportsbook – A term which is used to describe the company, the person, or the establishment which accept wagers on NBA from the public.
  • Bettor – A bettor is a person who is making stakes.
  • Punter – Punter is yet another term which is used to talk about people who are placing stakes.
  • Action – Action is a term which is employed when talking about wagers, regardless of their size and type.
  • Get Down – Yet another way to say that you are placing a bet.
  • Overround – Overround is a term which is used to describe the profit bookmakers make.
  • Bonus – An incentive which is advertised by bookmakers, and the aim of which is to attract a bigger betting action from gambling enthusiasts.
  • Betting Strategy – A specific manner of placing your stakes which might help you gain an edge over the bookmaker, thus enhancing your chances to attain the desired results.
  • Banker – Banker is a term which is used when describing a selection which attracts a lot of betting action.
  • Commission – Commission is a term which is used to describe the cost of making a wager.
  • Edge – Another word for advantage.
  • Exposure – The losses you might potentially experience when making a stake or going for a specific market.
  • Expected Value – The amount of money you should expect winning at some point in the future.
  • Favorite – The most probable winner of an event.
  • Holding Your Own – A term which is used to say that you break even or in other words that you are neither losing, nor winning.
  • Juice – Yet another term which is used to describe the cost of making a stake.
  • Kelly Criterion – One of the most popular staking methods according to which your stakes should be based on the perceived edge.
  • Limit – The upper limits on the stakes you are allowed to make.
  • Lock – A selection which stands a good chance to come about or in other words, a sure thing.
  • Margin – The commission of the bookmaker.
  • No Action – A bet which is canceled and gambling enthusiasts have their money refunded.
  • Off the Board – If a game is off the board, the bookie will not accept stakes on it for any reason.
  • Payout – The returns a winning stake might potentially grant you.
  • Sharp Bettor – A knowledgeable or professional bettor.
  • Staking Method – A way of estimating the amount of money you should put on the line on a single stake so as to make sure that you will be able to enjoy a profit consistently.
  • Tipsters – People who give tips which have to do with the most probable winner of a game.
  • Underdog – The team which is said to be less likely to score a win over.
  • Wiseguy– A knowledgeable and seasoned gambler who strives to keep abreast of all the changes which come about.
  • Chalk – The most probable and hence, the most favored betting option.
  • Dog – Short for an underdog.
  • Hook – A half point which in most cases is utilized in order to guarantee that stakes will be either winning ones or losing ones, meaning that the chances of a draw to occur will be eliminated.
  • High-roller – A punter who is inclined to put on the line more substantial amounts of money.
  • Runner – Runner or beard are terms which are used to talk about people who make stakes on other gamblers’ behalf.
  • Square – A total greenhorn at sports betting, inexperienced gambler.
  • Press – As long as you press, this would mean that this time, you would stake a more sizeable amount than you would normally do.