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Golden Nugget is one of the more successful gambling brands in the United States. The website offers both an online casino and sportsbook. For the purposes of this review, we will focus on the sportsbook aspect of Golden Nugget and provide you with detailed information about the important features of it. More specifically, we will go into specifics about the betting markets, promotional incentives, customer support and banking options, among others.

Betting Markets

The betting markets featured at Golden Nugget are certainly worth your time and they cover a wide variety of sports events and types. You will have the opportunity to place wagers on matches from all over the world and there are many different bet types that you can use to stake your money.

Among the more popular markets, we find the Favorite American Pastime – baseball. It ranks among the most bet on sports at Golden Nugget and you will also have the opportunity to place some bets. With MLB matches taking place, there is always something exciting happening and you can stake your money on your favorite team.

Of course, we cannot have an American sports betting website without American Football. Golden Nugget gives you the chance to place bets on matches from the Professional NFL and the NCAAF college league. There are plenty of options to pick from and we are sure that anyone can have a great experience.

Basketball is up next on our list and here we have some diversity in leagues. Unlike the previous two sports which are mostly limited to North America, basketball is played all over the globe. As such, you have a much bigger selection of matches to bet on. Golden Nugget currently supports leagues like the WNBA, NCAAB, EuroBasket Women and more. Unfortunately, the parent company behind this gambling website also owns the Houston Rockets and to avoid a conflict of interest, Golden Nugget does not allow NBA bets.

Tennis always offers exciting possibilities for prospective gamblers. There are dozens of leagues playing all over the world and punters are certainly loving the variety. At Golden Nugget, you will have the opportunity to bet on matches from many different leagues. These include but are not limited to Wimbledon Men and Women, US Open Men and Women, ITF, ATP, Australian Open Men and Women, WTA and more.

Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world where sports betting is concerned and this is reflected at Golden Nugget. There are dozens of soccer leagues that you can bet on, most of them based in Europe. Should you decide to take a crack at this sport, then you would do well to place your bets on matches from Champion’s League, England Premier League, Euro 2020, Italy – Serie A, Germany Bundesliga, UEFA Super Cup, Spain La Liga, Russia Premier Liga and others. The possibilities are any and the popularity of the sport guarantees that you will always have matches to bet on.

Of course, sports betting at Golden Nugget is not limited to only the above-mentioned sports. In fact, you will be able to stake your money on ice hockey, boxing, MMA, golf, motor racing, cricket, cycling and much more.

Promotions and Bonuses

Being a Golden Nugget customer is not without its advantages. The sportsbook management does not simply sit on its hands all day. Instead, it gives punters the opportunity to benefit from a variety of promotional offers to supplement their sports betting experience. These are available to new and returning bettors and you should definitely take advantage.

Welcome Offer

The Welcome Offer of Golden Nugget comes in the form of a free bet. When you place your first wager at this sportsbook, you have the benefit of it being risk-free. When you bet on any sports event – Single or In-Play wager – and win, you will enjoy the profit. However, if you lose, Golden Nugget will allow you to recoup your losses to a certain extent, granting you a free bet up to $50 as a consolation prize. The free bet will be added to your account within 24 hours of the loss being settled. There are no minimum odds for the qualifying bet, while the free bet must be used in its full value all at once. If your free bet is a winning one, the sportsbook will only award you the profit and the original value of the wager will be removed from your balance. Parlay, System or Teaser bets are not eligible for this promotion.

Parlay Boost

If you are the type of punter who likes to dabble in Parlay bets, this promotion will certainly pose an interest to you. The Parlay Boost will improve your winnings from Parlay bets on certain sports, namely, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer and Tennis. You should also pay attention to the supported leagues as not all are included for the purposes of this promotion. The boost part of the Parlay Boost is based on the number of legs involved with the bet. A Parlay with 3 legs will be boosted with 3% and for each additional leg, you will receive 1% more up to a maximum of 20% for a 20-leg Parlay.

Golden Lines

The Golden Lines offer is an excellent way to gain more profit from particular events. On a random basis, the sportsbook will boost the odds on a given match, increasing your opportunity to score a big win. This is done on all sports and bet types, allowing you to benefit from this promotion, regardless of your betting patterns. The Golden Lines promotion is only valid for bets of $25 or less. Golden Lines cannot be part of a Parlay.


Being able to easily manage your bankroll is of great importance in the online gambling industry, especially since paying in cash is not always possible. To this end, Golden Nugget supports a number of online payment services which you can utilize to move money to and from your sportsbook balance. These are available in several different forms, giving you options when it comes to tackling this problem.

Credit cards are one of your best options to fund your sportsbook balance. Golden Nugget accepts payment via Visa and MasterCard, the two most widely available brands. Using a credit card to fund your sportsbook bankroll comes with several great advantages. For one, the transactions clear instantly, giving you instant access to your money. Furthermore, payments are easy to make, unlike some other services. With a credit card, you can move between $20 and $25,000 per transaction. Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw your bankroll back to your credit card and will have to resort to a different method when the time comes.

Alternatively, you also have the opportunity to use PayPal to control your balance. This service offers several distinct benefits to users. For one, it allows you to maintain a balance separate from your bank account. Furthermore, PayPal offers some of the fastest transaction speeds in the whole online gambling industry and last but not least, the service also allows you to maintain some degree of privacy. With PayPal, you can deposit a minimum of $10 at once, while the maximum per transaction goes up to $1,500. In a single day, you can deposit up to $5,000, while your monthly limit goes as high as $40,000. Withdrawals are also possible with this payment solution, allowing for transfers between $10 and $40,000 per transaction.

When in doubt, you can always rely on the good old banking systems to get your money across. You will be able to use Online Bank Transfers and Wire Transfer for the purposes of online gambling. The former can process payment instantly but has low limits, only going as high as $1,500 per day. Wire Transfers, on the other hand, allow for up to $10,000 per day, though the processing speed is quite slow, taking up to 7 business days for the payment to clear. Of these services, only Wire Transfer can be used for withdrawals and the slow processing times are justified by the lack of maximum transaction limits, although the minimum withdrawal starts at $500.

If you find yourself in Atlantic City, you also have the opportunity to pay in cash at the retail Golden Nugget Casino. You can simply walk up to the Cage and make your payment with cash. The money will instantly appear in your balance, allowing you to place your bets immediately. You can top up your balance with anywhere between $10 and $100,000 per day. Similarly, you can also withdraw your winnings the same way. The withdrawal limits are the same as the deposit ones and you get to walk away cash in hand.

WIthdrawing your winnings is also possible via Check, although this is the slowest method at your disposal. It takes up to 3 weeks for it to arrive by mail and you can only cash in between $300 and $10,000 per check.

Licensing and Regulations

Licensing is an all-important factor in the online gambling industry and one that you should never ignore. It is difficult to distinguish between the legitimate operations and the scam websites at face value. To this end, we rely on licensing from government institutions to ensure that everything is above board and within the confines of the law. In the case of Golden Nugget Sportsbook, we find that this gambling website is regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement. This institution has been active since the 70s and has been active in the regulation of gambling in the state of New Jersey. So far, it has had a great track record of making sure that the websites under its jurisdiction act as they should and has intervened when necessary.

As far as restricted territories are concerned, you will quickly find that only a select group of people can access and make use of Golden Nugget. More specifically, to participate in sports betting at this website, you need to be 21 years old or older and also a resident of New Jersey. Being physically located outside of the state will automatically prohibit you from taking part. Even leaving the state for a short while, will mean that you cannot place bets for as long as you are outside of its borders. To ensure this Golden Nugget will require that you activate location services on your device so that your location can be verified. Furthermore, you will also be required to submit proof of your identity in the form of Social Security Number, government-issued ID, driver’s license, bank statement or some other form of legal documentation.

Mobile Support

Mobile support is not really a priority for most gamblers, that is until they find themselves away from the computer and trying to place a bet from their mobile device. When this happens, mobile support suddenly becomes of great significance and those have picked incompatible websites are left disappointed. Luckily, Golden Nugget customers do not have to worry about such things, given the extensive support for mobile betting at this online sportsbook. Punters have the opportunity to access the sportsbook from both their smartphones and tablets, as long as they have a stable Internet connection.

There are two different ways to open the sportsbook and both are valid. Which you decide to use depends entirely on your preference. One is to download the dedicated application, available on both Android and iOS platforms. The iOS app can be found on the App Store and be downloaded for free. On the other hand, the Android app has to be downloaded and installed manually, a process that many users may not be familiar with. However, there are detailed instructions on how to do it in the FAQ section.

Alternatively, one may one simply load the sportsbook website within the window of their browsers. The interface is made to scale with the small display and has retained full functionality despite the different form factor. This method requires no preparation on your part and you can easily do it if you do not want to bloat your device with even more apps.

As for the mobile sportsbook itself, you will be pleased to know that it retains all of the important features from its desktop counterpart. You will still have access to all of the betting markets, the promotions and the customer support. You can even fund your balance in the same manner. There is no limit to what you can do on mobile and you will still have a fulfilling betting experience.

Customer Support

Customer support is another important feature of the sportsbook that you should take into consideration. Knowing that there is someone out there who will help you with any problems you might experience. In such situations, you can always turn to the customer service team at Golden Nugget. You have several ways that you can get into contact with a support agent and each comes with their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The live chat system is the most efficient way to get into contact with the support staff. Much like its name implies, the communication takes place in real time, allowing you to discuss your issues at length. Establishing contact takes no more than a minute and the agent will stay with you for as long as they are needed.

You also have alternatives to the live chat system. If you prefer to do this the good old-fashioned way you can simply pick up the phone and dial 855 – 873 – 1010 to reach the sportsbook support team. This line is specifically for sportsbook support and you can always get quality assistance on it. Additionally, you also have the option of simply sending the support staff an email. You can forward all of your questions to and the response will come shortly after. It usually takes the team a few hours to reach back to you, but you will certainly have your answer within the next 24 hours. This is also the way that you will send verification documents when you are asked for them.

Overall, Golden Nugget renders great customer care and the support staff are dedicated to maintaining the set standards for quality. Whatever your issues are, you can rest assured knowing that someone is working hard to resolve them.


Overall, Golden Nugget is a great online sportsbook with all of the necessary features. It gives you access to a wide variety of betting markets, with support for all manner of different bet types. Moreover, the promotions are made so that you can easily incorporate the rewards into your betting activities. Furthermore, the sportsbook is regulated by a trusted institution and you can always be sure that you will be treated fairly. All in all, it is difficult not to recommend Golden Nugget and in light of everything we have covered in this review, you should seriously consider it.