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5Dimes is one of the oldest online gambling brands on the Internet, tracing its origins back to the distant winter of 1996 when their online casino was launched. Since then, 5Dimes has expanded into multiple forms of gambling and has remained steadfast in their efforts of providing a top-tier betting experience to all users. Under the 5Dimes brand, we are treated to an online casino, a sportsbook, a racebook, a lottery section, a poker room and a bingo hall. However, in this review, we will focus solely on the sportsbook aspect of this gambling website.

5Dimes looks to offer one of the best sports betting experiences on the Internet, primarily by hosting a comprehensive and detailed sportsbook and providing punters with a variety of promotions. For more information regarding 5Dimes, read on as we cover every major aspect of this gambling website.

Betting Markets

The best aspect of 5Dimes is without a doubt the betting selection on offer. This gambling website covers all major sporting events around the world and provides customers with a whole list of bet types to choose from. Depending on the bet type, you can place a wager for as little as $0.50, though certain exotic bets have higher minimums.

In-Play betting is also available at 5Dimes, allowing users to bet while the match is live. This type of wagering takes the current state of the match into account, forming dynamic odds for that particular moment. The odds change every minute but once a bet has been placed they remain the same. In-Play betting also allows for cashing out a wager before the match has concluded although the payout will be lower than if you had waited for the conclusion. 5Dimes supports the three major odds types – American, decimal and fractional, with the American odds being set by default. There are also detailed explanations to each bet type that you can place at 5Dimes, allowing you to be informed prior to spending your money.

As far as the supported sports are concerned, you will find no shortage at 5Dimes. Football is one of the most popular sports in North America and you will be able to place bets on the most viewed matches at 5Dimes. The sportsbook primarily supports NFL games, though it does also offer betting on certain small-scale events, as well.

Baseball is the all-American sport and you will find a whole list of betting options at 5Dimes. This sportsbook offers betting on the latest MLB events, as well as, on certain international ones, depending on the type of year. If you are a fan of baseball then this is the right sportsbook for you.

Esport betting is becoming quite popular among the general viewer base and as the esports industry becomes larger so do the betting options. 5Dimes currently supports the most popular tournaments and leagues in the esports scene, allowing you to place bets on the likes of Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Dota 2, among others.

Basketball is another popular sport at 5Dimes, with support for all major active leagues. The NBL is the most prominent league at this gambling website, though it does support certain smaller national leagues.

Soccer is arguably the largest sport in the world, enjoyed by viewers from all seven continents. As such, there are always a plethora of leagues to choose from and 5Dimes has you covered. If you are the type that likes to bet on soccer matches, then you will feel at home at this online sportsbook.

Bonuses and Promotions

The bonuses at 5Dimes are certainly interesting and there are plenty of them if you are interested. Whenever you join 5Dimes, you will be offered the Welcome Bonus but it does not end there as you will have many more down the line.

New Customer Reward

The New Customer Reward is available for newcomers to 5Dimes and it is an exciting 50% match of the first deposit up to $200. However, if your deposit exceeds $400 (up to $2,000) then you will also be eligible for an additional 20% bonus.

As far as the conditions for this offer are concerned, you will find them somewhat different than the industry mainstream. To begin with, for every time you turn over the full amount of your deposit you will be credited with 10% of your bonus, with 10% waiting for you after the next turnover. In essence, you will have to wager 10x the value of your deposit before you can accept the full extent of the bonus. Furthermore, non-North American punters will only have up to $100 of their deposits matched. To receive a bonus you will have to contact customer support and declare that you would like to take advantage of a promotion. Requesting a withdrawal prior to staying 30 days or more with 5Dimes, will result in the forfeiture of any bonus and winnings associated with a bonus.

Sportsbook Free-Play Reward

The Sportsbook Free-Play Reward is a reload bonus available to 5Dimes customers who have already made one prior deposit. The next time that you top up your balance you will be eligible to receive a 20% match bonus on your deposit. Moreover, your transaction must be between $100 and $2,500 to benefit from this offer. Those who deposit between $100 and $249 will receive a fixed $40 bonus.

To receive this bonus you will need to contact customer support within 24 hours of making the transaction. As far as the wagering is concerned, for every time that you wager the full amount of your deposit, you will receive 20% of your bonus. Wagering your deposit 5 times will grant you 100% of your bonus. Much like the New Customer Reward, you will need to stay 30 days with 5Dimes before you can request a withdrawal and not lose the bonus and any winnings associated with it.


Much like any other gambling website, you will be required to use an online payment service to manage your bankroll. 5Dimes supports a number of transaction methods via which you can make your deposits. As far as supported currencies are concerned, 5Dimes accepts only USD and all other currencies are exchanged for USD when the transaction clears.

Credit cards are the way to go if you want your payments to go through without a hitch and at lightning speed. Deposits are instantaneous and you can get down to placing bets on your favorite team within a few short minutes. Moreover, they are universally accepted and you can use them at just about any gambling website. At 5Dimes, you can use the most popular brands in the world, namely Visa and MasterCard. Deposit limits range from $50 to $500 per transaction, though these may be changed on an individual basis. Unfortunately, 5Dimes does not issue withdrawals via credit card so you will need to use another payment service to cash in your winnings.

Person to Person is a payment processing service with significant popularity among online gambling circles in North America. It is a viable method to deposit money at 5Dime, though it is nowhere near as convenient as credit cards. To begin with, you may only deposit during set working hours and there are fees involved, depending on the service you are using. P2P Red comes with limits ranging between $250 and $690, with a fee up to $11.95 for deposits lower than $500. P2P Orange can be used to transact between $100 and $750, though fees range between $5 and $30. The sportsbook will cover fees for deposits of $250 and over. P2P Green – currently not available to US residents – allows for deposits between $250 and $500, with fees being covered for the maximum deposit only.

As far as withdrawals via P2P are concerned, you can only receive up to $350 per transaction, with fees ranging between $10 and $38. However, 5Dimes does allow for one free withdrawal every 30 days.

Cashier checks are available for those who have no other way to withdraw their funds. The minimum withdrawal for a cashier check is $1,000 and the limit is $7,500. Moreover, those who want to withdraw more than $3,000 will have to go through special verification. Punters residing in Washington State cannot receive cashier checks, while those in certain US states can only receive $3,000 via check. The checks are sent via FedEx and there is a fee depending on the value of the check. $40 for $1,000 checks, $60 for checks between $1,001 and $2,000, and $80 for checks between $2,001 and $7,500.

Bitcoin is a way for you to enjoy online gambling without the need to register for a dedicated payment service. Unlike other payment methods, Bitcoin does not exist in the world of traditional banking and as such, it affords users multiple exclusive benefits. To begin with, Bitcoin transfers are incredibly fast for both parties, taking no more than a minute to process, on a normal day. Moreover, Bitcoin provides users with complete anonymity, allowing them to maintain their privacy on the Internet. The minimum Bitcoin deposit at 5Dimes is $25 and it can go up to $10,000. All Bitcoin funds are exchanged to USD at the current daily rate. The minimum withdrawal via Bitcoin is $50 and the maximum can go up to $10,000. However, if you only deposited in Bitcoin for the entire existence of your profile, then you will have no limit as to the sum that you can cash in.

Mobile Support

Mobile support is one of the many perks awaiting you at 5Dimes. With mobile devices becoming more and more prominent in our day-to-day lives, it is only logical that we should be able to use them to place some bets online. As it happens, 5Dimes is fully prepared to accept all customers who would like to use their smartphone or tablet for the purposes of online gambling.

The operator has gone of its way to provide a fully mobile-ready version of the 5Dimes website and the sportsbook can be accessed from just about any mobile device. Granted, a reliable and steady Internet connection is a must. The mobile version is available from the browser of the device and there is no need to download and install any additional software. You can simply load up 5Dimes as you would any other website.

The smartphone and tablet version of 5Dimes retains all of the functionality of the desktop one. The mobile experience is just as good as that any computer can provide. The user interface is shrunk down to better fit the smaller form factor but everything is made readily available from the moment that you enter the sportsbook. Furthermore, you will have no issues navigating the different pages of the website and you will have access to all the features that 5Dimes offers, such as promotions, banking methods, customer support and the full extent of the sportsbook.

Licensing and Jurisdictions

An all-important aspect of online gambling is government licensing. With online betting a potential gateway for a lot of fraudulent activities, one has to be certain that the website they chose can be trusted to provide an honest and fair gambling experience. One of the few ways that one could do that is by looking at licensing the operator has acquired and by which institution it was issued.

In the case of 5Dimes, things are not as clear-cut as one might expect. This online gambling brand is based in Costa Rica and that is a country with a less than reputable standing where betting is concerned. As a result, any license not issued by the commonly known regulatory institutions in the industry cannot serve as a good example. However, this is where the reputation of 5Dimes comes in. This gambling brand has been in the industry for more than two decades and it has provided countless customers with a great experience. User reports state that 5Dimes is a fully professional and reputable website, an opinion that we also second. One does not remain for more than 20 years in the online gambling industry – competitive as it is – without offering something truly outstanding and unique. Moreover, 5Dimes has also been in full compliance with the laws of the countries where it can offer its services.

Due to certain reasons, 5Dimes cannot operate in the following countries: Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Portugal, Hungary, United Kingdom, Russia and Ukraine. Players residing in those jurisdictions will not be allowed to access 5Dimes.

Customer Support

One aspect that 5Dimes prides itself on is the efficiency of the customer support. That is no small aspect, mind you, and it is one that we will place under significant scrutiny. After all, whenever you need help you need to know that there will be someone to assist you in just about anything.

The fastest and most convenient way to receive help at 5Dimesis via the intuitive live chat system, which allows you to communicate with a company representative via text messages. It can be accessed via the Help Center and the agents are fairly quick to respond. They will stay with you until your problem is resolved and will provide assistance in the most professional manner.

Alternatively, you may also contact the support staff via email. Response times are quick, taking no more than a few hours to receive a follow-up email. If, however, you do not like these form of communication then you can always pick up the phone and dial the dedicated support lines.

Customer support is available around the clock and the agents work tirelessly to maintain the set standards of quality to ensure that you have a great experience at 5Dimes.


Overall, 5Dimes has the capacity to offer you a great gambling experience. Although the look of the website is dated do not let that confuse you. 5Dimes is up to par with the latest industry standards, offering worthwhile promotions and rewards for long-term customers. Moreover, the customer support at the website works in an expedient and professional manner, seeking to resolve all issues within the smallest time frame.

As far as the sportsbook itself is concerned, you will hardly find a better selection of betting options. 5Dimes covers all major sporting events worldwide and offers multiple bet types for each game. Though it may take you some time to get used to the user interface, the experience at 5Dimes is just as good as that at any other gambling website.

What could be a cause for concern for some users is the lack of a valid license from a government institution. Though this is somewhat mitigated by 5Dimes’ history and reputation for great service. When all is said and done, we believe that this is a great betting website and you should certainly give it a shot.