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Donte DiVincenzo speaks up after defeat to the Pacers

“I think the biggest message is we got to play like freaking warriors.”

Donte DiVincenzo speaks up after defeat to the Pacers.

Tyrese Haliburton led the Indiana Pacers, with 29 points, to a hard-fought victory over the Golden State Warriors while ending the Warriors’ 3-game winning streak at Indiana in the process. The night also went from bad to worse when Golden State’s star man Steph Curry, who had helped to pull them back within three from a 20-point deficit, had to leave the game late in the third quarter with a left shoulder injury. The loss extends the Warriors’ unwanted away record this season to 2-13, and they have now lost the first two of their six-game trip after falling to the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night.

Donte DiVicenzo’s Postgame Interview

Donte DiVincenzo, coming in for the injured Klay Thompson, had a decent performance, dropping 15 points, eight rebounds, and three assists against the Pacers. The guard had one or two things to say about the Warriors’ performance during his postgame interview. He believes that the Warriors needed more energy in their game against the Pacers. He also spoke about trying to find his rhythm after recent performances suggest that he might be finding his feet once again.

DiVincenzo: Just we needed more energy, I think. You know, when things aren’t going our way, when calls aren’t going our way. There’s a standard plan for the Golden State Warriors and I think the biggest message is we got to play like freaking warriors.

I think that’s the biggest thing is, like, we have to have that energy. And when we came out the second half, I think we really started that second half playing like the brand of basketball that we should be playing.

The energy was good and the spirit was good. I talk about it all the time, I think that’s the biggest thing for us.

Reporter: And have you talked to Steph since the game ended?

DiVincenzo: I haven’t seen him yet. No, I haven’t talked to him.

Reporter: Are you gaining more rhythm from your end with like 3’s in the last few games. Where do you feel like your game is at?

DiVincenzo: Just trying to pick my spots, trying to find that rhythm. It’s going to be an all year thing. I think when my focus isn’t on the offensive end, I think it comes to me. But honestly, when I put pressure on the rim, good things happen.

I think when I can get downhill, I can get other guys shots. The defense is scrambling, then the ball can find me again. And when you’re playing basketball the right way, in my opinion, that’s the right way is getting downhill.

Drive, kick, swing, all that movement, that’s when guys get good shots. I think in the second half we started out, we were driving, kicking and I think Steph was coming off pins and everything, and that’s where we kind of got that rhythm.

Reporter: What do you think about Moses’ performance mentality especially?

DiVincenzo: Moses is the oldest-professional, youngest-professional, old-guy, whatever you want to say. He’s mature as hell. He comes in when his number is called and he does his job. I think it was great for him tonight just to, you know, play damn good defense and honestly see the ball go through the rim, which he, I mean, that’s what he does. He shoots that thing, but you know, just keep building off of it.

Things are going to go up and down for him this year as is everybody, but for him to stay poised and as mature as he is, it’s great to see.

Reporter: You guys went smaller in the second half. Kum (Kuminga) Moody. I guess the rotation rearrangement.

DiVincenzo: Yeah. I don’t think it was necessarily about the rotation or like who was on the court. I just think it was that spirit thing I talked about, that energy, and that was the message for those guys checking in the game.

When Moses and JK came into the game, they brought great energy. We got a few stops and we got the ball rolling. We just got to close that out at the end.


Divincenzo is clearly right about the fact that the Warriors need to start playing like the “freaking warriors.”

“It is hard to explain why the Warriors have lost 13 out of their 15 away games this season considering that they have won 12 at home and lost just two, but in the end, it all boils down to the mentality of the team. This is the same Warriors’ team that turns up at the Chase Center, so it shouldn’t be different when they step on an away court. There is no denying the fact past records have shown that the Warriors are much better at home than on road trips but it isn’t this bad. Last season, they finished with a 22-19 away record, meaning they have almost recorded the same away losses as they did throughout last season, and we are just halfway through this season. They obviously need to step up.”