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Football’s Socials: The European football matches attracting the largest social media audience

El Clasico uncatchable at the top, the Manchester derby, Der Klassiker and the Old Firm derby all featured

Thе past few days, football fans across Europe were treated to a series of thrilling derbies, including the iconic Spanish El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and Italy’s derby della Madonnina. In England, Manchester City faced off against Chelsea on Saturday, while in Germany, Bayer Leverkusen took on Borussia Dortmund and on Tuesday there was yet another derby clash between Arsenal and Chelsea. This prompted Sportingpedia to delve into social media and uncover which European football derbies captivate the most fans online.


To determine the social media following of football teams, our approach was methodical and comprehensive. We began by collecting the number of followers for each team across four major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X. After gathering this data, we calculated the total followers for each team by summing up their counts across all platforms. For our analysis, we focused on teams within the same country, combining the followers of the top two teams to represent the total audience each derby attracts on social media.

Spain: El Clasico – Club Football’s Crown Jewel

El Clasico is not just the top football match in Spain but arguably the most engaging in all of Europe. When Real Madrid and Barcelona faced each other at Santiago Bernabeu this past weekend, they drew an audience of 693.5 million fans worldwide, highlighting their immense global appeal.

The other two LaLiga games attracting the highest online audience:

Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid: 427.3 million
Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid: 381 million

England: Manchester Derby Leads the Way

The English Premier League is known for its competitive derbies, but the Manchester derby between United and City is the most followed online. Together, the teams attract a fan base of 355.6 million, surpassing other notable clashes like Manchester United vs Liverpool and United vs Chelsea. Only England boasts more than 3 representatives in our ranking, so we made a special chart for the Premier League big-6 clubs.

Italy: Derby d’Italia comes in 2nd place

Although the recent derby della Madonnina between Inter and Milan was key, with Inter winning 2:1 to clinch their 20th Serie A title, it is not the Italian match attracting the highest interest online. It is not even derby d’Italia between Juventus and Inter, but the Italian clash that garners the attention of 217.8 million fans is between Juventus and Milan.

The other two Serie A games attracting the highest online audience:

Juventus vs. Inter: 209.6 million
Milan vs. Inter: 127.6 million

France: PSG vs Monaco Surprises

Surprisingly, in France, the match between PSG and Monaco has surpassed the traditional PSG vs Marseille derby in popularity. This game attracts an audience of 194 million fans on social media, highlighting its significant stake in the French football.

The other two Ligue 1 games attracting the highest online audience:

PSG vs. Marseille: 192.1 million
Monaco vs. Marseille: 38.1 million

Germany: Der Klassiker

In Germany, Der Klassiker between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund is a major highlight, reaching 175.9 million fans online. The rivalry is steeped in recent history with both teams consistently fighting for the Bundesliga title.

The other two Bundesliga games attracting the highest online audience:

Bayern Munich vs. Bayer Leverkusen: 175.9 million
Bayern Munich vs. RB Leipzig: 134.08 million

Turkiye: The Intercontinental Derby

In Turkey, the Intercontinental Derby between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce draws the largest interest on the internet, with a combined fan base of 76.3 million. This derby is not just a football match, it is a showcase of fierce rivalry and fan passion that dominates the Turkish Super Lig.

The other two Super Lig games attracting the highest online audience:

Galatasaray vs. Besiktas: 61.97 million
Fenerbahce vs. Besiktas: 51.27 million

Netherlands: De Topper

De Topper, featuring Ajax and PSV, is the highlight match in the Netherlands, attracting a fan base of 29.4 million on social media. This crucial meeting often decides the Eredivisie title’s fate, with both teams bringing their best to these highly anticipated encounters.

The other two Eredivisie games attracting the highest online audience:

Ajax vs. Feyenoord: 28.81 million
PSV vs. Feyenoord: 8.85 million

Portugal: O Classico

In Portugal, O Classico between Benfica and Porto engages a fan base of 21.1 million. This match is more than a contest; it’s a cultural event that pits two of Portugal’s most storied clubs against each other, each vying for national supremacy.

The other two Liga Portugal games attracting the highest online audience:

Benfica vs. Sporting: 18.86 million
Porto vs. Sporting: 18.56 million

Scotland: The Old Firm Derby

The Old Firm Derby between Celtic and Rangers, with a combined fan base of 7.53 million, stands out as the most intense rivalry in Scotland. Each meeting is a fierce contest deeply embedded in the local culture and history.

Belgium: De Klassieker

Belgium’s De Klassieker, the clash between Anderlecht and Club Brugge, draws the attention with a fan base of 6.6 million. This derby is a key fixture in the Jupiler Pro League, featuring two of Belgium’s top teams in a battle for league dominance.