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Season 2022-23: The longest scoring streaks and droughts in the European top leagues

Consistency will be key in determining who will be crowned champion among the European club tournament participants and who will be relegated in the closing stages of the season. After watching PSG struggle to score for a second consecutive game against Bayern Munich on Wednesday, SportingPedia‘s team decided to investigate the longest scoring streaks and droughts of all 98 teams competing in Europe’s top 5 leagues.

The numbers reveal that not a single team has managed to hit the target in each of its league matches in the 2022-23 season, but Monaco, Bayern Munich, and Arsenal are the three teams that have failed to score in just one of their league games thus far.

  • No team in the European top 5 leagues has managed to score in all of its league games, but Monaco, Bayern Munich, and Arsenal come pretty close, having missed the target in only one match
  • The French teams Monaco and Rennes own the longest-scoring streaks this season
  • Three teams share the unwanted record for the longest scoring drought. Valladolid, Clermont Foot, and Cadiz have gone five consecutive matches without scoring this campaign
  • Sampdoria, Valladolid, and Ajaccio are the only three teams who have failed to score in 50% or more of their league games throughout the season.
  • Valladolid and Wolverhampton have never managed to score in more than two consecutive league games this campaign

Two French teams have registered the longest scoring streaks across Europe’s top 5 leagues, with Monaco and Rennes hitting the target in 24 consecutive games throughout the Ligue 1 campaign. Monaco’s streak started from the opening round and was snapped as recently as the 25th of February during their visit to Nice. The only other team to have scored in more than 20 straight league matches this season is Barcelona, with 21 goals. If we turn the table and look at the shortest scoring streaks, we find Valladolid and Wolverhampton, who have been unable to score in more than two back-to-back games.

Looking at the longest scoring droughts, there are also three teams at the summit. Cadiz and Valladolid from La Liga and Clermont Foot from Ligue 1 have all registered runs of five consecutive matches without scoring. Liverpool’s name pops up as the European giant with the longest scoreless run of 3 consecutive games. On the other hand, 25 of the 98 teams have not gone without scoring in back-to-back games this campaign.

Valladolid falls into another negative category. The Spanish side, along with Ajaccio and Sampdoria, are the only three teams that have been blanked in 50% or more of their league meetings.