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LeBron’s and the Lakers’ marijuana mystery: A secret ingredient or just business?

LeBron James keeps adding new pages to the NBA history book. On Saturday, the King and his Lakers won the inaugural edition of the NBA In-Season Tournament. During the award ceremony, fans noticed LeBron doing some strange movements around the trophy, leading to speculations and comparisons to smoking marijuana. This surprising behavior caught attention, especially given LeBron’s prolonged career. So is the King’s longevity in spite of using marijuana, or thanks to it? Can it be a bad habit or is it just another business venture?

The expectation among sports fans is that professional athletes avoid the use of substances that could impact their performance in a negative way. Curiously, this isn’t the first time when LeBron engages in activities that draw comparisons to cannabis use. Earlier in the current season, he and Christian Wood were having some strange celebration. It even sparked a funny exchange of words on X (former Twitter) with one of the NBA’s most renowned media persons Stephen A. Smith. There the NBA’s all-time record scorer loud and clear states to “Stay off the weed” even though the tweet ends with laughing emojis.

LeBron’s recent eccentric celebrations may find an explanation in the NBA’s updated policies regarding marijuana use among players. The league’s new rules are in full effect since 1st of July, and extend through the 2029-2030 season. They bring significant changes to cannabis regulations, with the marijuana being removed from the list of banned substances. As a result the players are now permitted to invest in companies involved in the sale of CBD or marijuana.

The change in NBA policy reflects on the growing acceptance around cannabis, seen not only in sports but also in society. While LeBron James continues to write history on the basketball court, his link to cannabis adds an interesting element to his diverse legacy.

LeBron James’ basketball heritage is beyond question, but he also holds another unique honor. A little known fact is that since 2018 there is a strain of marijuana named LA’ Bron James. It was introduced by the hip-hop artist The Game five years ago, back in 2018.

We can only speculate on the matter, but one thing is for certain. LeBron James will continue to terrorize opponents no matter who the Lakers face. As to whether the King will add another NBA title, only time will tell.