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Sacramento Kings set unwanted record after losing 5 times to the Pelicans during NBA’s regular season

The Sacramento Kings became the first team in history to lose five times to the same opponent in a regular NBA season. Mike Brown’s “Kings” suffered five defeats at the hands of the New Orleans Pelicans, setting an anti-record in the world’s strongest league.

Usually, teams from the same conference in NBA face off four times in the regular season, with the Pelicans winning all four of their match-ups against Sacramento. Their fifth victory over Domantas Sabonis, De’Aaron Fox, and their teammates was achieved in the newly introduced In-Season tournament. New Orleans won their matches against the Kings with scores of 129:93, 117:112, 127:117, 133:100, and 135:123, with the last match between them played this morning.

The defeat means that the Kings no longer have a chance of directly qualifying for the playoffs and will surely take part in the Western Conference play-in tournament. That might be the case with the Pelicans as well, but they can avoid the additional games if they match the Phoenix Suns’ record in the only 2 games remaining in the NBA regular season, which concludes on Sunday.