Sweden Betting Sites

Sweden Betting SitesSweden is a force to be reckoned with in many aspects and gambling is one of them. Residents of the country are free to enjoy different forms of casino games and sports betting. The Scandinavian land is also allowing punters to place bets online and enjoy the perks that virtual sportsbooks are offering. While only local betting sites that hold licenses by Svenska Spel are considered as sites where Swedish punters can bet, there have not been any consequences for those who bet at foreign unlicensed sportsbooks.

With a large number of betting fans in the country, there are constantly actions towards improving the land-based and interactive gambling scene in Sweden. This is why in 2019 it is planned for international sportsbooks to be granted licenses that will allow them to operate on the territory of Sweden. This would mean that Swedish punters will be able to place sports bets online at both local and foreign sites without worrying about breaking the laws of their jurisdiction.

Since sports betting is legal in Sweden, it is only natural that there are many sports fans in the country. What is more, they can revel in rewarding bets in the comfort of their own homes by betting at virtual sportsbooks. The fact that there are no legal actions against Swedish punters who bet at foreign sites further expands the betting markets on which local bettors can place their money.

While betting at interactive sportsbooks, Swedish punters can utilize different payment methods to boost their balances and withdraw their winnings. On top of that, they can make their experiences even more thrilling by claiming the various promotions that online bookies have in store.

Legality and Regulation of Sports Betting in Sweden

Legality and RegulationThe Swedish government has always strived to achieve a gambling monopoly and avoid illegal gambling actions. This is why in 1934 it launched a private local-based bookmaker named Tipstjänst. In 1943 it was purchased by the state and it was nationalized. In 1977 Tipstjänst have joined forces with the state lottery and changed its name to Svenska Spel.

To continue with the monopolized model, Svenska Spel was the only operator which was allowed to offer sports betting, lottery, as well as gaming machines, on the territory of Sweden. After some changes in the gambling law of the country, in 2002 Svenska Spel was permitted to provide even more products which included online bingo and gaming variations of scratchcards. In 2005, online poker was also legalized but it was yet again offered only by Svenska Spel, giving the Swedish Government the full power over the gambling industry of the country.

In 2005 there were attempts for Ladbrokes to set up a sports betting operator on the territory of Sweden. However, the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court did not approve Ladbrokes’ attempt and its request was rejected. Despite this outcome, in 2006, it became clear that there is actually no way for the Swedish law to forbid betting at foreign operators. This meant that local bettors have the freedom to choose between home-based websites, licensed by Svenska Spel, and foreign betting sites.

In the following years, there was also a certain pressure from the EU for Sweden to change its gambling policy and stop the monopoly by allowing foreign operators to offer sports betting to Swedish punters. In 2013, the European Commission argued that the monopolistic form of gambling that was accepted in Sweden clashed with the EU’s policy for freedom of trade.

Despite the Swedish government refuses to break up the gambling monopoly it has established, the fact that there was nothing that could stop Swedish punters from betting at foreign sites has led to some changes. Many Swedish operators are actually based in Malta and have launched virtual sportsbooks which fit the preferences of both international Swedish punters. This is why SEK can be used as a currency at almost every major virtual bookmaker and the promotions that are often offered, are also available to Swedish bettors.

Key Sports Betting Laws

Key Sports Betting LawsThe two main laws that regulate the gambling industry in Sweden are the Lotteries Act which was voted in 1994 and the Casinos Act from 1999. Both of these laws have made sure that the gambling in Sweden will be regulated strictly by the country’s government and its regulatory authorities.

As it was mentioned earlier, the independent bookmaker Tipstjänst was bought by the state in 1943 and the company was nationalized and become known as Svenska Spel. Throughout the years, there were several changes to the Lotteries Act which allowed the company to offer sports betting, lottery and gaming machines. In 2002 Svenska Spel was also enabled to provide virtual betting and gambling to Swedish citizens.

For many years, the Swedish government continued to shape its gambling policy around the model of total monopoly. Even though sports betting, casino games, lotteries and poker were legal in the country, the only sports betting operator that is licensed in Sweden remains Svenska Spel.

Many people did expect that in 2008 certain changes to gambling laws of Sweden would be introduced and would put end to the monopoly of Svenska Spel. However, the government continued with the same policy and avoided introducing any amendments to the law.

In 2015, Ardalan Shekarabi, Sweden’s Minister for Public Administration, announced that there will be some actions towards breaking up the gambling monopoly in Sweden. This being said, in the following years the government continued withstanding its position and refused any attempts for introducing foreign operators to the Swedish gambling scene.

Thankfully, at the end of 2018, Sweden has announced that by the beginning of 2019, there should be several foreign operators obtaining licenses to operate in Sweden. This brings the hope of overcoming the long period of monopoly and allowing international betting sites legally offering their products and services on the territory of the Scandinavian country.

Sweden Sporting Events Coverage and Markets

Sporting Events Coverage and MarketsSince Swedish punters have the freedom to bet at both the locally licensed sportsbooks and various foreign ones, they have unlimited betting markets to choose from. Many bookmakers based outside Sweden are actually designed to fit the taste of Swedish bettors, accept SEK and support the Swedish language. While the sports that bettors can place their money on are countless, there are definitely several sports, favorite to Swedish punters.

One of the most popular sports that betting enthusiasts from Sweden enjoy is European football. It is no surprise as Sweden is the homeland of the international football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. While there are some football devotees which enjoy supporting the national team, there are many betting enthusiasts who enjoy placing their money on games from major international leagues. One of the more popular betting markets among Swedes is the one offering odds on the English Premier League.

Golf is yet another sport that is popular among Swedish betting fans. The country is home to many successful golf players and Henrik Stenson is one of them. Naturally, many Swedes-friendly sportsbooks make sure to offer the best odds on golf events and give the punters what they need. Among the golf tournaments that punters can bet on, you can come across US Masters, the Open Championship, Ryder Cup, PGA Money List and many more.

Swedes are passionate supporters of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). This is why it is no surprise that ice hockey is among the sports punters from the Scandinavian country enjoy betting on. In addition to SHL matches, punters can also find odds on ice hockey games from other major leagues such as Allsvenskan and Swedish Hockeyettan.

There definitely many sports that are favorable to the Swedes and motorsports are definitely among them. This is why both local and foreign sportsbooks offer odds on Formula 1 races. This way, Swedish punters have the chance to place their money on their favorite racers and enjoy a fun betting experience.

Due to the amazing accomplishments of Sweden in the field of floorball, it is also a famous sport that many Swedes enjoy betting on. The Swedish Super League is one of the popular betting markets that both local and many international sportsbooks offer. If bettors resort to betting at foreign bookmakers, they can often find odds on other major floorball events from across the world.

Due to the climate in the country, it is clear that winter sports are definitely appreciated by Swedish punters. Bandy is yet another sport popular among Swedes and they are often looking for betting markets that will allow them to bet on major bandy games. Bettors can find odds online on bandy events from leagues such as the Russia Super League, Finland Bandyliiga and Swedish Elitserien.

Popular Odds Format in Sweden

Popular Odds FormatWhen Swedish bettors are choosing the website where they would like to bet, they might come across different odds formats. Usually, there are three common ways to express odds across different sportsbooks – decimal, fractional and American. Each one of the three formats is specific for certain parts of the world and Swedish punters also have their preferences for the format they would like to use.

Decimal odds are considered one of the easiest ways to express any potential profit that a winning bet can bring. Many punters also refer to this format as European odds. This is due to the fact that the majority of countries in Europe prefer using this type of odds. Sweden makes no exception and bettors from the country prefer to use decimal odds in order to calculate the potential profit they might enjoy. If you, for example, see odds of 1.85, you can be sure that the bookmaker is using the decimal format. According to this example, a winning bet of 1 unit will award 0.85 and the total profit will be 1.85 units.

Since Swedish punters may choose to bet at foreign sites, they might also come across fractional odds. They also offer an easy way to calculate any potential return and are most popular in the UK and Ireland. If you see odds of 10/11, you can easily calculate what will be your profit. While the number on the right expresses the amount of the bet, the left side shows the amount that might be won.

Some betting websites like to use the American odds which are most popular in North America. While they might look a bit complicated, many bettors actually prefer using them. If you come across odds of either -138 or +138, you can be certain that the sportsbook is using American odds. While the negative number represents the amount you must bet in order to win $100, the positive odds express how much your net win might be if you bet $100.

Payment Solutions for Sports Bettors from Sweden

Payment SolutionsWith the majority of Swedish punters betting at international sportsbooks, it is important to know which operator is going to offer a smooth and lucrative experience. One of the most important things that proper bookmakers should provide is access to hassle-free payments. A big number of the virtual sportsbooks that welcome Swedish punters, accept payments in SEK. This allows bettors from the Scandinavian country to easily manage their betting funds.

One of the most commonly used payment solutions is a credit/debit card. As Visa and Mastercard-branded cards are widely accepted across merchants online, Swedes can also use them for their deposits and withdrawals at sportsbooks. This method allows punters to instantly boost their betting accounts and make real-money bets right away. What is more, credit and debit cards can also be used for withdrawals. The only disadvantage, however, is that punters will have to wait a few days before they receive their money.

Some bettors may not like using credit or debit cards since they have to expose their card details when they resort to this payment solution. This is why numerous sportsbooks also allow their members to manage their bankrolls via e-wallets. Companies like Skrill and Neteller allow Swedish punters to easily make instant deposits without exposing their bank or credit/debit card details. This payment solution is extremely easy to use and rarely it imposes any additional charges. On top of that, e-wallets are very convenient for withdrawals as they ensure a shorter waiting period.

Another great alternative is utilizing prepaid cards. They allow bettors, including Swedish ones, to instantly boost their betting accounts. The biggest advantage of prepaid cards is that they allow you to remain completely anonymous while depositing money to sportsbooks. The majority of online bookies accept payments via Paysafecard which is also available for Swedish punters.

There are also a few payment solutions which are based in Sweden and a perfect for local bettors looking for an easy and safe way to bet online. Trustly is one of these services and it allows European bettors, including Swedes, to deposit money to their sportsbook accounts using their bank accounts. Trustly works with some of the biggest banking institutions in Sweden, allowing as many punters as possible to utilize this method in their payments. Deposits via Trustly are instant, giving betting fans the opportunity to make real-money bets right away. Conveniently enough, Trustly can also be used for withdrawals which allow sportsbook members to receive their winnings in no time.

Another Sweden-based service which can be utilized by Swedes at numerous interactive bookmakers is Zimpler. It allows punters who have resorted to mobile betting to easily boost their betting balance with a few taps on their smartphone. This is very a secure payment option and punters can also easily use it for their withdrawals. While Zimpler is not available in many countries around the world, Swedish bettors will not be facing this issue.

Bonuses and Rewards for Swedish Sports Bettors

Bonuses and RewardsOne of the many reasons why numerous Swedish punters find online betting rewarding is the opportunity to claim various promotions. Numerous sportsbooks strive to offer their new and regular members a more thrilling experience by providing different incentives. Often, virtual bookmakers offer newcomers Welcome Bonuses which are received after a certain deposit have been made.

Many Swedish sportsbooks also award free bets to their regular patrons. In fact, free bets are the most common type of incentive that can be found across numerous online bookmakers. Generally speaking, free bets are rewarded when punters deposit a certain amount and wager it on the sports offered on the website. Free bets tend to be the same amount bettors are required to deposit in order to claim the offer.

Whether punters are intending making use of a match bonus or a free bet, they must always pay attention to the terms and conditions that apply to the sportsbooks offers. Although it is called free money, this type of promotion often requires punters to stake some of their own money. On top of that, bookmakers tend to have a specific odds minimum on which bettors have to wager their money in order to qualify to receive the bonus. Another common condition that punters must meet is the wagering of the bonus before requesting a withdrawal. This would mean that prior to cashing out their funds, bettors will have to stake several times the free bet or match bonus they have received. Usually, there is a minimum for the odds you can bet on while completing the bonus wagering.

While the incentives that sportsbooks offer may differ according to the website, it is definitely worth it to check the offers they have in store. Swedish punters can also make use of the bonuses that betting sites provide and give their experience an extra boost.

Customer Support at Swedish Sports Betting Sites

Customer SupportWhen betting online, Swedish punters can always enjoy a smooth experience, provided they have chosen a reliable website. This, however, is not difficult, considering the numerous reputable sportsbooks that welcome Swedish betting devotees. One of the great qualities that trustworthy bookmakers possess is a great Customer Support.

Many betting sites have an FAQ section where anyone can find useful information for questions that bettors often might have. This way sportsbook members can easily solve any issue they might be having. In addition to detailed information, many betting sites also have a live chat. It can be used to contact any of the agents of the sportsbook and receive a proper answer to any inquiry.

The majority of interactive sportsbooks also offer the options to contact their support team via an email. This way you can easily send any questions you might be having about your betting experience and a representative of the bookie will answer your email in a timely manner. Another convenient method that Swedish bettors can use to contact the support teams of sportsbooks is via a phone call. There are websites that allow punters to request callbacks, while others provide phone numbers that can be dialed. This way members of the sportsbooks can speak directly to a representative of the website and solve any betting issue they might be having.

In order to ensure a hassle-free betting experience for their patrons, Swedish sportsbooks, as well as many international ones, support the bettors’ native language. This means that Swedish betting enthusiasts will have an easy time browsing through the websites and the betting options they provide.