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Postepay Betting Sites

Postepay Logo Millions of Italians love betting on sports. The country regulated its sports betting market in 2006. At the moment, plenty of betting sites accept sports fans from Italy. Punters have to top up their sports betting accounts to start betting for real money. A trustworthy payment solution suitable for Italian bettors is Postepay. It provides Italians with an easy and secure way to make online and offline payments.

Postepay is offered by Poste Italiane, the country’s national postal service. Hence, there is no doubt that Postepay is a safe payment solution. Its umbrella company was established in 1862, and currently, it is the major provider of postal services in Italy. In 2015, Poste Italiane was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

As you might have already suggested, Postepay is a payment solution that caters to the needs of Italians only. The payment method offers plenty of advantages, and that is why it has attracted the attention of thousands of Italians. In 2019, Postepay was the second most used payment solution in Italy. Statistics show that it was used on average over 1 million times per month.

How Postepay Functions?

How Postepay Work Postepay is a rechargeable prepaid debit card co-branded with Visa and Mastercard. What sets this payment solution apart from the rest is that it does not require its users to have a bank account to obtain a Postepay card. That is because the government authorized Poste Italiane to process payments and issue cards. The Postepay card is usually plastic, but a digital version is also available.

Generally speaking, Postepay works like a standard credit/debit card. If you want to use it in a physical store, you have to insert the Postepay card into a POS terminal. The merchant will enter the purchase amount, and the sum will be deducted from your balance right away. Cardholders can also make online payments by entering the number of their Postepay card. Many shops that accept payments via Visa and Mastercard also take Postepay payments.

There are different types of Postepay cards to suit the preferences of everyone. In 2018, the company stopped issuing the following types of Postepay cards: Postepay NewGift (in all versions), My Postepay, e-Postepay, Postepay Twin, and Postepay EnelMia. At the moment, the most widely used Postepay cards are Postepay Standard, Postepay Evolution, and Postepay Evolution Business. Keep in mind that you can have up to three Postepay cards.

  1. Postepay Standard

    The Postepay Standard card is the most widespread of all. It can be used to make online and in-person payments. Furthermore, it is accepted in all post offices. If you want to obtain a Standard Postepay card, you have to pay €10 for it. Note that the Postepay Standard cards can hold up to €3,000 at a time. Furthermore, you can cash out no more than €250 from an ATM per day. Cardholders can renew their Postepay Standard card 2 months before and 18 months after the expiration date.

  2. Postepay Evolution

    Postepay Evolution allows its users to withdraw money from all Postamat ATMs for free. Furthermore, you can add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay contactless and online using your portable device.

    If you want to obtain such a Postepay card, you have to pay a fee of €5. Furthermore, you will be required to fund your card with at least €15 right away. The maximum amount of money this card can hold is €30,000. The card allows for daily withdrawals of up to €600. On a monthly basis, you can cash out no more than €2,500. The daily payment limit is set at €3,500.

  3. Postepay Evolution Business

    Workers with VAT numbers, freelancers, and sole proprietorships can obtain a Postepay Evolution Business card. It can be used for online and in-person purchases in Italy and abroad. Cardholders can use it to receive payments via bank transfer if they associate the Postepay Evolution Business with a Physical Tandem POS or Postepay Code Service.

    The price of this Postepay card is just €10, while it can hold up to €200,000. The daily withdrawal limit from bank ATMs or Postamat ATMs is €600. Cardholders can withdraw up to €2,500 per month. Note that an annual fee of €36 applies. The payment limit associated with the Postepay Evolution Business card is €3,500 per day and €10,000 per month.

  4. Postepay Mobile App

    To please the preferences of its customers, Postepay supports a dedicated mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS-based devices. Android users can download the Postepay app from Google Play. If your smartphone runs on iOS, you can find the Postepay app in the App Store. The Postepay mobile app provides its users with the opportunity to manage their Postepay prepaid cards and PosteMobile SIM cards with ease.

    From the app, you can request the Postepay Digital Card that you can use to make online payments. The Postepay app allows you to pay with your smartphone in affiliated shops. If you have a Postepay Evolution Card, you can make cross-border money transfers. Furthermore, you can use PosteID, fingerprint, or FaceID to make e-commerce purchases.

Opening a Postepay Account

Account opening Obtaining a Postepay Card is a straightforward process. You can visit the nearest post office, go to the counter, and apply for a Postepay Card. You will have to provide your Italian fiscal code and show your ID or passport. You will be required to pay a fee that varies with the different types of Postepay cards.

If you do not want to leave your home, turn on your desktop device and visit the Postepay website. Click on the Sign In button and choose whether you want to open a private or business account. Then, you have to fill out a registration form. To do so, you have to provide some personal data such as your full names, fiscal code, email, and residential address.

Whether you apply for a Postepay card online or at a post office is of no importance because the mailman will deliver your Postepay card within 2 – 3 business days. You have to activate the Postepay card on the website before using it. For that purpose, you have to provide the card number, expiration time, and security code. You will also be required to verify your identity.

Funding Your Postepay Card

Funding After you activate your Postepay card, you have to fund it. Luckily, you will certainly not experience a shortage of options. You can visit your local post office, where you can load funds with a cash deposit. You can use another Postepay card or a BancoPosta card to top up your Postepay card. You can also fund it at Postamat ATMs.

If you have a PayPal account, you can connect it to your Postepay card. This will allow you to transfer funds from your PayPal to Postepay and vice versa. To do so, you have to log into your PayPal account and select the Link a Card button. You have to choose between Mastercard and Visa from the drop-down menu. After that, you have to provide the card number, the expiry date, the three-digit code on the back of the card, and your address. The final step is to click on the Confirm Card button. Note that PayPal will charge you €1.50 for the operation.

Using your Visa or Mastercard-branded card to fund your Postepay card is a good option, too. There are also plenty of tobacco shops and SISAL kiosks where you can recharge your Postepay card. Postepay provides its users with the opportunity to fund their prepaid cards from home by contacting the call center. If you have a Postepay account, you can also top up your card online or through the Postepay App.

Depositing to Your Sportsbook Balance

Postepay Deposit Postepay is an excellent payment solution for sports fans who reside in Italy. If you want to use Postepay to top up your sports betting account, you have to find an online sportsbook that supports this payment solution.

Once you set up an account at a Postepay betting site, visit the cashier and click on the Deposit button. Select Postepay as a preferred payment solution and enter the amount you wish to deposit. If you do not see Postepay in the list of available payment methods, try to select Visa or Mastercard.

You will be redirected to the Postepay website where you have to provide the number of your Postepay card, its expiration date, and the Card Verification Value (CVV) code (the three-digit code on the back of your card). Confirm the payment, and the money will appear in your sports betting account immediately. At most online sportsbooks, the minimum deposit via Postepay is €10.

Withdrawing from Your Sportsbook Balance

Postepay Withdraw Punters can use their Postepay cards to cash out their winnings generated from sports betting activities. Withdrawing via Postepay is a trouble-free process that takes just a few minutes. You have to log into your sports betting account and visit the online cashier. After that, you have to click on the Withdraw button and select Postepay from the list of supported payment methods.

If you cannot find it among the available options, select Visa or Mastercard and enter your Postepay card details. Given that the betting platform does not allow its punters to withdraw via Postepay, you can use Direct Bank Transfer to cash out your winnings.

Keep in mind that the different types of Postepay cards have different maximum limits on the amount of money they can hold. For example, Postepay Standard cards have a maximum limit of €3,000. If you want a Postepay card that you can use for large amounts of money, you should obtain a Postepay Evolution Business card.

Withdrawals via Postepay usually take 2 to 5 business days. Another thing to bear in mind is that all online sportsbooks have a pending period during which your money will be locked in your sports betting account.

Cost and Fees

Postepay Fees Many Italian sports fans opt for Postepay to fund their online betting accounts because the payment solution is affordable. Most online sportsbooks do not levy fees on deposits and withdrawals via Postepay. But there is an exception to every rule, so be advised to read the small print before selecting a betting site.

However, the different types of Postepay cards have a fee for issuance that varies from €5 to €12. If you use the digital version of a Postepay card, you do not have to pay an issuance fee. Note that some Postepay cards come with an annual fee. For example, the Postepay Evolution Business card has an annual fee of €36, while the annual fee for having a Postepay Evolution card is €12. No annual fees apply to Postepay Standard cards.

Loading funds to your Postepay card is fee-free. If you want to top up your Postepay in a currency other than the Euro, you have to pay 1.10% of the amount you deposit to your card. If you have a Postepay Standard card and you want to withdraw money, you have to consider the following fees:

  • €1 for ATM Postamat withdrawals
  • €1 for withdrawals from authorized post offices
  • €1.75 for withdrawals from an authorized bank ATM in Italy and countries that use the Euro
  • €5 + 1.10% of the withdrawal amount if you cash out money from an authorized bank ATM in a country that does not use the Euro

If you have a Postepay Business or Postepay Evolution Business card, the fees for withdrawals are as follows:

  • No fees apply to withdrawals from an ATM Postamat
  • €1 if you withdraw from authorized post offices
  • A fee of €2 applies to withdrawals from an authorized bank ATM in Italy and other countries that use the Euro
  • If you are in a non-Euro country and you want to withdraw money from your Postepay card, you will be charged €5 + 1.50% of the withdrawal amount

Security and Privacy

Postepay Security Postepay has become a preferred payment solution among Italians, and the main reason for this is its trustworthiness. Poste Italiane, the company behind the Postepay cards, has taken the safety of its users seriously and implemented various security tools. Furthermore, the company complies with the provisions of the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Poste Italiane provides its users with the opportunity to join a web security system. Then, all of your transactions carried out through the official site of the postal service are protected by a 3D Secure protocol. This means that you will receive a free SMS with a dynamic password that you have to use to authorize the payment.

If you want to enable the web security option, you have to connect your Postepay card with your mobile number. You can do so at any Postamat ATM or post office. Then, you have to activate the option by visiting the Poste Italiane site.

You do not need a bank account to obtain a Postepay card. Hence, there is no risk of sensitive data exposure. Besides, the communication between Postepay cardholders and the Poste Italiane website is protected by SSL encryption technology that supports the SHA256 algorithm.

Postepay users can activate the SMS notification option. This way, they will receive a message every time a transaction is processed. It is crucial to note that you do not have to pay for activating the service, but you will be responsible for paying the cost of each SMS. If you use the Postepay mobile app, you can enable PosteID, fingerprint, or FaceID to protect yourself from hackers and authorize payments.

Advantages of Postepay

Postepay Advantages There are many reasons to choose Postepay as a preferred payment method. To begin with, it is more than easy to obtain a Postepay card. Cardholders are treated to plenty of options to fund their Postepay cards, and the entire process is stress-free. Furthermore, you can use your Postepay card not only to make online and in-person payments but also to withdraw money from authorized ATMs.

When you use a Postepay card for online purchases, you can have the peace of mind that your hard-earned money is in safe hands. That is because cardholders do not have to disclose their banking credentials when making online transactions. Furthermore, you are not required to associate your bank account with the Postepay card.

Postepay is a convenient payment solution for Italian punters. You can top up your sports betting account in a couple of minutes because deposits are processed instantly. Some bookies allow bettors to cash out their profits via Postepay. And reputable online sportsbooks do not charge their patrons for using Postepay to deposit and withdraw funds.

Poste Italiane has always been committed to suiting the needs of its customers. As a result, it launched a dedicated Postepay app compatible with Android and iOS devices. Cardholders who download and install the app on their portable devices can easily manage their money. Besides, Postepay cards protect consumers from racking up debts. Hence, if you have trouble controlling your gambling urges, a Postepay card is what you need.

Should you need assistance, rely on the Poste Italiane customer support department. You can contact the friendly customer support representatives via email or by phone.

Disadvantages of Postepay

Postepay Disadvantages Postepay is a near-perfect payment solution. Although it has many strong points, Postepay has several weaknesses, and one of them is the fees it applies. Cardholders have to pay a fee for obtaining a plastic Postepay card as well as an annual fee. Next to that, withdrawals are not cost-free.

Another disadvantage of the payment solution is that Postepay cards can hold up to a certain amount of money. Furthermore, you cannot use your Postepay card right after applying for it. You have to wait a few days to receive it. And if you apply for a Postepay card before a weekend or holiday, you will have to wait even longer.

The payment solution supports only one currency, EUR. But that should not be a problem because Postepay is available only in Italy. Last but not least, finding an online casino that supports this payment method is no picnic.


Postepay Conclusion Postepay is a popular payment method in Italy. In essence, it is a prepaid card that can be recharged as many times as you wish. You can use your Postepay card to make online and offline payments. The payment method is also suitable for gambling-related payments. If you join an online sportsbook that accepts Postepay payments, you can safely and promptly top up your account. Punters can also withdraw their winnings via Postepay.

There are several types of Postepay cards, so you can choose the one that is most suitable for your needs. Postepay cardholders are charged for using the payment solution, but the fees are nominal. To the delight of sports fans, most bookies process payments via Postepay at no cost.