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FIFA reveals record spending of $9.63 billion on international transfers during 2023

According to FIFA’s latest repot, teams around the globe have broken records by spending an astonishing $9.63 billion on international transfers in 2023. Such an expenditure represents a significant 48.1% increase compared to the previous record set in 2019, exceeding it by over $2 billion. The bulk of this spending, amounting to $8.06 billion, was allocated to fixed transfer fees. Additionally, $1.55 billion was earmarked for conditional fees (when the player records a specific number of games or goals for the new team), while a mere 0.1% was accounted for as release (buy-out) fees.

In almost 68% of the case, the transfer fee had not exceeded $1 million, while in 12.4% or 405 of the deals the figures were greater than $5 million
Last year’s transfer market also marked a historic first, with over 1,000 clubs – 1024 to be exact – actively spending on international transfers. This surge in participation demonstrates the growing global investment in football talent. Furthermore, 1,241 teams found themselves on the receiving end of these investments, indicating a broad and diverse distribution of financial inflows across the footballing world.