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Everton’s punishment reduced to 6 points. The Toffees move up to 15th in the standings

Everton gained 4 points today, without even playing a game, as the English football governing body announced a decision to reduce the Toffees’ initial 10-point deduction to six. The verdict comes following an independent panel’s appeal hearing into the original punishment for breaching the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules. While Everton faces a second charge, today’s news provides a crucial lifeline and injects positivity into the club.

Now sitting five points clear of the Premier League relegation zone, Everton’s chances of keeping its place in England’s top flight have significantly improved. The restoration of the points could not have come at a better time, offering a glimmer of hope in what has been a turbolent season for the Toffees. The upcoming second charge appeal hearing remains a concern, but for now, Everton and its supporters can breathe a little easier.

Everton is currently on a 9-game winless streak in the Premier League, with their latest triumph – a 2:0 victory over Burnley, achieved in mid-December or over two months ago. Prior to the decision, the Toffees were positioned in 17th, just outside the relegation zone with a one-point lead over Luton Town. Now, they have moved up to 15th, extending their lead over the drop zone to five points.