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Pochettino urges young Chelsea squad to accelerate growth

Chelsea’s boss, Mauricio Pochettino, has issued a call to his young team for immediate improvement as the Premier League’s competitive edge allows no time for gradual development. “We talk about young players’ potential to be amazing players, but they need to realize that they need to improve so quick” said Pochettino, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

With Chelsea set to face Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, the team currently finds itself in the 12th spot in the league, mirroring their position at the end of last season. Pochettino pointed out: “There’s no time to improve in one or two years, because the level is so high.”

The Chelsea manager also touched on the need for a change in the team’s approach. “If we want to win and match expectations in Chelsea, we need to behave differently” the Argentine specialist remarked after reflecting on the team’s performance against Burnley.

In defense of Conor Gallagher, who was criticized on social media for not high-fiving a mascot, Pochettino stated, “That wasn’t the intention, it makes me sad. He’s a great guy.” He dismissed the criticism as a misunderstanding, emphasizing, “But people try to find things like this to create a mess.”

Pochettino concluded by addressing the impact of social media on perception, affirming his commitment to his values despite online negativity. “Here I am always smiling, but on social media, I am the worst guy in the world. But I am not going to change my values, I don’t care” he declared.

As Chelsea gears up for a crucial match against Manchester United, Pochettino’s message is clear: for Chelsea to rise in the standings, quick improvement and adaptation are non-negotiable.