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Thomas Tuchel speaks fondly of his time in the Premier League, confirms Bayern Munich exit

Thomas Tuchel has stated that it is “very, very, very unlikely” he will be at Bayern Munich next season. Speaking with TNT Sports ahead of the Champions League clash with Real Madrid, Tuchel mentioned that the decision to leave was mutual, noting that the move to part ways started from the club. He said, “We took this position and there’s a pact we are not doubting, the initiative came from the club and so it is and I’m fine with it”

As Tuchel prepares to exit Bayern, there is speculation about his next move, especially regarding a possible return to the Premier League. Tuchel has expressed great affection for his previous time in England, where he led Chelsea, describing it as “a very, very special time.” While avoiding to pinpoint his exact next destination, his love for English football is evident: “I’d rather not answer… but it’s no secret that I loved it at Chelsea, I loved it in England, and I loved the Premier League for sure.”

Tuchel’s time at Chelsea was marked by memorable achievements, such as delivering the club’s 2nd Champions League trophy in 2021. If he returns to the Premier League, Tuchel would bring extensive experience and a proven record of success to whichever club he takes over.