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Leo Messi on his 37th birthday: Michael Jordan is the greatest ever

Lionel Messi turned 37 years of age yesterday and gave a large interview while in the USA with the Argentinian team, participating in Copa America. The legendary eight-time Ballon d’Or winner shared profound insights on various aspects of his career and personal life.

Messi, known for his humility, revealed his indifference towards statistics and data: “I don’t pay attention to statistics, data, assists, or goals. And sorry to the coaches, but even less to GPS. I’ve never cared about how much I run in a match or at what speed. It must be important for them and for day-to-day training loads, but I’ve never been a fan of GPS.”

Reflecting on how he manages defeats, Messi noted the change since becoming a father: “As time passes, you learn from defeats. Some are hard to overcome, and I prefer not to dwell on them, but they ultimately contribute to personal growth. Nowadays, I handle them differently. Since my first son, Thiago, arrived, it has changed me significantly. Previously, I might have withdrawn for a few days, avoiding communication and training poorly while ruminating on what could have been. However, Thiago’s presence altered everything for me. Seeing him when I come home helps me put things into perspective and move forward.”

In an intriguing part of the interview, Messi expressed his admiration for basketball legend Michael Jordan and his desire to personally meet him: “Michael Jordan is the greatest ever. After watching his series ‘The Last Dance’ it’s impressive. That brought me much closer to getting to know him. It’s a shame I couldn’t have experienced that era live because I would have loved to. I don’t know much about basketball either, but he was something different. I have a great admiration for him. So many people have asked me for photos, why couldn’t I ask him for a photo? It would be really nice.”