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Cricket Match Bets

Online Cricket Betting Now that we have introduced you to the key aspects of cricket as a sport that can be bet on, it is time to dive deeper and look at the betting markets available within a single match. If you are a complete novice to online gambling, take a look at the whole list below and decide which bet type looks like your perfect fit. Even if you are an experienced cricket punter, however, we believe it is still possible to come across something you haven’t tried. All cricket match bets presented are accompanied by useful tips for making well-grounded predictions.

Keep in mind that betting markets’ availability is not the same on the different online sportsbooks, so it is a good idea to check them before deciding whether to set up an account with a particular bookie or not. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of betting platforms that feature multiple cricket leagues and tournaments, so you will not have a hard time finding a bookie that suits your preferences.

Match Winner

Online Cricket Betting Where else to start but from the Match Winner bet that is the simplest and self-explanatory option all online cricket betting platforms provide. The goal is clear, to predict which of the two teams will defeat the other. That is all. Depending on the particular match format and sometimes the willingness of the bookmaker, you may have a third option – to bet on the match finishing with a draw.

Match Winner
West IndiesDrawEngland
Double Chance

If you want to lower the degree of risk you are taking, think of placing a Double Chance bet since it covers two out of three options (either team to win + a draw). Of course, the low-risk bet comes with a less profitable payout, so carefully consider what type of wager you should make.

Different bettors use different strategies depending on their level of experience and personal preferences, but what they all have in common is that pre-game research is never skipped. Investigate anything that might be helpful to you, starting weeks before the event if possible. As long as you have some basic knowledge in the field, there is no wrong source of information – official cricket statistics, social media pages of teams and players, specialized cricket blogs, news agencies, etc. You never know who will be the first to reach a certain piece of information, so keep an eye on them all.

Numbers are never just numbers and for one team being ahead of another in the current standings there is usually a good reason. However, you should never rely on this indicator too much but pay special attention to the teams’ performance in their last few matches. Two losses in the events preceding the current match may have a greater significance than four wins at the beginning of the season, for example. One more thing – matchups. Even if the underdog in a cricket event is at the bottom of the current standings, it can perform unexpectedly well if its style of play or some other factor is uncomfortable for the favorite.

Over/Under Score

Online Cricket Betting Another popular type of cricket bet is the Over/Under variation known from other sports too. Online bookmakers set a certain benchmark indicating the overall score they think teams will reach by the end of the event. Punters’ only task is to predict if the actual final number will be over or under this pre-set threshold. You see, this seems to be the least risky cricket betting market and probably that is why it enjoys much interest even by rookies in the field of online betting on cricket matches.

To make a correct prediction and place your Over/Under Score bet, refer to statistics and check how both teams have performed in the matches preceding the one you are currently betting on. Consider in which format of cricket the respective event falls as this inevitably affects the final result. Surprisingly or not, weather conditions have an impact even in this betting market. If there is no wind and temperatures are normal, batsmen tend to score runs more easily. In cloudy and humid weather, on the other hand, the ball is more likely to swing which is preferred by bowlers.

Tied Match and Completed Match Bets

Online Cricket Betting These are both straightforward cricket betting markets that only require a Yes or No answer. Generally speaking, a tied match is announced when both competitors end the event with the same number of points, so the match has no winner. The case with cricket is more specific – a tie is a fact when ten wickets are lost by the last side to bat, but both teams finish with the same number of runs.

Some online bookmakers simply do not offer tied match betting odds but apply dead heat rules. If this is the case, your original stake will be separated in half and this halved amount will be wagered on the initial odds. In other words, punters are paid half the initial expected return. However, a great part of cricket competitions have specific rules which allow for a winner to be declared even if teams have scored the same points. These may include a bowl-off, super over, or the decision to depend on which squad has scored the last wickets.

Due to their complexity and the essence of Test cricket, ties are a very rare phenomenon in this variation of the game. The situation is a little different in first-class and limited-overs matches but ties are always considered hard to predict, therefore they usually come with very profitable payouts.

As regards the Completed Match bet it is even more uncomplicated. It is applicable to one-day matches where you have to predict if that particular event will be completed on the scheduled day. As already explained, cricket is highly dependent on weather conditions and sometimes matches need to last longer to come to an end or are delayed. If betting enthusiasts have done their homework and have checked the weather forecast on time, they may be able to make a wise and profitable bet.