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MMA Live/In-Play Betting

MMA Live BettingThe gambling industry made a sharp leap forward a few years ago, gradually introducing the possibility of live betting. As with anything new, online punters were initially very cautious about in-play betting, but nowadays there is hardly anyone who has not at least tried it. Live MMA betting is a form of gambling that allows you to place your bets once the battle has begun. While traditional pre-match bets must be made no later than the day before the event starts, the in-play option allows you to postpone betting until a later stage. Another difference compared to the conventional form of sports betting is that the odds are not fixed, but change dynamically according to how the match unfolds.

As opposed to other sports like basketball for example, where the live betting system is firmly established and well developed, in the field of mixed martial arts, the feature is still considered in its infancy. Betting odds are adjusted between the rounds and the available MMA bet types usually vary between Outright Winner, Winning Round, and Method of Victory. The high-adrenaline proposition bets we discussed in the previous section of our MMA betting guide are not yet available for in-play wagering. However, we expect this to change if the interest in betting on this sport continues to grow.

Specifics of In-Play MMA Betting

SpecificsThe first thing MMA betting enthusiasts need to weigh up is when is the perfect moment to place their bets. We can safely say that the first round of the fight can largely foretell how the rest of the event will play out. If you can recognize the first signs that fighters instinctively give – testing a specific grip, an explosive attack immediately after the gong, or apparent protection of a particular part of the body, you will probably have the right piece of information to help you make a winning bet. This proves once again that live betting on mixed martial arts is about quickly diagnosing what is happening in front of your eyes. If you have a decent sense of the changing balances of strengths and abilities, this can make your live bets not only exciting but also profitable.

Another thing to watch out for during the first round of a MMA fight is the pace of the action. It is an unwritten rule that the heavier the fighters, the less likely they are to hold up at a fast pace. If you watch a heavyweight match and notice that the two competitors are aggressively throwing themselves into the fight from the very beginning, we advise you not to bet that the battle will end in a judges’ decision. Once you have this in mind, you just need to assess the skills and style of the opponents to predict the most likely outcome.

One of the aspects of live betting that we like the most is that online punters can adjust their way of thinking in response to what they see. Although it does not occur too often, sometimes fighters behave in the octagon in a completely unexpected way and put into practice a hitherto unused strategy. If this happens in a battle for which you have placed a pre-match bet, thanks to in-play betting, you have the opportunity to hedge your bet. The fact that betting odds are being adjusted during the intervals between the rounds gives you relatively enough time to check the odds provided by different bookies and place your wager where the offer is most profitable. Depending on the size of your stake, even a minimal difference can lead to a significantly higher payout.

Win Market
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There are virtually no limits to how many patterns and trends you can use to increase your chances of higher winnings from in-play betting. If you feel the momentum of MMA and place your bets at the right stage of the battle, you will inevitably enjoy a profitable betting experience. We believe that the betting markets available for live wagers will expand, which means that strategies and opportunities for winning will also go up.

Hallmarks of Top MMA Live Betting Sites

HallmarksIf you are planning to start placing bets on mixed martial arts, it is of utmost importance to find a trusted online bookmaker that fits your preferences and at the same time protects your private information from unauthorized access. Although not as numerous as with football, there are enough sportsbooks on the Internet that feature MMA fights from the UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship, and other promoting companies. The amount of online bookies is relatively sufficient, so as long as you check some key elements, you will not have to compromise.

As regards in-play betting, a thing to be taken into consideration is the selection of betting markets. As mentioned above, MMA bet types available for live wagers are anyway scarce, but some bookmakers go further and limit their portfolio to betting on the winner of the fight only. It is not worth spending time and money with such an operator provided that there are some top-notch sportsbooks that allow you to wager on the method of victory or on which round will be the last for that particular battle. It is advisable to set up an account with this type of bookie even if you are still a rookie and intend to perform standard MMA bets. Over time, you will certainly gain experience and want to apply your knowledge in more challenging forms of online betting.

The prevailing portion of nowadays betting devotees prefer using mobile devices for placing wagers. In this sense, it is considered a significant advantage if the gambling operator has taken care to develop a dedicated betting app that enables punters to enjoy their favorite pastime while on the go. Imagine the next numbered UFC event is scheduled for a day when you will be on vacation. Wouldn’t it be great if you can back the favorite with a bet from the comfort of your hotel room?

Speaking of watching, let’s mention a feature without which in-play wagering would not be so exciting, namely – live streaming. This is an aspect in which the specificity of MMA is manifested. Needless to say, the most spectacular and sought-after fights are conducted within the numbered UFC events. However, these are broadcasted on PPV and you have to pay a fee to watch them in real-time. It is almost impossible to find a high-quality stream and watch the UFC online for free. However, some of the lower-ranked events of the Ultimate Fighting Championship are available via live streaming through some bookmakers, so it is worth checking this out when you are wondering which operator to choose. If you are an avid MMA bettor who is not so picky and can feel the thrill of fights organized by any of the other promotions, you have greater chances of watching battles for free. Smaller companies are using live streaming services in an attempt to get more people to watch their fights.

Final Words

conclusionLive betting on mixed martial arts is an area of online gambling that is yet to develop. We look forward to prominent online bookmakers including proposition bets in their in-play offerings. Of course, placing wagers while MMA fights unfold, carries a certain amount of risk, but with the right schooling and following the recommendations detailed in this guide, the risk is likely to be worth it. The best thing that may happen to you is to place the right bet at the perfect moment and enjoy a healthy profit.