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NHL Live Betting

Live or in-play wagering enjoys wide popularity on the online sports betting scene and the reasons for this are plentiful. This type of bets are made while a sporting event is taking place, and punters often have the option to withdraw part or all of their stake before the game is over. As with other sports, NHL betting odds change dynamically, reflecting what is happening on the ice rink. However, once you confirm your bet, the relevant odds remain unchanged and any winnings are paid against it.

Although NHL in-play betting has not been on the market for long, the interest in it is so great that no self-respecting online betting brand can afford not to include it in its portfolio. If you are an avid hockey fan, but so far you have only tried pre-match betting, you will be glad to know that live wagering offers no fewer options. Virtually, there is no limit in the available markets, you can place your bet on the money line as well as on the puck line, you can also perform over/under bets and props. The sportingpedia team took care to cover all those bet types in the preceding parts of this NHL betting guide, that is why now we will focus on the steps needed for a smooth and enjoyable live betting experience.

How to Place Live NHL Bets

To some extent, betting on NHL games while they are unfolding is quite similar to conventional pre-match betting. Again, you need to take into consideration many factors when deciding what your wager should be. However, with live betting, you need to think fast, so your research must be completed before the NHL game begins. After the start signal, it is crucial to closely monitor the condition of players and how they react to the actions of their opponents. NHL in-play betting is definitely not an easy task but it can be so entertaining and profitable that it is worth the effort. Now, let’s see what steps you must undertake.

  1. Choose a trustworthy NHL betting site
    The prevailing number of modern online sportsbooks provide NHL sections comprising both pre-game and in-play events to bet on. So, their presence should not be a factor in your choice. Do not set up an account with the first betting platform you come across but check how advantageous the odds it offers are and whether it allows an early cash-out. Among the hallmarks of a top-notch NHL sportsbook, are dedicated mobile apps, stats sections, live streaming, and of course, a user-friendly layout. All other things being equal, we advise you to compare the promotional offers and select the bookie with the most profitable bonuses.
  2. Head to the live betting section
    Online sports betting brands arrange differently their platforms but due to the immense popularity of in-play betting, they always make sure the live section of their websites to be easily found. The usual approach used by sportsbooks is to place a special LIVE button on the top of the page, right next to the main sections of the wagering menu. Furthermore, if you enter the NHL category and see a small “live” inscription next to the teams’ names, you will know that the game is available for in-play betting. No matter what the web designer’s decision is, just one glance at the betting site would be enough for you to find the currently accessible live events.
  3. Load your betslip
    After you have made your way towards the NHL live betting section of your chosen online sportsbook, it is time to take a look around and add one or more wagers to your betslip. You can make either a single or a multi bet. The procedure couldn’t be easier, just click on the respective odds and the market will be automatically added. As numbers dynamically fluctuate, do not skip checking if the exact betting odds you have selected appear on the ticket. Then specify the amount you wish to stake.
  4. Confirm your bet
    Make sure to have preliminarily put some money in your betting account in order to avoid missing a great opportunity due to insufficient funds. This may sound like a silly issue but in fact, it is not that uncommon. Sometimes in-play betting requires actions to be made within a couple of minutes or even seconds, so be prepared. Betslips show all the information related to your wager. They not only record the details of your NHL bet but also calculate the payout in case of a successful prediction. Live betting is really about speed, but do not forget to verify the data in your betslip before pressing the confirm button.
Vegas Golden Knights
– 140
Wager: $50To win: $35.71
Will there be overtime?
– 430
Wager: $50To win: $11.63

The above representation of a betslip illustrates a 2-fold bet on a game between Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals. At the time of bet placement, the moneyline betting market of the Knights comes with odds of – 140 (1.71) resulting in a $35.71 profit which is not bad at all. If you come across such an opportunity do not hesitate much and confirm the wager, especially if NHL players perform up to expectations. The better the favorite team plays, the shorter its odds will become throughout the game, so do not lose time.

NHL In-Play Betting Strategy

NHL in-play betting does not drastically differ from the pre-game form of wagering. Still, there are some specific strategies that if followed, would contribute to a more profitable betting experience.

If we have to use just one word to accurately describe in-game betting, it would be quick. Bets and numbers appear, change, and disappear quickly, and if you are not prepared, you will miss a lot of value or the whole bet. The best way to be ahead of NHL live events is to hunt the bets you are interested in in advance and make an action plan. Of course, you cannot see the live betting odds before the game starts but you do know what markets will be offered. A possible strategy is to decide that if certain on-rink events happen and the respective betting line is below or above a particular number, you will take the chance and place your bet. If you are still not getting what we mean, take a look at the below example involving a hypothetical situation.

Imagine you are about to bet on the Vegas Golden Knights vs. the Washington Capitals with pre-game moneyline odds of – 121 and + 137, respectively. Your betting budget for the game is $100 and you decide to back the Knights. You can stake that amount at once but you may also try making another move. Why not wager $50 before the game starts and save the other $50 to bet on the Vegas Golden Knights in-play if a particular circumstance occurs. Sure, you may be missing a value but there is also the chance of getting an awesome payout. Such a move would turn out to be beneficial if the Washington Capitals score first. In that case, odds of winning of the favorite will most probably be drastically amended, something like + 115 instead of the initial – 121. In terms of a net profit, the difference is quite significant – $57.50 vs $41.32. The worst that can happen is for the favorite to take the lead and you not to be able to take advantage of better in-play betting odds. However, the pre-game wager guarantees you will suffer no loss.

The options for how to prepare when it comes to NHL live betting are inexhaustible. The point is not to leave things to the last minute and rely on pure luck. Make sure you calculate in time under what conditions it is profitable to take advantage of a specific opportunity.

We decided to draw your attention to a rather “technical” element of placing live bets. Most in-play betting platforms allow online punters to choose between the following options as regards bet acceptance:

  • Accept any odds
  • Don’t accept changed odds
  • Accept higher odds

As helpful as this may seem, bookmakers often hide these settings in a drop-down menu at the bottom of the betslip and lots of betting enthusiasts skip checking them. Given that the default option is usually “Accept any odds”, missing to change the setting may lead to a disaster. What is characteristic of NHL in-play lines is they can shift by hundreds of points in a matter of seconds. You imagine how disastrous this can be for your bankroll, don’t you?

Final Words

The summary of everything we told you about NHL live betting is that you first need to learn how to deal with the speed of in-game wagering. Everything comes to you in a flash and you have to be exceptionally adaptable and quick. Being able to react without succumbing to your emotions will allow you to find valuable betting opportunities and most of all, to take advantage of them. Keep in mind that this form of wagering is not available for every game from the National Hockey League. So if you come across it, be sure to check if there are lucrative opportunities to benefit from.