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Bayern’s director Eberl discusses future management and signing policies

Bayern Munich board member Max Eberl shared his thoughts on the club’s strategy for management and signings with BILD. He touched on topics such as who is going to succeed Tuchel and whether Bayern fans should expect more signings of Harry Kane’s caliber.

“We’ll have financial chances in the summer, but not limitless. New signings include sales to have the financial means to do something” he stated, pointing to a balanced approach for future transfers. The club aims to maintain a strong squad without compromising financial health, indicating high-value transfers like Kane’s are exceptions rather than the norm.

Regarding the managerial position, he remarked, “I will not call Jurgen Klopp to offer our job” showing his understanding of the challenges in top-level management and respect for Klopp’s current stance on needing a break.

Eberl also hinted at the possibility of a surprise managerial appointment: “Maybe in the end our best decision would be to hire a coach who hasn’t been rumoured in the media.” which suggests Bayern is considering options beyond the usual suspects.

On potential talks with Xabi Alonso, the current manager of Bundesliga league leaders Bayer Leverkusen, the director clarified: “I haven’t spoken with any coach and haven’t received any approval or rejection”. Bayern Munich’s future plans reveal a commitment to fiscal responsibility, quality signings, and a fresh approach to leadership, setting the stage for an exciting new era for the Bavarian giants.

Bayern Munich is currently in 2nd position in the Bundesliga, trailing leaders Bayer Leverkusen by 10 points. Meanwhile, in the Champions League, the team have qualified for the quarter-finals, where they are set to face Arsenal.