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Barcelona president Joan Laporta: I still hope to keep Xavi next season

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has openly expressed his desire for Xavi to reconsider his decision and remain as Barcelona’s manager. He’s made it clear to Mundo Deportivo that the choice lies with Xavi, emphasizing his personal wish for Xavi to continue but without wanting to pressure him.

Laporta also mentioned his admiration for former manager Luis Enrique who led the Catalan giants to the treble in 2015, calling him “very good” but stressed out that no conversations with him or any other coach have taken place. He highlighted the club’s stance of waiting for Xavi’s final decision before making any moves, saying, “Whoever wants to come to Barca has to wait until the end of the season.”

Laporta also shared his admiration for the young talent Pau Cubarsi, highlighting his remarkable personality and ease even in high-pressure situations. Barcelona’s president revealed a conversation with Xavi regarding the young defender: “Xavi told me: I was nervous when I had to debut for Barça, look at this guy, it looks like he’s just happy and relaxed. It’s fantastic to have talents like him”

On the topic of Kylian Mbappe’s potential move to Real Madrid, Laporta opened up on the unsettling effect it could have on the dressing room dynamics. Barca’s president also pointed out the financial strains such a signing could impose.

Laporta’s comments also included a lack of envy towards Real Madrid for signing Mbappe, emphasizing the disruptive nature of high-profile signings on team harmony and the inevitable decisions such moves force on the squad.