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UEFA considers expanding Euro 2024 squads after managers voiced their concerns

UEFA is paying close attention to the requests from some national team managers. They have clearly stated their wish for the organization that oversees football in Europe to modify a particular rule for the upcoming Euro 2024. It regards the number of players in the squad, which currently is 23, including 3 goalkeepers. Recently, during the international break, Ronald Koeman (Netherlands), Julian Nagelsmann (Germany), and Gareth Southgate (England), have all suggested that the team size should be expanded to 26 players. This would give them more flexibility in case of injuries. For example, Southgate and England, had to cope without key players like Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka, who had to leave the squad without even setting a foot on the pitch, while Harry Maguire, Kyle Walker, and John Stones were injured during the matches. This all happened within a few days.

If a team faces such unfortunate circumstances during its Euro 2024 preparation, or worse – during the tournament, the managers would find it hard to use all 5 of their allowed substitutions. With a squad made of 3 goalkeepers and 20 outfield players, if 5 get injured around the same time, there would only be 5 substitutes left after 10 outfield players start the game.

UEFA’s plans are to hear the concerns of the national team managers on April 8th. After that, the football governing body in Europe will decide whether to increase the squad size or keep it the same.