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Rangnick opts against becoming Bayern Munich manager

In a surprising twist to what seemed like a near-final deal, Ralf Rangnick has officially declined the opportunity to manage Bayern Munich, citing personal reasons. The decision comes despite the club’s readiness to announce him as the new manager next week.

Rangnick, who is currently the coach of the Austrian national team, emphasized his commitment to his current role. “I’m the Austrian team coach with all my heart. This is not a rejection of Bayern, but rather a decision for my team and our common goals” Rangnick stated, affirming his dedication to the national team.

The rejection comes on the back of rumours that Uli Hoeness’ public comments about the current manager Thomas Tuchel influenced Rangnick’s decision. Sources close to Rangnick suggest that he was put off by the internal conflict and public statements, leading him to reconsider stepping into a potentially unstable environment.

The rejection marks the third high-profile managerial refusal for Bayern in the last couple of months, following declines from Xabi Alonso and Julian Nagelsmann. Bayern Munich now faces a significant challenge as they seek a capable manager to lead the team, with expectations running high and several managerial candidates already off the table.

Bayern fans had previously expressed their preference for Thomas Tuchel to continue, even launching a petition with over 10,000 signatures in support of the German coach. The club’s management is now under pressure to find a suitable replacement who can unify the team and appease the supporters.

As the saga continues, Bayern Munich remains at a crucial juncture, needing to secure strong leadership to navigate the upcoming seasons effectively.