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Luka Modric reitarates desire to retire at Real Madrid, downplays coaching rumours

Luka Modric, the midfield maestro for Real Madrid and the Croatian national team, has made comments regarding his future in football, sparking widespread speculation about his next career move.

In a recent interview, Modric stated, “The decision on my future is made but I can’t tell you yet.” The 38 year old player, who has been part of Real Madrid’s squad since 2012, has reiterated his deep connection to the club. “I have always said I want to retire at Real Madrid, this is what I really want. This would be a dream, this is my home, the club of my life. I want a farewell like Toni Kroos” Modric expressed, highlighting his desire to end his illustrious career with Los Blancos.

Addressing recent rumours about a potential involvement in Carlo Ancelotti’s coaching staff, Modric firmly denied such claims. “I don’t know where it comes from… but no” he said. “No assistant, no 2nd coach. I’m still a player, that’s what I want to do! I want to play” the Croatian told Spanish outlet Cope.

Modric continues to display remarkable form and determination in the twilight of his career, showing unwavering commitment to playing at the highest level. His comments have provided some clarity while still leaving fans and analysts alike anticipating his final decision. Luka Modric is expected to lead his country Croatia with the captain’s armbrand in the upcoming Euro 2024.