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England tops Group C, amid historically low number of goals

The matches in Group C of Euro 2024 have disappointed football fans with their low scoring and have tied an all-time low in the tournament’s history. In the six games played between England, Denmark, Slovenia, and Serbia, there were only seven goals, equaling the record for the lowest-scoring group in European Championship history. The other instance with just seven goals in a group was at Euro 2016, when Germany, Poland, Northern Ireland, and Ukraine collectively scored the same number of goals in their matches.

No game in Group C saw more than two goals, with three matches ending in 1-1 draws, one 1-0 victory, and two goalless draws. Coincidentally or not, England also participated in two groups with the second-lowest goal count in Euro finals history, at Euro 1980 and Euro 1992, with each group featuring only nine goals.

In the current tournament, Gareth Southgate’s squad finished first in the group with 5 points and a goal difference of 2:1, following a 1-0 victory over Serbia and two draws with Denmark (1-1) and Slovenia (0-0).