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Italian teams all but certain to receive Champions League bonus slot next season

The Italian teams are just a step away from ensuring that they will have 5 representatives in the Champions League next season. UEFA’s new seeding system allows the top 2 performing nations in the continental tournaments to receive an additional slot. After the first quarter-finals meetings in the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League, Serie A teams hold a 99.8% chance to increase their number from 4 to 5 in the elite European club competition according to Opta.

Italy has Fiorentina, Milan, Roma, and Atalanta left in the European tournaments, with only Milan losing last night. Their defeat came at the hands of Roma, meanining that the points and coefficient is still acquired by Serie A clubs. Contrary, England and the Premier League have five representatives in the faces of Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, West Ham, and Aston Villa, but only the later managed to win their game.

Next week’s return legs will be crucial in determining which countries will receive the bonus slot. England currently shares the 2nd position in the rankings with Germany, but the Premier League is slightly favoured over the Bundesliga, as there are 5 English and 3 German teams left in Europe. The return legs of the battles between Bayern Munich and Arsenal, and West Ham and Bayer Leverkusen provide a direct clash between the two nations and answer many questions.