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Double Bet Calculator

Double bet is yet another simple type of wager that punters can place on various sporting and non-sporting events. This is a multi-bet option, which consists of two selections, with the bet paying out only if both selections win. To calculate the return on this type of wager, you can use our Double Bet Calculator tool.


What is a Double Bet?

What is a Double Bet?Unlike single bets where you can choose two separate selections and win independently on each one of them, double bets offer returns in a different manner. Whenever you choose two legs for your double bet, the return from the first event, provided it wins, will be carried forward to ensure a stake for the second leg from the bet. That is why you must win both selections to receive a payout.

If you are still a newbie in sports betting, you may not see the positives of making a double bet instead of two single bets on events you would like to place some money on. To put it simply, the odds of a double bet are greater than the odds offered on two separate selections. If you use our Single Bet and Double Bet Calculators, you will be able to easily spot the difference in the potential return.

Double bets are popular among fans of football, tennis, horse racing as well as many other sports. While the tricky part in winning such a bet is to be successful on both legs comprising the bet, you can easily see that the potential return is significantly better with double bets. The odds on this type of wager are calculated by multiplying the odds on each selection. The result will represent the combined odds on your double bet, with this type of wager offering the expected return only if both legs of the bet win.

It is also possible to make an each way double bet, which is similar to a single each way betting, meaning you will place two identical wagers on two selections, with the rule of both each way wagers winning to receive a return on your double bet still being in place.

How Does Our Double Bet Calculator Work?

How Does Our Double Bet Calculator Work?To calculate what can be the potential return on your double bets, you can use our calculator tool, which is extremely easy to use and will instantly show you the profit you can expect. To adjust the odds format of the calculator, you can head to the settings of the tool where you will be able to choose from commonly used odds formats. You can also add notes on your selections or switch on special Each Way settings.

Once you are ready with the settings of the tool, you can choose whether you have opted for each way betting or not. You should also choose the number of selections you are considering betting on. Since you are making a double bet, the minimum required selection number is two but you can choose to view the return for as many as 20 selections. Keep in mind that when you choose more than the required selections for a double bet, your wagers will be considered perms (combinations of bets).

If you are betting on a runner in a horse racing event and Rule 4 is applied, you can also adjust the settings of our calculator to include this rule in the estimates of the potential return. The next step is to choose the outcome of each selection, with the available options being Winner, Dead Heat, Lots, and Void/ Non-Runner.

You will have to enter the odds for each selection of your double bet, having the freedom to enter the odds in the format you find most convenient. The next step is to enter the amount you would like to bet, with our calculator allowing you to select either to apply this amount as your total stake or calculate the return with this being the amount you would like to wager per bet.

Once you have entered the required information, you will see the total you would bet, with the single-bet amount also being calculated, the total return, and the total profit you can expect from your double bets. You can save the generated betslip or you can clear all of the details you have entered in the calculator tool.

Why Should You Use a Double Bet Calculator?

Why Should You Use a Double Bet Calculator?While double bets are the easiest form of multiple bets, it is still much easier to calculate your returns by using a calculator tool. Thanks to this type of tool, you can also clearly notice the difference between making two single bets or opting for a double bet. With the help of our Double Bet Calculator, you can see how increasing the number of selections will affect the total amount of your bet as well as your potential return.

Simply put, using a Double Bet Calculator can help you determine the potential return of your betting session before you even place any wagers with a sportsbook. If you are interested in multiple bets, you can also check our Treble Bet Calculator and Accumulator Bet Calculator.