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Single Bet Calculator

A single bet is the most straightforward way to place a wager on an event, allowing you to make a bet on one selection. A single bet may be placed on a variety of outcomes, with this betting option often being available on a team win, a player win, a horse winning a race, etc.

If you opt for an each-way single bet, you may enjoy a profit even if the team/player you have backed up does not win. To see what your potential return may be, you can use our detailed Single Bet Calculator. Below, we have also provided information on the way our calculator functions.


What is a Single Bet?

What is a Single Bet?The single bet is the most basic form of betting, allowing punters to place money on the outcome of a sporting or another type of event. Bettors pick a single result such as an outright match winner, hence the name of this betting option. If you want to learn more about this and other types of bets, you can also head to our Betting Sites section and read our detailed reviews on sports betting.

How Does Our Single Bet Calculator Work?

How Does Our Single Bet Calculator Work?Whenever you need help determining the potential return you can expect for your single bets, you can utilize our Single Bet Calculator. The settings of the tool will allow you to choose between the most popular odds formats, enabling you to enter the odds of your single bet in a way that is easiest to understand.

Take a look at the settings menu of our calculator as it can allow you to take advantage of other additional options like adding notes on a selection or activating additional Each Way settings. As for the base information you will need to select for your single-bet calculations, you will need to choose whether you are calculating the odds on each way single bet or not.

Our calculator will also allow you to estimate the return on multiple selections instead of entering the odds of each of your selections separately. You will be able to use our tools to calculate the return on up to 20 selections but keep in mind that when you select a number of selections, which exceeds the required options for a single, double, or treble bet, your wager will be calculated as a perm (combination of bets).

If you are calculating your single bet on a horse race and Rule 4 is in effect, you can also select to compute the return with Rule 4 in place. If you choose to show the potential return with this rule in mind, you will need to select the value that is deducted from the potential win.

For each selection, you will need to select the Outcome, which can be Winner, Dead Heat, Lost, or Void/ Non-Runner. The next step is to enter the odds of your single bet. If you prefer another odds format, you can head to the settings and pick the format you want to use.

If you have chosen to calculate the return on several selections, you must pick whether the stake you would like to place represents the total wager you have placed on the chosen selections, or that is the amount you plan to wager per each selection. The next section of the calculator requires you to enter the amount of your stake.

Once you have filled out all of the sections, our calculator will show you the total outlay of your bets, the total return you can expect as well as the total profit you can enjoy if your betting session is successful. You can choose to save this betslip or clear all of the details you have entered.

Why Should You Use a Single Bet Calculator?

Why Should You Use a Single Bet CalculatorEven though single bets are the most straightforward way to place a stake on an event, you can benefit a lot from using our Single Bet Calculator before you go ahead and place your wager with a sportsbook. If you have found different odds on the same event being offered at several sportsbooks, you can easily use our calculator to compare which bookie will offer a better potential return. Additionally, you can easily calculate the amount of your stake if your goal is to sweep a specific return.

Single bet calculators are also extremely useful for fans of horse racing as this type of tool can allow punters to enter the odds for all runners and determine which horse could possibly bring the best return if it wins the race. You can do that by entering the odds of each runner and choosing the same stake size for all selections. That way, you can easily spot higher-value bets.

If you wish to make double, tremble, or multiple-leg bets instead of placing several single bets, you can also refer to our calculators for Double Bets, Treble Bets, or Accumulator Bets.