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Treble Bet Calculator

Similar to double bets, treble bets combine three single outright selections, with this type of wager offering a return only if all three legs win. If you are curious about what the payout on your treble bets may be, you can resort to our easy-to-use calculator, which will instantly reveal the potential profit you can expect.


What is a Treble Bet?

What is a Treble Bet?If you are wondering what is the difference between making single bets on three different selections and placing a treble bet on the same selections, the simple answer is in the odds offered for your wager. Instead of enjoying the respective return on each of the selections, the odds on all three legs will be multiplied and will be applied to your bet if all three selections win.

Whenever you place a treble bet on three different events, the return that you get from the first leg is applied to the next leg as a stake. Then, the profit from the second leg is placed on the third leg as a stake, and you end up enjoying a significantly higher payout if all three legs turn out to be winning wagers.

Punters can also make each way treble bets, which means that bettors place a win treble and a place treble on three separate selections. Since you are actually placing two types of treble bets, your stake will naturally be doubled. If you wish to calculate the potential return on each way trebles, you can simply use a Treble Bet Calculator.

How Does Our Treble Bet Calculator Work?

How Does Our Treble Bet Calculator Work?Our calculator will instantly show you the potential return on your treble bet, with the tool being extremely easy to use by any type of punter. No matter your preferences on odds format, you can use the settings menu of our calculator to choose from the most commonly used odds formats. You can also add notes to your selections or make use of advanced each way settings.

When you are ready with the settings of your betslip, you can select whether you will place a basic treble bet or an each way treble bet. The next step is to pick the number of selections to bet on. While a treble requires three selections, you can also choose to view the return on up to 20 selections. Keep in mind that calculations on more than three selections in this case, however, will be considered as estimates on the return of perms (combination of bets).

If you are placing your trembles on horse races, you can also choose to include Rule 4 in the calculations of your potential return. The next step is to choose the outcome you bet on and enter the odds on each leg of the treble bet. The outcome you can select for each leg can be Winner, Dead Heat, Lost, and Void/ Non-Runner.

The final thing you must select is your stake and whether that is the whole amount you will place on your treble bet or that is the amount you will wager per bet. Once you do that, you will see the total outlay of the amount you will wager, the total return, and the total profit you can expect from your successful treble bet. You can choose to save the betslip you have just generated via the calculator or you can clear all of the details you have entered.

Why Should You Use a Treble Bet Calculator?

Why Should You Use a Treble Bet Calculator?Using a Treble Bet Calculator offers a convenient way to calculate combined odds and compare the profit you would enjoy if you decide to make this type of wager instead of three single bets. If you resort to the help of our calculator tool, you can easily view the potential return and the profit you would make, allowing you to determine which betting option is most suitable before you place any stakes with a sportsbook.

As some punters enjoy each way betting, our calculator can also present the potential return on each way treble bets. Showing results with Rule 4 in place and other specific settings are also available in our Treble Bet Calculator, allowing punters to be as detailed as possible with the betslip they will generate through our calculator tool.

Since we also offer a Single Bet Calculator, punters can easily compare the potential return on three single bets and a treble bet on the same three selections. What is more, those interested in multiple bets can also use our Double Bet and Accumulator Bet Calculators so they can determine the best betting opinions for their wagering sessions.