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Hedge Betting Calculator

Hedging is a method used by sports bettors who wish to ensure some profit on a specific bet. This can be done by placing a stake on the opposite side of the specific wager. That way, punters can even out the winning chances or they can reduce their losses from the original stake. To calculate what amount you need to wager to hedge your original wager, you can use our Hede Calculator.

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What is Hedging in Sports Betting?

What is Hedging in Sports Betting?Hedging is most typically done on future bets where you have odds on teams winning tournaments way ahead of the event. As the season is coming close, the winnings odds of the team may decline significantly, with many punters taking the chance to hedge their original stakes and ensure some profit even if the team they have originally backed up loses.

The easiest way to understand hedging is to take a look at a specific example. Let us assume you have decided to back up Team A with a $100 future bet at odds of +2500, guaranteeing a payout of $2,600 if Team A wins a tournament. The total profit on this stake is estimated at $2,500. To hedge your original stake, you may place $1,000 on Team B at odds of -150, with the expected return for this bet being $1,667, making the potential profit $667.

If you include the hedging in your calculations, you will get the following results. If Team A, which you have supported originally, wins the tournament, you will enjoy the $2,600 payout but you will need to deduct $100 (the original stake) and another $1,000 (hedge bet) from that sum, making the total profit $1,500. Meanwhile, if the hedged bet wins, you will enjoy a return of $1,667 minus $1,100, which is the total of the two stakes, making the total profit $567. While winning the hedge bet offers a significantly lower profit, punters can still enjoy a somewhat decent return.

How Does Our Hedge Calculator Work?

How Does Our Hedge Calculator Work?If you are wondering how to estimate the amount you should bet as a hedge stake to enjoy a certain amount, or you simply wish to see what the potential return of hedging may be, you can use our Hedge Calculator. The tool is extremely easy to use, providing instant results after you enter the required information.

You can start by choosing the odds format you find most convenient, with our calculator supporting all popular odds variants. Then, you will need to enter the odds of your original stake and the amount you have placed on the team. Since you have decided to do a hedge bet, you will also need to enter the hedge odds. Once you have filled out these sections, the calculator will instantly show how much you should wager on the hedge bet to guarantee yourself a profit.

With the calculator estimating what your hedge bet amount should be, you will also see the total amount of your bets, the total payout, and the profit you can expect from the hedge. You can choose to save the betslip you have generated through the calculator or you can clear all the details and go back to change the information you have entered.

Why Should You Use a Hedge Calculator?

Why Should You Use a Hedge Calculator?Thanks to our Hedge Calculator, you can easily determine the amount you need to wager to guarantee a decent profit under different circumstances. While hedging may impose some risk of declining the profit of your original stake, this type of betting gives you certain security that you can still enjoy a decent return even if your original bet loses.

It is especially helpful to use a Hedge Calculator if you are a fan of future bets. If you have already backed up a team to win a tournament, the Hedge Calculator can help you quickly estimate what you need to bet as a backup wager to ensure that you can still gain a profit from your futures betting session.

Calculating the exact amount for your hedge bet can be burdensome unless you resort to using a Hedge Calculator. This type of tool is easy to use and takes just a few seconds to estimate what your hedge wager should be to ensure you a profit regardless of the outcome of the event.