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Boxing Betting

Boxing BettingBoxing is definitely a very popular sport around the world and there are many punters who enjoy risking their money while making bets on boxing matches. The fact that it is a sport where equally skillful fighters are competing, gives little room for spot-on predictions. This is why bettors enjoy the thrill of boxing betting and are always looking for the best odds on major fights.

Online betting has gained quite the popularity among punters from different parts of the world which is why many virtual sportsbooks are striving to offer a great betting experience. Boxing fans will also appreciate the perks of betting online since there are numerous interactive bookies which offer odds on major boxing events. There are also various websites which aim to please fans of boxing by providing numerous betting options and allow more advanced bets.

If you are interested in this sport, there are a few things to pay attention to when choosing a boxing betting site. Having a smooth and fun experience online and on the go is definitely an option many reputable sportsbooks are offering. What is more, handling your deposits or withdrawals in a hassle-free way is also very important. When it comes to betting on boxing matches, proper sportsbooks strive to ensure the best experience to their members.

Features of Boxing Betting Sites

Features of Boxing Betting SitesYou can easily spot a good boxing betting site when you take a look at the features it incorporates. Proper sportsbooks have a rather simple design so that punters can easily navigate through the betting markets and other sections of the websites. A rather minimalistic look is a distinctive feature of most good sportsbooks.

When we are talking about betting markets, we cannot miss mentioning probably the most important feature which is a diversity of betting options. All websites considered great destinations for online punters offer a wide range of different odds on various major boxing matches. One of the most popular betting markets among boxing devotees is probably the most basic one which determines who will win the fight. Whether it is a fight for a title or an undercard bout, the majority of good sportsbooks make sure to offer the best odds for their members.

Various betting markets on boxing fights are making the experience of virtual punters even more exciting. This is why you can come across Round Betting odds where you decide on which round the fight will end. There is also the options to make prop bets such as whether the gloves of the fighters will touch or whether there will be a knockout. Fights from the World Boxing Super Series can definitely be found at the betting markets of many good sportsbooks. In addition to that, punters often have the chance to place their bets either before the start of a fight or make in-play bets which allow them to make bets while watching the fight live.

If you are not feeling sure about your choice and you do not know on which fighter to place your money, you can usually resort to the tips that boxing betting sites are often offering. Many websites provide the opinion of professional tipsters who are people with extensive experience in the sport and can give helpful insight.

Whenever you are choosing the website on which you will make boxing bets, you should also take a look at the promotions you are offered. The best virtual sportsbooks provide both their new members and regular bettors with bountiful deals. Free bets are the most common type of promotion that you can enjoy at most proper betting sites. It allows you to enjoy more betting options and potentially revel in good payouts.

Types of Odds at Boxing Betting Sites

Types of Odds at Boxing Betting SitesThere are usually three different types of odds that can be spotted at the majority of boxing betting sites. While punters from different countries have their preferred types of odds, many virtual sportsbooks offer the option to switch the format to the one you are most used to.

The first commonly used odds format that many punters are used to using is the decimal one. Although there are other ways to express odds, many bettors consider the decimal format for the most comprehensive one. It easily allows you to calculate the potential return that you can expect when winning your bet. If you see odds of 2.75 or something along these lines, you can be certain that the sportsbook is using a decimal format. This type of expressing odds is most typical for punters in Europe which is why many betting fans also refer to these odds as European. The decimal odds show you the total profit you will earn when betting $1. There is also a variation of this format where the odds show only the net profit instead of the total payout. However, it is not as commonly used as the traditional European format.

The other popular odds format that can be seen at boxing betting sites is the American one. The punters from North America are mostly the ones who are used to using these odds. Whenever you see 100-unit numbers with either a “-” or a “+” sign in front of them, the sportsbook is using American odds. Let us take for example the odds of -700 for fighter A winning. This indicates the size of the bet you must make in order to win $100. In the same time, if the odds were along the lines of +400, this would mean that if you stake $100, a win will earn you $400.

The last type of odds that you may encounter at numerous boxing betting sites is the fractional one. It is mostly used by bettors in the UK and Ireland and it is a rather simple way to calculate your potential profit. Whenever you encounter odds that look similar to 11/2, you can consider the number on the right as the amount of the stake, and the one on the left the expected profit. In the example, a winning bet of $20 would earn you $110.

Mobile Support

Boxing Betting Sites Mobile AppA great advantage that many boxing fans can enjoy is betting even when they are on the move. Thanks to the mobile applications that the majority of operators are offering, you can simply grab your smart device and make real-money bets with a few taps on the screen. What is more, most reputable betting sites are optimized to run on mobile devices. This means that you will simply need the browser app of your smartphone or tablet to load the sportsbook and make bets on the go.

Just like in their web-based versions, the mobile sportsbooks offer the same betting options. You can find the same boxing betting markets and place your money on your favorite fighters, major matches or other special bets. The distinctive in-play option is also available when you bet on mobile and can provide the same thrilling experience of in-browser betting.

If the sportsbook is offering a dedicated mobile app, it is usually available for both iOS and Android devices. This requires additional storage on your device but it does make your mobile betting smoother and easier. This being said, if you opt for simply loading the mobile version of boxing betting sites, you will still enjoy a thrilling and rewarding betting experience.

Usually, the design of mobile bookies is simplified so that punters can easily access all the betting markets and see the options they are presented with. Proper betting sites also make sure that mobile bettors can easily contact the Customer Support team of the website even on the go. This way even punters who bet on their smart devices can revel in a smooth and enjoyable boxing betting.

Common Boxing Bet Types

Common Boxing Bet TypesThere are a few popular bets that you can make on boxing fights and you can usually find them at most of the reputable online sportsbooks. Depending on the risk you are willing to take and the style of your betting, you can opt for making simpler or more advanced bets on various boxing fights.


MoneylineThe most straight-forward bet that you can make at any boxing betting site is the moneyline. It simply allows punters to choose the winner of a certain fight. If you go to the boxing betting market at most sportsbooks, you will see the upcoming fights you can bet on and the odds for every player. Take a look at the odds for each player and you will be able to estimate the potential profit for either one of the two betting options.

Round Betting

Round BettingAnother very popular type of bet you can find at many boxing betting sites is the Round Betting. If you wish to put your money on either of the two fighters enjoying an outright win within a particular round, you can make this type of bet. While it can be difficult to predict the exact round to finish the fight, this type of bet offers quite the payout. It should be noted that there are certain rules that apply to this type of bet. If the number of rounds that have been previously announced changes for some reason before the start of the fight, all round by round bets that punters have made will stand. If the number of the rounds is smaller than the one previously announced, all the round by round bets on the remaining number of rounds will stand. The rest of the round bets will be void. If the fight goes to scorecards, all round bets lose. The same also applies to fights finishing before the predetermined number of rounds due to an injury and the judges cannot determine a winner.

Total Rounds

Total RoundsAnother type of boxing bet that also applies to the round of the fight is the Total Rounds. Here, you are betting whether a fight will go over or under a certain number of rounds, predetermined by the sportsbook.

You can often see bets such as O/U 1.5 rounds. In this case, Over will be a winning bet if the fight continues past the midpoint of the second round. If the fight ends exactly at the half-point of the second round, the O/U bet is considered a push.

Method of Victory

Method of VictoryA very popular prop bet among boxing fans is the Method of Victory and you can often find it at various sportsbooks. This is like a more advanced moneyline bet since you are still betting on which fighter will win but in addition to that, you are making a wager on the way he/she will win. The ways a fight may end include a knockout, a technical knockout, opponent retired, unanimous decision, split decision, majority decision, technical decision, opponent disqualified. More often than not, punters can place their money on a fighter winning the match by a knockout. Bettors can also come across betting markets that offer odds on winning “on points”. This means that punters are placing their money on one of the fighters winning by decision.

In-Play Betting

In Play BettingOne of the newest and yet most popular betting options available across numerous sportsbooks is live betting or as some call it in-play betting. It has definitely changed the traditional experience for punters and the fact that boxing enthusiasts can also make in-play bets appeals to many fans of the sport.

Instead of the usual betting markets which offer odds days before a fight, live betting allows you to make bets as the fight goes live. Since the flow in boxing can change at any round, so can the odds. The odds may start in favor of one of the fighters and, later on, actually change in favor of his/her opponent.

Many sportsbooks offer live betting to their members and boxing fans can actually turn the tables thanks to this feature. If you manage to keep an eye on the flow of the fight, you might have the opportunity to make the right type of bet and enjoy a payout you would otherwise miss with regular boxing betting.

Payment Solutions at Boxing Betting Sites

Payment Solutions at Boxing Betting SitesIn order to be able to enjoy a fruitful betting, boxing enthusiasts should be able to boost their balance with ease and have convenient options for their withdrawals. Of course, the availability of some payment solutions depends on punters’ countries of residence. This being said, the majority of boxing betting sites make sure to work with some of the most commonly used payment methods. Usually, virtual bookies accept various currencies in order to provide easier payments to their patrons.

One of the most commonly used payment solutions is a credit or debit card. You can hardly find a reputable sportsbook which will not accept deposits and withdrawals via Visa and Mastercard-branded cards. For those who are looking for a fast and secure way to top up their accounts, credit and debit cards are perfect options. This payment solution can also be used for withdrawals which is very convenient for punters. In most cases, using a credit or debit card comes with no additional charges imposed by the sportsbooks.

Another payment solution that can often be seen at online bookmakers is a digital wallet by one of the several popular providers. Usually, punters can make use of Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz or PayPal digital wallets. This type of service is often considered safer compared to credit and debit cards. The reason for this is that when using e-wallets, punters do not need to expose any personal information or card details. As for the speed of transactions, e-wallets also provide instant deposits and the time for the complete withdrawal is considerably shorter compared to other cashout methods.

If you really wish to stay anonymous while making deposits to boxing betting sites, you can also use prepaid cards. This payment solution is great for punters who cannot use credit/debit cards or their bank account to boost their betting balances. It does not require you to provide any personal information, password or username which makes it a very safe way to make deposits online. Your funds will appear instantly in your sportsbook account when you top up your balance via a prepaid card. The only downside to this method is that it cannot be used for withdrawals. The most common brand of prepaid cards that can be used at numerous betting sites is paysafecard.

Many boxing betting sites also allow their patrons to use instant banking services to make fast and secure payments. Usually, these services act as a mediator between one’s bank account and the sportsbook where the deposits are made. Depending on your country of residence you may have access to only some of the instant banking solutions. Sometimes instant banking can be used only for deposits but more often than not, punters can also make fast withdrawals thanks to this method. Popular services you can utilize at betting sites include Klarna, Sofort, iDebit, Instadebit, iDEAL and Trustly.

Bettors can also find some sportsbooks that will accept payments via Bitcoin. Being the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment and one of the safest ways to manage your payments, it is often used by virtual punters. It offers instant deposits and withdrawals and your money are always transferred in a very secure manner. Nowadays, it becomes easier to find a reputable betting site which will allow you to use Bitcoin to handle your sportsbook balance.

Security at Boxing Betting Sites

Security at Boxing Betting SitesWhenever you are betting at a reliable sportsbook, you can be sure that both you and your money are safe. This is due to the advanced security measure that the majority of websites are utilizing.

While such sites have an age restriction for individuals who can open an account and make bets, it is also punters’ responsibility to check whether they can bet online. Often there are some jurisdictions which have strict laws against virtual betting. This is why some boxing fans may not be allowed to make real-money bets at interactive sportsbooks.

The majority of betting sites use SSL encryption which is a technology usually used by huge banking institutions. It guarantees that the data which enters or leaves the website is encrypted so that no third party can have access to it and take advantage of your personal information. In addition to that, you can be sure that a certain operator conducts fair betting if the website holds a valid license issued by a trustworthy authority.

Hallmarks of a Good Boxing Betting Site

Hallmarks of a Good Boxing Betting SiteIf you enjoy boxing, have a favorite fighter and you wish to support him/her by making bets online, you can do that at various websites. There are, however, ways to differentiate the good betting sites from the ones you should stay away from.

When it comes to boxing betting, one of the most important things to look for are the betting markets the sportsbook is offering. If there are odds covering some of the biggest fights and you can also opt for making prop bets, you are guaranteed to have fun. Having the opportunity to make in-play bets is also a great advantage you should look for. Do compare the odds with the ones offered by other sportsbooks, to make sure that you are making use of the best chances for a good payout.

Generous and fair promotions are also a trait you should seek at the sportsbook where you bet. Great deals can elevate your boxing betting and give you better opportunities for a fruitful experience. Of course, in order to make your deposits and withdraw your winnings, you will also need a few reliable payment options you can utilize any time.

Last but not least, you should make sure that you can easily contact the representatives of the sportsbook. Several options such as a live chat, email address and phone number would mean that any time you are having an issue, you will be able to resolve it in a timely manner.