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Boxing Over/Under Total Rounds Bet

Boxing Over/Under Total Rounds Bet The Over/Under Total Rounds Bet is completely different from the Match Winner Bet but is almost as popular among online boxing punters. Simply put, through the total round’s wager you must predict whether the bout will finish before or after a certain number of rounds.

It is irrelevant who the winner is or if the victory will be accomplished by a knockout, knockdown, or judge’s decision. Over/under bets can fall within the moneyline system and often represent a profitable betting option.

Over/Under Betting Odds Explained

Here is how the boxing betting odds would look like in an online sportsbook:

Jose Ramirez vs Jose Pedraza Gonzalez
Total Rounds
Over 10.5– 333 (1.3)
Under 10.5+ 225 (3.25)

Betting Odds From the table it is clear that the bookmaker has fixed the bet threshold to 10 and a half rounds. Although no fighter is personally involved in this type of wager, there are still a minus and a plus in front of the odds meaning the oddsmaker suggests less than 10.5 rounds is an underdog option. If you agree with the bookie and decide to place an Over 10.5 bet, keep in mind the match must go at least beyond 1:30 minutes of the eleventh round. This is probably the only tricky aspect of Over/Under Total Rounds bets since some punters mistakenly think that the fight must last halfway through the tenth round in order their over bet to be successfully settled.

If you place your bet on the match between Jose Ramirez and Jose Pedraza Gonzalez to finish in more than 10.5 rounds, you have to wager $333 to add $100 to your bankroll. If on the other hand, your prediction is for a shorter battle, you will receive $225 for every $100 wagered.

Bookmakers do not always provide odds for only one specific number of rounds (10.5 in our example), and moreover, the number does not necessarily include a half. Round figures are usually avoided though because they carry a higher degree of risk. If the Over/Under boxing bet is set to 10 rounds and one of the fighters quits between the tenth and the eleventh round, this will make all bets losing. If this sounds too complicated for you, you should not be worried since most reputable online bookmakers have extensive rules sections where everything is explained in detail. You can always turn to customer support for further assistance.

Things to Consider before Placing a Bet

Things to Consider before Placing a Bet Over/Under boxing bets can bring you a tempting profit if you know the fighters well and are aware which one has great resilience and can continue to box even after some heavy punches land in his chin. Or maybe you have watched a lot of boxing matches and expect the fighters to come out in the ring and explode, thinking they’ll knock out their competitor early without fear of being knocked out themselves. Any such information will help you make an appropriate prediction. It is true that punters are not guessing the match winner but it is the boxers who make the fight, right?

While the vast majority of boxing fights featured on online sportsbooks are professional matches, bookies sometimes allow boxing devotees to wager on celebrity fights or duels happening during Summer Olympic Games. The way of training and conducting for each of them is different, so this is also among the factors to take into consideration.

Maybe, you have not pondered over the fact that referees can have a significant impact on the bout outcome and respectively duration. Just as in football where some referees prefer to allow advantages and thus contribute to more goal situations, so in boxing certain referees allow the match to be decided by the fighters without interrupting it due to formal violations of a rule. There are other judges, however, who are priggish and easily kick boxers out of the fight. So, it is worth checking the name of the referee in the upcoming fight before placing your bet.

We also advise you to pay attention to the place of the battle. This is especially important when local favorites are fighting at home, and the duel is, let’s say, a little off the radar, where fraud is more easily happening. It is possible that all other factors make you bet on the “Over” option, but if the referee is looking for an excuse to give the visiting fighter the hook, this may lead to an early termination of the match. Furthermore, the effect of spectators’ support should not be underestimated since loud shouts and applause from the audience can dramatically inflate one of the boxers with adrenaline and cause him to make an unexpected crushing jab.