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Boxing Round, Method, and Winner Bet

Boxing Betting One of the hardest-to-predict boxing betting markets is the combination between the winning method and the exact round when the fight will end. Another version of this complicated round bet is to combine the name of the winner and the match point when he will achieve the victory. Let’s recall the main aspects of a boxing match to properly understand the complexity of placing a Round, Method, and Winner Bet.

Boxing fights usually consist of 12 rounds, each lasting 3 minutes. The match can end with three main outcomes.

  1. All scheduled rounds have run, so the decision regarding the outcome goes into the hands of the three judges, who independently score points for each round. Draw is possible though hardly ever happening.
  2. Untimely termination due to a knockout or technical knockout. One of the fighters either does not have the physical ability to continue boxing or throws the towel before the end of the match.
  3. Disqualification of one of the boxers. When the referee has to punish one fighter and expel him from the match, the victory is automatically awarded to his opponent.

Boxing Round and Winner Betting

Boxing Betting You already know that there are many ways to place a bet in boxing, one of them being round betting, which briefly indicates when the fight will end, pointing out a specific round. Predicting the winning method in a boxing match is a challenging task itself but to foresee correctly when exactly it will happen requires mastery, excellent knowledge of the industry, and a pinch of luck.

The offered boxing betting markets differ not only between the various online sportsbooks but are also more or less in number depending on the significance of the respective match. Fights between top-ranked boxers enjoy great interest and therefore bookies come up with diverse bet types and competitive odds to attract as many punters as possible. A typical example of such an event is the match between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte. You can see a small part of the currently provided Round and Winner betting odds in our table below.

Round & Winner Betting
BetBetting Odds
Tyson Fury to win in Round 1+ 3,400
Tyson Fury to win in Round 2+ 2,500
Tyson Fury to win in Round 12+ 2,100
Dillian Whyte to win in Round 1+ 7,000
Dillian Whyte to win in Round 2+ 5,500
Dillian Whyte to win in Round 12+ 10,000

As you can see, the complexity of this type of bet is recompensed with remarkable betting odds. If you think Tyson Fury will defeat his opponent in the second round, place a bet of $100 on this option and your prediction is correct, you will receive a total payout of $2,600. Just for a comparison, the Outright Winner betting market provided by the same bookmaker comes with odds of – 700 for a victory of Fury. This means that with a stake of $100 the total payout would be only $114.29.

A variation of this type of bet is Group Round Betting where punters can wager on a particular fighter winning the match within a certain group of rounds (1-3, 4-6, 10-12, etc.). Here the risk level is lower due to the greater time coverage. Logically, betting odds also decrease and so is the eventual profit. Still, this is a wonderful option for rookies in boxing betting to gain some experience without risking too much.

Boxing Round and Method Betting

Boxing Betting While not that often, online boxing betting platforms provide their registered users with the opportunity to bet both on the round and the method of victory. To be able to place a successful Round and Method Bet, you need to gain a good knowledge of boxers’ fighting styles. This indicator is relevant both to the determination of the eventual method of victory and to the round in which the match will end. There are four main fighting styles but keep in mind that it is not possible for a boxer to 100% meet the specified characteristics.

  1. Swarmers (in-fighters, crowders) try to defeat their opponents by applying constant pressure. They move fast in the ring and can boast of good chins and powerful jabs.
  2. Out-boxers (out-fighters, boxers) usually conduct long matches. They try to always maintain a certain distance from the other fighter and wait for the right moment to land a punch. Out-boxers rely on smart tactics and a great level of stamina. So, if such a fighter is considered the favorite, you better think of placing a bet on Points Decision or Win in the 12th Round.
  3. Sluggers (brawlers, power punchers) are known for the ruthless power they possess. Sluggers’ most favorite outcome is to realize a single brutally strong blow and thus finish the battle. You rarely see such fighters box in multiple rounds. Top-ranked sluggers usually win with a knockout not later than the 6th round.
  4. Boxer-Punchers combine the best characteristics of the other fighting styles, however, without mastering any of them. Their mighty feature is their unpredictability as you never know what trump card they have brought today. Boxer-punchers can also bring unpleasant surprises since sometimes they underestimate the need for stable defense actions.

It is also a good idea to check some trustworthy resources and learn more about the accomplishments each of the fighters has. The more experienced a boxer is, the more such information will be useful for you. Focus especially on the last few matches, as well as on the respective rivals, since the current state of the boxers is of great importance when assessing through which method they are most likely to achieve victory.