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Introduction to Online Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting Boxing has always had its loyal fans, but over the last decade, its scale has increased dramatically. Today, there are multiple famous boxers who attract millions of viewers every time they fight, while in the past their number was relatively small and significantly fewer boxing shows have aroused viewer interest. Modern professional boxing matches have become a real spectacle, dressed in a mind-blowing prize pool, which is one of the main drivers of the popularity of this sport. Let’s not forget that the boxing betting odds also play a huge role in how popular a certain fight will be.

Thanks to the Internet, boxing devotees can watch matches no matter where they are at the moment, which makes boxing more accessible than ever before. Top fights are sometimes “warmed up” for weeks before they take place. Fans and bettors are excited about the upcoming event and eagerly keep an eye out for any information related to the fighters. This really helps to create tension and get as many people as possible to watch the match.

Boxing is one of the top sports to bet on and has gained a lot of admirers over time. A more dramatic sport than many others, involving many unknown aspects, it stands out in itself. Due to the fast pace of the fights and the conducting of several matches on the same date, there is a foreseeable opportunity to quickly reach a profit.

Basics of Online Boxing Betting

Features of Boxing Betting Sites For the multi-million top fights, as well as for the matches with more modest budgets, punters turn to their favorite bookmakers to bet on all kinds of event elements. For most boxing matches, they have the usual outright markets available such as the winner of the fight and the victory method. For higher-profile battles, there are far more bet types, which makes wagering even more exciting.

Boxing Betting Sites

Features of Boxing Betting SitesGiven the fierce competition in the field, sportsbooks are competing to offer a variety of features designed to make it easier to place bets and keep the attention of boxing punters for long. Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive options in this regard is in-play betting which enables boxing devotees to place their bets after the match has started and thus have a good view of the current development of the match. Live betting is not complicated even if you try it for the first time since it comprises betting markets you are already familiar with. Of course, there are also specific options such as a knockdown in the next round or will someone win in the next round which can only be used during in-play wagering.

Live betting on a boxing match becomes even more enjoyable if it is accompanied by a live stream. Not all bookmakers support this feature, but those who do, benefit from a larger user base. Bookies’ policies may differ, but in the general case, punters must be logged in and have a funded account to be admitted to this feature.

We will not surprise anyone by saying that the preliminary gathering of information and knowledge of seemingly small details about the fighters are of particular importance for making correct predictions. Some of the online sportsbooks provide their registered users with extensive statistics sections while others can even boast of specialized boxing blogs. Such a feature allows you to monitor the boxers’ performance and thus have the opportunity to make informed choices when placing a bet. Detailed statistics and news data will certainly be useful to you, so we advise you to keep them in mind when choosing a betting platform.

A small number of punters are strictly focused on a single sport, so among the important features offered by online bookmakers is the variety of covered disciplines. A sportsbook that provides multiple sports to bet on would always have an advantage and the top-notch betting brands take this into consideration. Here, we will also add the abundance of betting markets, which is highly valued, especially by more experienced boxing fans.

Each punter has a different manner of betting and it is quite logical that a given feature of a boxing betting site may be a priority for some, but insignificant for others. That is why we have compiled the small table below, showing 5 online bookmakers with their corresponding most characteristic features. We would like to emphasize that this is not a ranking, but just a way to help you find what you are looking for.

Features of Boxing Betting Sites
FeatureWhere to find it
Great variety of bet typesFanDuel
Specialized boxing blogBetfred
Competitive betting odds10bet
Live streamingLadbrokes
Cash OutBetway

Boxing Betting Odds Explained

Types of Odds at Boxing Betting Sites As for the type of odds, there is no one that is mainly used in connection with boxing. So while surfing the internet looking for the best boxing betting odds, you can find them in each of the three most common formats – American, decimal, and fractional. Do not rush to skip an online sportsbook, because it shows the odds by default in a format you are not familiar with. All top betting platforms have a built-in automatic odds converter which enables punters to display odds in any of the available odds formats.

Usually, the American odds format is defined as the least popular of the three best known, but it is very suitable for boxing predictions, so let’s look at what information it provides us and how to calculate your potential winnings. This format differs greatly from the other types of odds, mainly in that the name of the alleged favorite has a minus in front, while the name of the underdog comes with a plus. What do these signs mean? The minus indicates the amount you need to bet to get $100. In turn, the plus shows the amount that will be paid to you for every $100 you have wagered.

Let’s see what this means in practice. Current betting odds for the upcoming fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte are as follows:

  • Tyson Fury: – 600
  • Dillian Whyte: + 500

Tyson Fury is the clear favorite and the odds of – 600 mean that you have to risk $6 for every dollar you wish to get. So, if you back Fury with a $600 stake and your bet is successful, you will receive $100 plus your original bet. In case you think Dillian Whyte will defeat his opponent and decide to place a bet of $100 on him, you can potentially gain $500 in addition to the $100 stake.

However, if you are not a resident of the US or Canada, it is unlikely that the American odds format would be your first choice. Very often the decimal format is defined as the easiest to understand and calculate and probably that is why it is the most widely used method of representing betting odds. In brief, it shows the return of a potential successful bet including the stake. We will use the above-mentioned fight as an example. At the time of writing, the betting odds are:

  • Tyson Fury: 1.17
  • Dillian Whyte: 6.0

By looking at the odds you can see who the favorite in the upcoming match is. The smaller the number, the more likely the boxer is to win. Betting odds of 6.0 mean that if you wager $100 on Dillian Whyte and he beats Fury, your profit will be $500 ($100 x 6 – $100).

Although not many, the fractional odds format has its fans, mostly in the UK. We will not bother you with unnecessary explanations, but rather will show you how to calculate your eventual profit. Just follow this formula:

((numerator/denominator) +1) x stake = return

The main difference with the decimal format is that here the amount you will receive in case of a correct prediction does not include the original stake. So, if you wager $100 at odds of 5/1 the calculation would be ((5/1) + 1) x 100 = 6 x 100 = $600.

Mobile Support

Boxing Betting Sites Mobile App Boxing is a sport in which the outcome of each match is influenced by factors such as the fighters’ course of training, their eventual injuries, and sometimes even personal issues. Having up-to-date information is very important for placing the right bets, and the fastest way to get it is through your smartphone or another mobile device. The advantages and convenience they provide in terms of finding the best betting odds and wagering itself are indisputable. Therefore, an increasing number of online sportsbooks are taking care of on-the-go punters by providing mobile-friendly betting platforms.

The most common approach in this direction is the development of an in-browser application that is fully adaptable to any operating system. Mobile versions of the main betting websites work in a hassle-free manner no matter if you prefer using Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, or Safari for example. One of the positive aspects of in-browser apps is they in no way unduly burden your device since you do not have to download any specialized software. The best thing is that punters can enjoy all promotional offers and beneficial features of the sportsbook.

Despite the mostly advantageous features of the above-mentioned solution, a significant number of gambling devotees prefer using downloadable applications for their boxing betting experience. Top online bookmakers provide dedicated Android and iOS applications that are always free to download. The main reason mobile betting apps are so popular is that they provide instant access to the betting platform where you have an account, no matter what time it is and where you are currently located.

Common Boxing Bet Types

Common Boxing Bet Types Although boxing punters have several types of bets to choose from, most often they include the battle winner or the total number of rounds. Many online bookmakers offer only the option of an outright winner, while others extend to prop bets, which contribute to a more challenging betting experience. When deciding whether a boxing betting website deserves your time and funds, pay attention to the available betting markets to make sure the time spent there will be pleasant. Although not as numerous as in football, the available boxing bet types allow you to make simple or more complex wagers depending on the degree of risk you are willing to take.

Everybody says this is the easiest bet possible and he is right as the boxing punter only predicts who will be the winner of a certain fight. Only two rivals take part in boxing matches. Based on the results of their previous fights, bookies offer the appropriate odds. What is characteristic of this sport is that the odds provided by sportsbooks can vary dramatically. We will give you just one example – currently, the odds for Josh Taylor’s victory over Jack Catterall vary between 4/1 and 13/1, which is quite a significant difference. In such cases, the eventual profit of backing the underdog seems irresistible.

Outright Winner is the bet type punters meet on every boxing online sportsbook. In this respect, the only indicator that the platforms may differ is whether or not they have included the draw option.

One of the interesting aspects of boxing is that you never know how long the fight will be, a few seconds or the full twelve rounds. Options to bet on include a knockout for each boxer in each of the rounds, a draw, or a judges decision (points). This type of online boxing bet is tricky and at the same time quite exciting. It is fun to wait to see if the match will pass a certain number of rounds or if your favorite will make a winning right straight punch just as you have predicted. In case the fight goes to scoreboards, round bets lose.

Here are the most popular examples of Round Betting:

  • Exact round – in other words, “When will the fight finish?”;
  • Total number of rounds (Over/Under) – one of the most popular wagers. Punters predict if the fight will finish before/after a specified number of rounds.
  • Fight goes the distance – a simple bet indicating whether all rounds will be completed or not;
  • Grouped round betting – punters select a group of rounds and indicate which fighter they think is going to win those particular rounds.

Fight Outcome or Method of Victory is a popular boxing bet type that suggests several outcomes – win in rounds 1 through 12 (a knockout, a technical knockout, etc.), win by decision/on points, and others. Some online bookmakers also include the option of a win due to one of the fighters being disqualified. So, if you know that any of the rivals is hot-tempered and generally has a problematic behavior, consider placing a bet favoring his opponent and thus increase the odds.

There are some additional rules that apply to the Method of Victory bet type. While these may slightly vary from one bookmaker to another, in the general case, any change of the result announced by the referee or announcer following the fight due to an appeal, will not affect the bet settlement. If a fight is postponed due to an injury for example and it is rescheduled for another date, usually bets will stand.

Prop bets are not that common but are a fun option for wagering on events that will happen or not happen within a match. They are not necessarily related to the end result of the fight, which distinguishes them from the Fight Outcome bet. Online boxing sportsbooks offer a variety of proposition bets with some being known for their prop betting markets more than others. Props are usually difficult to predict and therefore offer opportunities for lucrative payouts.

We can safely say that the abundance of prop bets depends on the creativity of the bookie’s team and its willingness to provide such offers to the registered users. Just some of the options punters can meet on online betting platforms are:

  • Fighter 1 to win in the last minute of Round 12
  • Fighter 2 to be knocked down in Round 3 and win in Round 5
  • Which fighter will land more right straight punches?
  • Will there be a point deduction?
  • Who gets dropped first?

Advantageous Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions at Boxing Betting Sites Among the main aspects of online betting on boxing are the payment methods offered by the respective sportsbook. Each payment solution comes with its pros and cons, which make it suitable for certain types of punters, and not so much for others. Below we will describe the main banking options you can use to fund your betting account and start wagering. Our advice is to look at the information carefully and decide which one will best suit your betting style. Keep in mind that bookies usually oblige their customers to use the same payment method for withdrawals and deposits.

Credit and/or Debit Cards

Payment Solutions Despite the advancement of online payment technology, bank cards remain the preferred method for millions of gamblers around the world. This is due to the fact that consumers are accustomed to using them in their daily lives and are confident in their security. In addition, the availability of this payment solution on online betting websites is virtually ubiquitous, so it is not at all difficult to find a betting platform where you can top up your account with a credit or debit card. Deposits are usually immediate, while the time for withdrawals varies according to the bookmaker’s policies. If anonymity is a priority for you, you should choose another payment option since funds go directly from and to your debit card, so personal data needs to be revealed.

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

Payment Solutions Speaking of anonymity, the best way to keep it is through prepaid cards, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. They have multiple advantages with instant deposits, fee-free transactions, and sharing of no personal data being just a few of them. One more thing, prepaid solutions are a great way to control the money spent on betting, as they allow you to wager only the value of the voucher and not a cent more.

The drawback of this payment method is that punters often do not have the opportunity to use it to cash out their winnings. One of the few exceptions is Paysafecard, which allows withdrawals to be made by users who register an account with the payment service provider. Whether this option is supported by a bookmaker or not is another question. However, punters can always request a transaction to their personal bank account.

Digital Wallets

Payment Solutions E-wallets are among the easiest and safest ways to make payments associated with your boxing betting account. There is almost no online bookmaker that does not support at least a couple of such brands for quick deposits and withdrawals. Digital wallets allow punters not to carry a physical financial medium, as they can store virtual versions of debit and credit cards or be funded online. When you make a deposit through eWallet, you will have access to your funds almost immediately, while withdrawals are cleared within a few hours of being requested. Some of the brands of digital wallets that you can find on online betting platforms are Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, eZeeWallet, ecoPayz, etc.

Online Banking Services

Payment Solutions Online banking is a widely used method of conducting transactions that combines the security guaranteed by banking institutions and sensitive information protection by the online intermediary environment. This type of service providers connect directly to personal bank accounts and allow boxing bettors to make instant deposits to their betting accounts. Withdrawals are of course also possible but may take several days to reach you. It should be borne in mind that a great part of online banking solutions are only locally available due to the necessity of working with financial institutions directly. More and more punters prefer this payment method to conventional bank transfers, which, while safe, are much slower.


Payment Solutions Cryptocurrencies are now firmly implemented in many areas, including online boxing-related payments. Although not supported by all sportsbooks, there are enough platforms that allow crypto transactions, especially Bitcoin. Their main advantage is that they offer instant deposits and withdrawals executed in a safe manner. Some online bookmakers just accept the cryptocurrency, while others allow punters to convert Bitcoin to the currency they typically use for their transactions. If the relevant betting website allows cryptocurrency to be used for withdrawals, it will also be able to convert your money from fiat currency into Bitcoin.

Payment Methods Summary
Bank cardsYes, within minutesYes, up to 24 hours
Prepaid solutionsYes, instantNo
Digital walletsYes, instantYes, up to 24 hours
Online banking servicesYes, instantYes, up to 48 hours
CryptocurrenciesYes, instantYes, instant

Key Aspects of Proper Boxing Betting Sites

Security at Boxing Betting Sites The first and foremost indicator of a credible boxing sportsbook is a license from a reputable regulatory authority and a correspondingly high level of protection of transactions and all types of personal data. Currently, the online betting scene is crowded by multiple betting platforms, which means that there are enough reliable options for the punters to choose from. Not being concerned about your overall safety will allow you to have a pleasant and eventually profitable time while wagering on boxing matches.

As might be expected, licensed online sportsbooks apply strict measures to prevent data leakage and ensure that personal information provided by their registered users remains confidential. Online bookmakers often use modern encryption technologies that encode every piece of data that enters their systems. Be prepared to provide copies of your personal documents for the purpose of identity verification. For those punters who wish to add another layer of security to their betting accounts, some bookies provide the option to implement Two-Factor Authentication which involves entering a randomly generated code each time they log in. The code is sent to your mobile phone or dedicated app and you have a limited time to fill it in.

Whether you are betting on boxing or one of the many other possible sports, first make sure that the sportsbook you have chosen holds at least one license issued by a trusted regulatory institution. The license is not just a document, but proof that the betting platform complies with all necessary rules and regulations, ensuring a safe and fair betting experience. Among the most respected licensing authorities are the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, but there are other institutions as well that fully deserve your trust.

Another hallmark of a good boxing betting site is the comprehensive coverage of the sport. As a modern punter, you must be demanding of the service provided to you. Why bet via a sportsbook that only features a couple of fights per month, when there are others with much more crowded boxing sections? What is more, the top boxing betting site provides its loyal patrons with abundant betting markets which go far beyond the usual outright bets.

No matter if you are a novice at online betting on boxing or an experienced punter, a high level of customer care should not be something you are willing to compromise on. In the best case, a customer support representative will be available for a 24/7 contact as communication channels vary, covering live chat, email, and phone.

Final Words

Final WordsNowadays, there is a huge variety of online betting platforms and finding the best boxing sportsbook may turn out to be a tough task. However, if you take a sober view of things and check for the above key elements, you will soon find a reliable bookmaker through which to practice your favorite pastime. If we have roused your interest and you have already set yourself the goal of having a fun betting experience, accompanied by profitable winnings, we advise you to dive into the depths of boxing betting by reading the rest of our guide.