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Sticpay Betting Sites

Sticpay Logo Sticpay is a highly secure e-wallet solution to store your financial assets and initiate deposits and withdrawals. Incorporated in 2018, the parent company Coopertoby LTD is an Electronic Money Directive Agent, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Besides the digital wallet, the money processing company has also developed a pre-paid card, allowing for online and offline purchases, as well as ATMs withdrawals.

The handy mobile app is compatible across Android and iOS mobile devices enabling fast and easy international transfers. Additionally, an in-app QR code scan feature is available. The company supports 29 currencies, bringing currency conversion expenses to a minimum. Sticpay delivers its services in more than 190 countries and the website is available in 19 different languages.

Sticpay may be a great solution to manage your sports betting transactions, as a growing number of bookmakers endorse it, including brands such as 1XBet, 22Bet, BetWinner, and 20Bet, among others. Additionally, the brand has been officially partnering with Sunderland A.F.C. since 2018.

The e-payment wallet provider has also developed an online gambling Cashback service, equipping sports betting fans with a wealth of exciting opportunities to take advantage of the program.

Implementing advanced anti-fraud and security features to eliminate threats and performing regular KYC and AML checks, as well as Two-Factor Authentication, the company complies with the highest security standards.

The support department of the fintech company could be contacted 24/7 via email and the Contact Us form on its website.

The current review focuses on the major aspects and features of Sticpay, enabling punters to get familiar with the payment method and potentially use it for their sports betting needs.

How Sticpay Functions?

How Sticpay Work Although a relatively new e-wallet, Sticpay is quickly becoming a much-favored option for deposits and withdrawals from well-known sports betting operators. Allowing for borderless money transfers, Sticpay can be used almost anywhere in the world.

Sports betting enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the fact that the payment processor enables them to utilize local bank transfers to top up their accounts and withdraw from their accumulated winnings in a fast and cost-efficient manner. Although presently available in 8 countries, Sticpay’s local payout service is set to quickly expand and develop in new markets. Furthermore, Sticpay account holders are able to convert fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

Customers of Sticpay can request a pre-paid card, allowing them to use the available funds in their e-wallet and withdraw from ATMs all over the world.

Punters who prefer not to share their financial details with third parties over the Internet will definitely be glad to hear about the way Sticpay functions.

To become Sticpay account holders, users should complete the registration process, followed by a mandatory verification procedure, and finally, transfer of funds to the digital wallet. As for the registration process, it is prompt and hassle-free, whereas the account verification might be a bit extended, due to the necessary documentation that needs to be sent and examined.

The company has prepared a guide delivering detailed information on how to deposit to and withdraw from your Sticpay account. The ways to fund your account include domestic bank wires (currently available in a limited number of countries), international bank transfers, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies.

Next on your agenda should be finding a Sticpay-friendly bookmaker, creating a sports betting account, and ultimately, transferring funds from your e-wallet to it. Provided that the sportsbook supports Sticpay withdrawals, punters are also able to withdraw their potential winnings back to their Sticpay account.

Opening a Sticpay Account

Account opening To open a Sticpay account users should click on the Sign-Up button, located in the upper right corner of the website. This is a 3-step procedure, taking no more than 3 minutes to accomplish. Apart from personal accounts, Sticpay also offers Merchant registrations, but for the purposes of sports betting, we are going to review the first type of account. The registration form should be filled in in English.

Users start the registration process by entering an e-mail address, followed by first and last name. Next, the user’s date of birth should be filled in. What follows next is creating a password and then confirming it. The password should be 8 to 16 characters long and include at least one number, lower-case, and upper-case characters.

The next field of the registration form includes information about the user’s country of residence. Then users are supposed to choose their preferred currency from a drop-down menu, including 29 different options.

Afterward, they should fill in relevant information regarding their occupation, the expected frequency of their transactional activity, as well as the monthly expected value of their transactions, and the average value of each transaction.

Once users confirm they agree with Sticpay’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, and AML policy, they should sign the form electronically, and click on the Next button.

The next step involves the provision of a mobile phone number for verification. In case the number is not supported, users are asked to opt for e-mail verification. The received 6-character code sent to the e-mail should be entered, thus finalizing the registration process.

Sticpay Account Verification

Account opening Users who have already opened an account with Sticpay should also complete the mandatory account verification process. To do so, you should log in to your newly-created account and send in clear scans of the following documents – proof of legal existence and proof of address. Read on to see what types of documents are acceptable for Sticpay’s verification procedures.

Starting with the Proof Of Address section, users should fill in all the mandatory fields, marked with an asterisk, and then click on the Browse button to upload the relevant document. Utility bills and bank statements issued not later than the last three months are the eligible documents that meet Sticpay’s requirements.

The POA should contain the user’s name, as well as the same address, provided upon registration. The information contained on the utility bill or bank statement should be eligible and the document should be scanned thoroughly.

As far as the proof of legal existence is concerned, Sticpay accepts government-issued IDs, passports, and driver’s licenses. Both sides of the identity document should be scanned and uploaded, and users should make sure that the name and the date of birth on the provided PLE documents match those filled in upon registration.

Once users send in their verification documents, their status will be changed to “Pending” until they are examined and approved by Sticpay’s employees. It is possible that the company may request some additional documents from users. The verification procedure usually lasts from 24 to 48 hours.

In case your account verification has failed, it may be due to unclear scans of the provided documents, or mismatches in the provided information upon registration and that on the documents. Users should make sure that their documents comply with all the requirements and contact the support team in case of further questions.

Funding Your Sticpay Account

Funding Now that users have completed their registration and their Sticpay account is successfully verified, they are able to make use of the full range of products and features offered by the fintech company. The only thing that remains to be done prior to depositing to your sportsbook is topping up your Sticpay balance.

The first option to transfer funds to your account is through Domestic Bank Wire, but it is currently available only for a selected list of countries. Users will be notified in case domestic bank wires are currently not possible for their country. Users should navigate to the “Money In” menu and then select the Domestic Bank Wire subsection. Upon the transfer of funds, users should be careful to enter the correct memo.

The next option to move funds to your Sticpay account is via International Bank Wires. To initiate a deposit, go to the International Bank Wire submenu and choose either the option for EU or for Non-EU users depending on your location. International transfers are typically handled within 3 to 5 business days.

Yet another alternative to load money to your digital wallet is via a credit card. Users should navigate to the relevant subsection and then complete a credit card verification procedure. Next, they need to select their desired currency wallet and enter the amount they wish to deposit.

In the following step, users should enter information regarding the card’s number, expiration date, and CVC number. To complete the transfer, customers need to authenticate the card. In case there are no problems with the credit card verification, the funds should appear in your wallet’s balance within 1 hour.

As a crypto-friendly e-wallet, Sticpay delivers its users with the opportunity to top it up via Bitcoin and Litecoin. After clicking on the Cryptocurrency submenu of “Money In”, users will be able to change the desired cryptocurrency and see the deposit address. The amount you wish to deposit should be sent to the unique deposit address, which is to be used only for this specific transaction.

Depositing to Your Sportsbook Balance with Sticpay

Sticpay Deposit When you browse through the possible deposit methods offered in the Cashier section of bookmakers, you will be pleasantly surprised that Sticpay deposits are instantaneously cleared. So finding a sports betting operator who supports Sticpay may definitely speed up your transactions. The money processing company does not charge its customers fees when they send funds to merchants, including sports betting operators.

As far as deposit limits are concerned, the different bookmakers impose different ranges, which sports betting fans should comply with. Generally, they are able to deposit a minimum of €10 or €20, and the maximum allowable sums reach €3,000.

Assuming that you have found a bookmaker accepting Sticpay deposits, you should go on with the registration process. To top up your sports betting balance using Sticpay you should navigate to the Cashier section and select Deposit. Find Sticpay among the possible options and then type in the amount you wish to deposit.

After that, you will be redirected to your Sticpay account where you should approve the transaction. Once you validate it, your funds should be automatically transferred to your sports betting account.

Many sportsbooks tend to impose limitations as regards bonus retrieval on deposits made through certain e-wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller. Fortunately, such limitations on Sticpay deposits are uncommon.

Withdrawing from Your Sportsbook Balance with Sticpay

Sticpay Withdraw Due to the fact that Sticpay is a money processing solution working both ways, it allows its customers to request withdrawals from sports betting operators. Withdrawing from a Sticpay bookmaker is equally easy and can be completed in just a few steps. Essentially bettors are supposed to take similar steps to initiate withdrawals via Sticpay.

Go to the banking section of your bookmaker and under the Withdrawal menu, look for the Sticpay logo. What follows next is typing in the amount you wish to withdraw. Do not forget to check your available sports betting balance prior to that.

Some bookmakers display the minimum and maximum allowable sums to withdraw in their Cashier section. As they tend to vary from one sportsbook to another, they should be individually checked. Most commonly, the minimums are set to €20, while the maximums are capped at €3,000.

Unlike deposits, withdrawals via Sticpay are not instantaneous. Bettors should be aware of the fact that due to security reasons and necessary verification procedures, bookmakers need extra time to examine their documents and approve their withdrawal requests. Verification procedures usually take between 24 and 48 hours to be completed.

Costs and Fees

Sticpay Fees Sticpay offers its clients a handy tool in the form of a calculator, allowing them to quickly check the brand’s transfer fees. This functionality can be found in the Fees subsection of the website. Users should enter the amount they wish to send and pick the currency of the transaction.

Client-to-client transfers are handled against a 1% fee, while client-to-merchant transfers are free of charge. Deposits to the e-wallet using a local bank wire are delivered against a fee of 2%, whereas withdrawals via international bank wires are processed for a fee of 5%.

As already mentioned in the previous sections of this review, Sticpay enables its customers to fund their accounts through local bank wires, international bank wires, VISA and Mastercards, UnionPay, and cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. We are now going to briefly review the applicable fees.

Deposits to the wallet that are initiated via local bank wires are available for a selected list of countries. The company delivers a transparent table, containing the countries, the applicable fees, minimum and maximum limits, as well as the necessary times to clear the transactions.

When customers utilize International bank wires to fund their e-wallet, they pay a fee amounting to 1% of the transaction amount. Mastercard and VISA deposits to the wallet are processed for a fee totaling 3.85% of the amount. Deposits to the wallet through UnionPay are provided for a fee of 5% while using Bitcoin and Litecoin amounts to a fee of 1%.

As far as withdrawals from the wallet are concerned, they could be carried out through international and local bank wires, UnionPay cards, STIC Card, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

As the fees applicable to withdrawals via local bank wires are individually calculated for each of the countries where they can be performed, they should be checked additionally. The list of countries where local bank wire services for withdrawals can be used includes Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea, and Russia. They are normally cleared within 1 to 2 business days.

As for withdrawals via international bank wires, they are handled against a fee amounting to 5%. Withdrawals to STIC Card are an affordable option, involving a fee of 1.3%, whereas withdrawals utilizing Litecoin are supplied for a fee of 3%.

Security and Privacy

Sticpay Security Security is a primary concern for all companies dealing in the financial industry and Sticpay makes no exception. As a money processing company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Sticpay utilizes sophisticated encryption to secure its customers’ financial data. When encoded, the data becomes unreadable to potential online attacks.

Besides the encryption technology, Sticpay utilizes 2-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance the level of security. As per standard regulations, users who have established accounts with Sticpay are required to set up 2FA. Using a one-time password app such as Googe Authenticator is possible and free of charge. You should connect your Sticpay account with the app, which is available both for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Once ready with the setup, users will receive a uniquely generated 6-digit code, which changes every 30 seconds and should be used every time you log in to your Sticpay account.

Yet another practice implemented by Sticpay enhancing the overall security and trustworthiness of the brand is the mandatory verification procedure. As per the regulations of the FCA, the company is obliged to require documents certifying the clients’ Proof of Address and Proof of Legal Existence.

Sticpay has published a list of restricted countries. Some of them include Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, and the United States, among others. For further and updated information on this topic, users should check the terms and conditions of the company.

The FAQ section of the website is neatly subdivided into categories for the following topics – Registration and login, My account, Deposit, Withdrawal via bank transfer, Withdrawal from STIC Card, and Questions about fees, commissions, and payouts.

In case customers are not able to find the information they need and require assistance to resolve an issue, they can send their queries to Funds-related queries are to be sent to

Advantages of Sticpay

Sticpay Advantages Now that we have covered the major aspects of Sticpay, we will explore in further detail the main advantages and disadvantages of the service. By clearly outlining them you will be able to more easily make up your mind as to the type of payment solution that would perfectly meet your sports betting needs.

In the following lines, we have enumerated some of the strong points of the brand that would greatly facilitate your sports betting experience.

  1. Instant deposits

    When it comes to online payments to bookmakers, sports betting fans are usually in search of a solution providing instant transfers so that they are able to embark on sports betting as quickly as possible.

    The electronic payment solution offers reliable and convenient service to individual and business customers. Sports betting fans are especially fond of the instant deposits that can be initiated to online bookmakers. The solution is fastly gaining traction all over the globe and plenty of well-known brands within the gambling industry are adding it to their lists of supported payment processing methods.

  2. High level of security

    Users of Sticpay are able to quickly top up their balances without the risk of exposing any sensitive financial information. As for the wallet, it is protected by high-end encryption technology, which combined with the 2FA provides a great level of security.

  3. STIC Card

    The STIC card is a pre-paid solution, which Sticpay account-holders may apply for online. The card enables customers to easily withdraw from their wallet balance using ATMs anywhere in the world, as well as pay for offline purchases.

  4. Online Gaming Cashback Service

    Customers of Sticpay are provided with the opportunity to sign up for the brand’s Cashback service, enabling them to get back a certain percentage of their gaming expenses. The cashback amount is deposited back into the wallet’s balance. There is a list of companies that partner with Sticpay, including brands such as BetWinner, 1xBet, and 22Bet.

Disadvantages of Sticpay

Sticpay Disadvantages As you see, the perks of holding a Sticpay account are many, but as with everything else, the service has its own set of weaknesses. As many would say, they are primarily due to the fact that the company is relatively a young one, which however refines its services and gains popularity at a fast pace.

  1. Customers dealing with account verification issues

    According to some of the reviews that are available on the Internet, we have found out that some Sticpay users have encountered verification issues. As annoying as that may be, verification of identity and residential address are mandatory steps along the way. Users are able to quickly find relevant information in the FAQ section of the website, or alternatively write an e-mail to customer service.

  2. Local bank wires are available only for several countries

    As already mentioned, local bank wires can be used by account holders from several countries. Although limited, this service is set to quickly expand, as promised by the brand.

  3. The service is mainly targeted towards the Asian market

    When it comes to coverage, Sticpay is still struggling with the competition of long-established brands within the financial industry. The company is primarily focused on the Asian market, servicing countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia, among others. Nevertheless, the brand is quickly gaining traction, expanding its operations to other parts of the world including Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


Sticpay Conclusion As with any other virtual activity, online sports betting is susceptible to potential threats, and securing your financial assets from sophisticated hacker attacks is of vital importance. There is an enormous amount of bookmakers around the globe to choose from, and using a reliable e-wallet, such as Sticpay gives an added degree of protection for your funds.

Utilizing Sticpay for your sports betting needs does not involve sharing your card and bank details with third parties and ensures maximum security. Betting on your favorite sports can be a source of great excitement, and knowing that your funds are safely stored contributes to your peace of mind.

The fintech company has been nominated in the category of “Online Payment Solution of the Year” at the 2021 European Gaming Awards and has won in the category of “Payment Innovation: Best Digital Wallet 2019 Gold Winner” at the 2019 Future Digital Awards. So it is definitely worth your attention, as long as you are searching for a reliable money processing company for your sports betting needs.