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How to Bet on NFL Online

How to Bet on NFL OnlineIf you prefer a hassle-free betting experience or are simply an NFL fan who just wants to place a bet while watching the game with his buddies, online sports betting would definitely be suitable for you. Online betting is nothing if not convenient, so, if convenience is what you seek, then stick around and read all about it in this article.

How to Find the Right Online Sportsbook

How to Find the Right Online SportsbookThe first thing you will need to do is find an online sportsbook that suits your taste. In order to do that, you will first need to know a little more about online sportsbooks. Most of all, you need to know how to pick a trustworthy online sports betting venue. Of course, you can go for the popular and trusted brands like William Hill and Ladbrokes, but there are plenty of other options out there too.

The first thing you need to be on the lookout for is the license the sportsbook holds and the jurisdictions within which they are allowed to offer their services legally. It is sometimes possible that an online sportsbook allows you to use its services while you are in a prohibited jurisdiction. This can result in horrible losses, so make sure you check before you bet. Of course, if a sportsbook is fully licensed by reputable authority, such things cannot happen.

You also need to make sure that the website of the sportsbook is entirely secure. Immediately after you have accessed the page, your browser should indicate whether the page is secure or not and whether it is encrypted. The standard security of online sportsbooks nowadays is 256-bit SSL encryption. It is nearly impossible to decrypt and even if someone were to do it, it would take years. SSL encryption scrambles your sensitive information in a way that makes it inaccessible to any third parties.

If you cannot tell whether a page is secure or not, or you simply have additional safety concerns, you may wish to contact the customer support of the online sportsbook. It is best if there is a live chat feature available prior to registration. This is an indication of a respectable business that functions with complete transparency. Additionally, it is important to assess the type of customer support team a sportsbook has so that you know who has your back in case something were to ever go wrong.

You also need to check out a sportsbook’s cashier page. You should be able to see all available deposit and withdrawal methods. This way you can make sure that it offers the banking solution that you prefer. In case the list is not available we recommend you get in touch with support and ask about it. Though, if you like using credit or debit cards, you will be able to use them in any case as they are the most widely accepted payment method in the industry.

Of course, you also need to make sure that the sportsbook offers bets on the NFL and whether the variety of bets suits you. Naturally, the odds format matters as well, so be sure to check that too. Not only that, but you should also compare the odds with those of other sportsbooks to make sure that you are getting the best value possible.


RegisteringYou will need to make an account in order to bet online. In order to complete the registration, you will need to provide some personal details, and later on, you will need to authenticate your identity. This is solely for anti-fraud purposes, none of that information can be used against you. In fact, the sensitive information you provide is securely stored and accessible only to authorized personnel.

Of course, this takes some time which is a bit of a downside compared to placing a bet in a betting shop, however, it grants you a higher level of security. You also only have to do it once, while if you are placing a bet in a land-based venue, you will need to fill out a betting slip every single time.

After you have registered, you will have to provide some further forms of authentication of your identity, especially when you request a withdrawal. This can take from minutes to days depending on the online sportsbook you have picked and your country of residence. This is so because of the different gambling regulations across the world, especially when it comes to the relations between gambling and banking.

This is a one-time process, though, so you will not need to wait again. There might sometimes be security checks, but those are only in cases of suspicious activity. Such might be considered activities like creating two accounts at the same online sportsbook, attempting to claim the same bonus twice when you are not allowed to, trying to take advantage of a flaw in the website instead of reporting it, and so on.

Why Bet Online

Why Bet OnlineChoosing to bet on the NFL online as opposed to in a betting shop is perhaps better mostly because of the convenience that comes with it. Land-based locations require you to be physically there in order to place a bet while a sports betting website allows you to bet anywhere.

It is much easier to bet online and it takes far less time. You do not need to fill out a betting slip, all you need to do is click a few times and that’s it. Additionally, you can bet against other players online and you can enjoy watching the game and bet at the same time.

If you are somewhere on the go, far from home, traveling, or simply not feeling like getting out of bed, you can place a bet right from your mobile device. It is as easy as doing it on a computer – you just need to load the online sportsbook on your mobile browser and log in. Then, you just place the bet, it is that easy.

Additionally, online sportsbooks will offer you many more betting options. You will find all sorts of traditional and exotic bets, and some that are specific to the occasion. We will get into the details in another section of our guide.

Not only that but online, you can find better odds than at a brick-and-mortar betting shop. You can easily compare odds between different websites and pick the one that offers you the best possible value to your bet. Online sportsbooks also have a smaller vigorish than land-based ones. They have been shown to take about 10% less than betting shops on average.

When betting online it doesn’t matter if you lose your receipt because there simply isn’t one. You cannot lose from a winning bet which is, unfortunately, something that can happen with a betting shop.


ConclusionOverall, it is far better to bet online, if you have that choice. Placing a bet on the NFL from the comfort of your home, or on the go, is something that no land-based location can offer unless your home is a betting shop.

As long as you have chosen a reputable online sportsbook, you will have a great time placing bets at your convenience. If you follow our advice about how to pick the right online sportsbook, then you should have no problems at all. Always make sure that you have chosen a trustworthy sports betting website.