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NFL Accumulators vs Single Bets

NFL Accumulators vs Single BetsDifferentiation between accumulators and single bets is quite easy to make. However, deciding which type of bet to go with is not. After all, accumulators contain single bets, and single bets have a lower risk, but accumulators offer better odds, etc. You see how this becomes a dilemma for some players.

Single bets are the simplest type of bet there is but making a correct one is still very hard. The main reason why players would prefer accumulators to them is that single bets do not always come with the best odds. Especially, when you are more certain that it would be a winning bet.

Accumulators offer a higher risk factor but a far better payout too. The more bets you add to the accumulator the bigger the potential win. However, that goes for the potential loss too which is why some players are intimidated by accumulator bets.

Advantages of Accumulators

Advantages of AccumulatorsWhen you are placing an accumulator bet you are actually placing multiple bets that have been combined and that combination can consist of single bets. The difference between placing multiple single bets and placing an accumulator bet can be found in the odds, value, and potential payout.

The odds of an accumulator increase as the number of bets included in it grows. You will notice a monumental increase of the odds as you continue to add to your accumulator. You can also place an accumulator bet with true odds, though that is not recommended because of the factor of value.

Finding value in an accumulator bet is essential. It also needs to have more value than if you had placed those bets separately. Otherwise, you are only taking an unnecessary risk. Usually, accumulators offer far more value than individual bets.

Naturally, this means a bigger payout is to be expected. That is the main reason for players to make accumulator bets, though for success to be achieved, all factors must be present. You need to be certain that the bets you wish to place will win and that there is value in placing them in the form of an accumulator rather than separately.

Disadvantages of Accumulators

Disadvantages of AccumulatorAs you can see, accumulators are not the simplest bets to place. This means they are not suitable for newcomers to the sports betting industry. You will need a lot of knowledge and serious analytical skills in order to become a successful accumulator bettor.

In fact, you will even need a rather strategic approach. This means that you will need to be familiar with some if not all betting strategies as well as betting systems. To place successful accumulator bets, you will need to read up and work hard.

The clearest disadvantage to accumulators is the risk that comes with placing them. This is why it is essential that punters make sure that there is serious value in an accumulator before deciding to go with it instead of placing individual bets.

That is simply because if you lose one bet of your accumulator, you lose it all. Imagine placing a serious accumulator that consists of 15 bets. Imagine losing only one of them. It is not easy, nor is it simple. This is why it is absolutely crucial to be experienced in this field. There is one upside though, and it is that if the game is a draw, the bet is a push and it is simply removed from the accumulator.

Advantages of Single Bets

Advantages of Single BetsSingle bets are extremely simple which is probably why they are so appealing. They are just a bet on the outcome of the game in the most simplistic way – you just need to pick who the winner will be according to you. This makes them suitable for newcomers to the gambling field.

They are extremely easy to make as well. You do not have to take that many factors into consideration, you just need some solid understanding of Football and some background knowledge. Of course, it does not hurt to use tools like statistics to your advantage either but in any case, it is definitely not as complex as placing an accumulator.

This is especially so because the bets you place are individual and therefore if one bet is a loss, there is no chain reaction. The rest of your bets will be unaffected. This means you can place as many as you like, without worrying about every single one of them.

Disadvantages of Single Bets

Disadvantages of Single BetsBad odds on good bets – Sometimes you happen to stumble upon what seems to be the perfect game to bet on – you know all about the teams, the field, the conditions, you are certain in the outcome of this game. So, you hurry and go to your favorite sportsbook to place the bet but what do you find – no value. You check other sportsbooks and none of them offer good odds on your bet.

It can be hard to find value even after looking at multiple websites. Sometimes single bets are just not worth placing because the fact is that you are still taking a risk despite what you may have concluded. Everyone makes mistakes and it is worth remembering that when it comes to sports betting.

Additionally, if you place the same bets as you have in an accumulator but individually you will have a lower payout. You will often find accumulator bets more tempting than single bets. It is much harder to find a decent payout with single bets.

Accumulators or Single Bets

Accumulators or Single BetsTo establish whether you would rather place accumulator or single bets we will compare them in four factors. This way you can see the significant differences and decide whether they are advantageous or not given your gambling style.

As we mentioned, there is a significant difference between the odds if you place 10 individual single bets and if you place a 10 bet accumulator. With the accumulator, you get the better odds but with the individual bets, you get less risk and a better chance of actually making a profit.

Of course, if your accumulator bet wins instead, you will have a much higher payout than the one from the individual bets. This means that you will have a substantial profit on your hands, though, as we already said, one losing bet is all it takes for an entire accumulator to collapse. However, there are ways around that. There are variations called progressive accumulators and multi-chance accumulators that allow players to walk away with a payout even if they have losing bets.

When it comes to finding value, accumulators are obviously superior but when you take into account the risk factor that comes with them it becomes much less apparent. The fact is, that if you are an experienced punter who prefers placing single bets and wins them again and again, regardless of the odds, you will still make a substantial profit over time.

So strategically, it might be better to place single bets individually. However, there are also strategies that revolve around the use of accumulators too. In any case, it is not a bad idea to place a small accumulator bet with a few selections. After all, the payout is definitely worth risking $5 for.


ConclusionOverall, whether you place single bets or accumulators depends solely on your betting style. There are pros and cons to both types of bets and different ways to overcome their shortcomings. Of course, accumulators will always be riskier but also more rewarding. While single bets will always be straightforward but not quite so profitable. So, it all depends on what you prefer or the strategy you have chosen.