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NFL Betting Fundamentals

NFL Betting FundamentalsThe fundamentals of NFL betting are the same as those of any other sport – you need to know your game, know how sportsbooks work, know which bets to place, and understand the odds. These things are essential for placing a successful NFL bet. Of course, it is important to remember that even if you could be considered an expert in the field of NFL betting, you could still make a losing bet. Always keep in mind that gambling is gambling and there is no real safe bet. What we are trying to accomplish with this guide is help you make more successful bets than losing ones, so that you can make profit.

Basics of the Game

Basics of the GameIn the beginning, you need to make sure you know what you are betting on. Being able to understand the odds alone is usually far from enough to make a successful bet. You need to have at least a basic understanding of the game in order to be able to make an adequate bet. However, that in no way means that a fan with no understanding of sportsbooks could go farther than a punter. Both elements are crucial but they are not enough neither alone nor together.

For a truly good betting opportunity, a sports bettor needs to know all the particulars about the bet he wishes to place. If he is betting on or against a team – he needs to know about the team’s history, both recent and old, he needs to check if this team has had a positive or negative history with the team they are playing against, he needs to check if all players are at their best and have not had any recent injuries, etc. So, you see, it is no simple task.

All of those and more matter to a successful sports bettor. The odds sportsbooks offer are usually a good indicator of how the game is expected to go, but, having that little bit of extra knowledge might just turn things to your advantage.

But, even if you are more than familiar with the game, you will still need to do some research prior to placing a bet. There could always be some last-minute news that makes you reconsider your bet. The main thing to remember here is not to just rush in and place a bet but to carefully consider whether it is the right bet to place at this moment. You can always just quickly look things up on your phone just to make sure everything is as it should be for your bet to be successful.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NFL Betting

Advantages and Disadvantages of NFL BettingOn the plus side, betting on an NFL game is a good decision because there is extensive coverage of all games and so it is easy to find a place to bet both online and in land-based locations. The games are covered by multiple networks and online sportsbook even stream the events right on their websites.

Another advantage is that there are so many betting opportunities when it comes to NFL betting. Not only are there a ton of games you can bet on, but there is a plethora of betting options available. Since the NFL is quite popular you will be able to find all sorts of exotic bets.

However, there are some disadvantages to NFL betting as well and one of them is the fact that it is very hard to make an accurate prediction about a game’s outcome, let alone anything else. Placing a successful NFL bet is a lot harder than one might imagine.

Additionally, the odds and lines for NFL games are set in a way that makes it quite difficult for punters to find value. This means that they are not very attractive to players and the bookmakers have done their job perfectly. NFL bookies seem to be unrivaled at it, so this makes it hard to place a successful bet that pays well.

Money Management

Money ManagementBefore we go any further we have to go over this highly important topic. It is more important than any other fundamental part of NFL betting or wagering of any sort. If you do not have the capacity or willpower to manage your bankroll when betting, then you need to consider seeking help. This is something every experienced punter will tell you – you cannot simply bet all your money at once and expect a big payout right away. That is just not how it works.

The only realistic way of making profit through gambling is by managing your bankroll and deciding on the size of your bets before a session. Both are tightly linked, of course, as you cannot plan on placing bets of $50 if your total bankroll is $100. Well, you can, but it is in no way advisable. Instead, we recommend making sure that you can afford to lose the amount of money you wish to bet because if you are in a tight spot financially, this will only make things worse.

Once you have established a substantial bankroll, you will be able to place those $50 bets but make sure you can place a fair amount of bets and not just a few. The fact is that you will not win every bet you place. The point here is to have enough money to place enough successful bets so that you end up making profit, or at least breaking even.

You must remember to remain cool, regardless of how things are going. Your favorite team may be losing but you need to keep your head in the game and place only rational bets. If you feel like you simply cannot bet against your team even if it is losing, then you might want to step away. That is another important part of sports betting – knowing when it is time to stop.

Basics of Sportsbooks

Basics of SportsbooksNow, with online sportsbooks, it is a little easier to manage your funds. After all, you cannot just pull cash out of your pocket and bet it, you need to go through the deposit process. Of course, you can mostly get instant deposits nowadays but there is still a process in order to get those funds in your online sportsbook account. The brief period of time between the craving, clicking on the cashier page, selecting your deposit method and the amount you wish to deposit, might just be the difference between a small loss and a substantial one. You have a few moments to think about what you are doing and choose the rational thing to do.

Online Sportsbooks

Online SportsbooksAs for NFL online betting, it is a breeze – you get to bet on all games, and you can usually bet during the game as you are watching it, right on the sportsbook’s website. You can see all upcoming games and what the current odds are, what the available bets are, and so on. You also get exchange bets which are very useful, if you want to bet on something quite particular that the sportsbook does not offer. As long as you find a player to bet against you, you will have action.

On top of that, sportsbooks usually offer some substantial bonuses and a ton of promotional offers. Most often you will get some free bets here and there and a welcome bonus. You can get some deposit matches too, and others but we will go into more detail about it in another section devoted solely to online NFL betting.

Betting Shops

Betting ShopsPlacing NFL bets in betting shops is a whole different experience altogether. Of course, placing a bet in a casino sportsbook is even farther from betting online. However, casino sportsbooks are rarer and not everyone can gain access to them due to geographical location. Unlike them, betting shops are quite common and can be found in most corners of the world.

There you will usually find a flat TV screen listing the current betting options and others that are playing the game that is on at that time. You will be given a physical ticket with your bet and the odds at which it was placed. You will need to keep that ticket safe until the end result is determined and you either cash it in or throw it away since the alternative would be that you have simply lost your bet.

Understanding the Odds

NFL Betting Sites OddsThe odds you are most likely to encounter when betting on the NFL are Moneyline or American odds. This is only one format of odds but it is, as the name suggests, the one used in the US as well as some other regions. This format revolves around the number 100 and the odds can either be positive or negative. We will go into more detail in another section.

In any case, it is essential to understand the odds of the bet you wish to make. This helps you make a more accurate bet and sometimes helps you avoid bets which would not be fruitious. For instance, sometimes it is not worth risking a large number of funds for a small payout and the odds can tell you exactly when that is the case.

Understanding the Bets

Understanding the BetIn order to be able to place bets on the NFL you first need to understand the different types of bets there are. From that point on, you will need to figure out which type of bet you wish to make and see if the odds are in your favor. In this guide, we will go over all main types of bets you can place on the NFL games and some less common ones.

Of course, this is also absolutely essential in order for you to start betting both online and in land-based venues. If you do not know what you are placing a bet on or what that bet consists of then you are basically throwing your money away. It is normal for some punters to be confused by some rarer bet types but if you cannot even tell what a point spread bet is, then stick around and read up.

The Right Time to Bet

The Right Time to BetSince there are so many variables, how could a punter know when the time is right to place a bet – well, quite simply, when the numbers add up. Since we have now established that in order to place a bet you need to be familiar with the sport and all of its intricacies, and with sports betting and all of its details, you will be able to calculate just when the risk is worth the reward. Of course, this does not eliminate the risk but you have a higher chance of losing less money.

When it comes down to it, you cannot rely only on the odds the sportsbook of your choice offers. You need to do your own rigorous research and see if everything adds up in your opinion. Games are usually not as simple as the favorite always winning and the underdog always losing. There are plenty of plot twists in the NFL, and you need to be able to tell when one is just around the corner because those are the most profitable occasions.

Of course, strategies will also come into play at some point if you become a serious punter. There are plenty of betting systems that we will inform you on as well. You do not have to use a strategy or betting system but it is simply recommended that you do so. These are tried methods of slow methodical profits. There is no absolute certainty in the profit you will make but, once again, your losses will be minimized.


ConclusionAs you can see, the most important things when it comes to NFL betting are the same as with any other type of sports betting. You simply need to know what you are doing and not dive into it headfirst. If you know everything that is pertinent to the bet you wish to make, both about the sport and the bet itself, then you would be making an educated bet and thus would be more likely to win. Just make sure you understand the team’s history, the odds, and the bet type, and you will be good to go.